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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet 2014 is back and BIGGER!

Hello lovelies! Gonna make a quick announcement here because I'm totally hyped for this event & I don't want anyone of us gonna miss this event! (especially girls who loves clothes!) Remember my old post about Clothes Buffet 2013?  if you've not read it yet, I will suggest you go read it before reading this post :P 

Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet is BACK! 
It's bigger and better with 50,000 pieces up for grabs! 
Simple by paying RM60 for a zip-lock bag & 
grab all you can within 15 minutes

You know why I said it's bigger and better? Because they organize not only one, but 3 days for you to grab those clothes from 10am - 6pm! So, for you ladies out there who didn't make it last year, here's your chance! :D 

Here's a link to see their sneak peek of you will find at clothes buffet! 

Oh I almost forgot, another event is ongoing during Clothes Buffet which is called, Blowout Sales which item will only costs RM10 from 4pm onwards! That's why it's called blowout sales because it's mind-blowingly cheap!! :D

More information on the zip lock bag: 
Size: 9 inches x 14 inches
Bag on Left: 4 dresses 
Bag on Right: 1 dress, 4 skinny belts, 1 clincher, 1 pair of stockings  

My record from last year's grab was only 9 pieces in one bag 
and the best record was 16 pieces in one freaking bag! :D


If you're totally up for it, you can purchase the tickets at pre-sale (link to their fb page) to avoid any disappointments! Oh and don't forget to mark the time and date on your planner! :D

Where's the place? 
Syopz Mall @ Taylors University Lakeside Campus
Here's a map for you, just in case you're not sure how to come. Just Waze, "Taylors University Lakeside Campus" it would totally pop out on your screen! 

For more information about this event, check out their sites for more: 


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