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Saturday, April 26, 2014

[HAUL] What I got from Malaysia's Clothes Buffet 2014!

Hello lovelies! I just got back from Malaysia's largest clothes buffet for 2014! My 2nd time at Clothes Buffet event and I must say, they have been organizing pretty good as the event was massively known and lot of shoppers came down and join this huge event! If you wanna see my first time experience of Clothes Buffet, click here to read (psst, it was a year ago!) 

Just to let you know I will not post any other pictures of the venue and the vendor bazaars that is on-going during the event because I've seen tons of bloggers blogged about this event and I suppose the most interesting part is, "what did you get from Clothes Buffet?" So, I guess this post is entirely focus on what I got from Clothes Buffet and so, this is basically a haul. :)

My experience during this year's Clothes Buffet was pretty intense I must say, compared from last year's because of the time given during the process of picking out the clothes that we wanted to put into our bags. Last year I got 1 hour and this year I gotten only solely 15 minutes to pick out as much clothes and fit into the bag. However, it's pretty challenging, but I'm not complaining but of course I hope for more time for me to pick out more clothes. 

Of course, this year has more variety of clothes to choose from; from tank tops to maxi dresses and there's like 6 sections filled with tons of clothes, I did took some time dig out some of the clothes that is eye-catching to me o.o 
Last year, I got about 9 pieces in total and this year I got 7 pieces due to time constraint and I was pretty nervous because the MC keep timing us like "10 more minutes!" or "5 more minutes left!" Gosh, make my heart pump so fast! 

With my usual partner, Carolyn Tay

Thankfully, I've managed to fit all the clothes in within 15 minutes without ripping the bag (if not I've to pay penalty of RM20). I got total of 7 pieces, until I realized I should have fit another piece into the bag, because there's some more space for my bag to fit in. Oh well >.< 

Met the Johorian bloggers; Carinn and Kim Tan 
(had a great lunch and chat session with them!)

Here's what I got from Clothes Buffet within 15 minutes 
2 dresses, 4 tops and 1 shorts - not bad lah

#1 Baby long sleeve top 
My most favourite among all the clothes, I love how the top is super flowy and have a size of a baby loose top and also, with a sexy back that has faux rhinestone crystals on the string back! However, the colour and pattern itself is pretty dull and also, sheer but I still can rock it during this upcoming summer break! 8D

#2 Lace bubble dress 
I wasn't intrigued by the dress because of the grey colour but I took it because of the precise lace detail on the collar which gives out a feminine and classic outfit. However, this dress fits me perfectly! :D   

#3 Minty lace dress 
All I can say is I was attracted by the colour, and the lace. That's it. I'm recently hooked with any clothing with lace lol

#4 Lace sheer crop top
 See told you, I've the thing with anything lace! =-= 
This top is pretty see through btw.

#5 Lime tank top 
A pop of colour for upcoming summer?  

#6 Lilac cross back top 
This is kinda too big for me but maybe I wear them, during beach?  

#7 Nude high-waisted shorts 
Okay, it looks grey here but it's actually nude colour and this is the only high-waisted shorts I found during clothes buffet. lol Luckily, it fits me haha! 

Among all 7 clothes I got here's my top 3 favourites that I would definitely wear for upcoming summer! 
This baby top is definitely my ultimate favourite! 

 Basic on the front, party on the back! :D

This dress makes me so girly and look like girl next door wtf lol

Love the colour of this dress, totally suitable for this summer! This dress is kinda short, so I wore a shorts underneath :) 

That's all what I got from Clothes Buffet and I guess I'm looking forward to next year's Clothes Buffet again! 

Comment down below, if you joined this year's clothes buffet and tell me how many pieces have you gotten and which is your favourite! I would love to know :D



  1. Nice hauls :D HEHE I love the baby top too!

    1. Thanks Hilda! :D I love your polka dot halter top! :D

  2. WAH you super efficient lor! (y) Your clothes are sooo nice babe! :D Why during my turn not nice wan~ Followed you btw :)

    1. lolll you went in first one leh, you should get the nicer ones hahaha :P followed!

  3. lovely post!
    Such a beautiful clothes))
    I`ll be happy if we follow to each other!Just let me know in my blog) Have a nice day!)

  4. I am attending for the first time this weekend. Feeling so nervous already XD



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