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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Herbal Essences Neo Gal Party @ Signature, The Roof

Hello lovelies! Been a hectic week with assignments and group presentation for upcoming presentation next week, but still I managed to blog up in 7.30am! lol I woke up too

Anyways, gonna blog about my fun day during Herbal Essences Neo Gal party and I was invited by my blogger mate, Alice Tan and I glad I went there :D I will mostly put a caption on each pictures because....there's nothing to talk about because the pictures is pretty obvious haha! Just warn you, this post will be filled with #SELFIES, yes. A LOT. So yeah, enjoy! 

Singing Live Performance by Charis Ow, singer vocalist from Skyward. She has a beautiful voice especially some covers she did like Sweater Weather ;D

Another performance by the other Skyward member and also known as TheMingThing 

There's some activities for you do pamper yourself during the event such as tattoo spray, manicure, and hair chalk! So I have done my nails and I have pink hair, I skipped to tattoo spray! :D I chose pattern no.4 - sort of some lavender-ish flower? 

 Getting spray-ed! Peace! :D

AHHHHHH, pain! Nah, just kidding.  

Tattoo ink on my hand, done! It lasts about a week.  

Got our tatts done....selfie! lol 

What's better not have to take a picture on photobooth? Also, there's pretty awesome background...wall of roses! 

Wall of roses, pretty cool huh? 

There's also DIY your own hairband section and I got bunch of decos of daises to decorate with! Let my imaginative go wild....nah. 

The lightning is so good that we have to take a selfie, why not? :P 

Done with our DIY headband!

 The asian dutch lady, HAHA! Still pretty :P

Q&A Session with top bloggers 

Okay, here starts with tons of selfies with a bunch of bloggers! Don't say I don't warn you! 
My selfie with Alice is seriously endless lol  

Confession: this is my first time meeting Audrey from Fourfeetnine and Cheesie from Cheeserland. Yes, first time and I got totally starstruck because I've been reading both of their blogs since when I was in highschool and seeing them for so many years and they already married and become mummy! (Cheesie is gonna be mama soon, a next few months) They are so friendly and approachable and Audrey's son is sooo cute! 
 Yeap, she's really fourfeetnine but still pretty! 

 Cheesie is sooooo pretty, I can't

 Finally bumped Charis that I met her quite some time since 2012 at Topshop X Anderson party! 
Cheeky and happy-go-lucky girl! Luckily she remember me haha!   

 Met Nana and don't ask me why I did that "pose"

Also managed to talk to Ming who's apparently my senior from my uni! But he has already graduated long ago haha, all the best for your Youtube career, check out their youtube

 With Reiko! Look cool with her pixie hair cut!

Group selfie with Reiko, Fish and Yumi 

 Usual selfie with Chency haha

 I got sobby face with Sarah Mai 

Group selfie part 2 with  Alice, Yuh Juin, and Bendan! 

 Too much group selfies haha! Part 3 with Li chuen and Janice  

Okay okay, last one with Bendan and Alice :P #selfietothemax

Finally an #OOTD post for you to end my post; 
Top: Forever 21
Jacket: Level 6, Sungai Wang 
Skirt: Fashion Sanity 
Beanie: H&M
Necklace: Sheabelle 
Bracelet: F-Block 
Rings from Forever 21 
Boots: brought from Carolyn (pre-loved)


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  1. OMG our selfieeee♥
    Guess 1/2 of the photos in my camera are our selfies!



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