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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Extravaganza at The Markets, Jaya One!

Hello lovelies! I'm not sure if you know or don't know, that last Saturday there's a huge bazaar going on at The School, Jaya One! It's called The Markets (fyi), if you don't know might be living under the rock lol Anyways, I've a lot of fun during the bazaar spending my whole but guilty as charged. :P 

Oh by the way, this is my first time attending The Markets as I was totally missed out 2 of their events last year's because I was rushing my assignment deadline >.< but, this year I didn't let my opportunity gone off as I went to The Markets with my one and only partner in crime, Zarina!

During the event, there's tons of participating stalls whereby tons of blogshops come out in one event to sell their stuff where you can just see and touch those items and purchase it right away. Sort of like offline blogshop, I must say. Also, there's a Swap for Charity Party where you trade your pre-loved clothes for a cause! With a minimum of RM5 entry fee, you get to trade clothes and every penny was contributed to Chow Kit Youths CKY! So it's more like kill 2 birds with 1 stone: you get to trade clothes and your $$ will be contribute to the charity! 
Oops, sorry Zarina! (your candid)  

I did not participate swap party as most of my clothes has been donated to the charity but Zarina did participate as she brought a bag of clothes (about 19 of them) and she swapped some pretty nice clothes during the swap party and I was helping her along to find some nice clothes haha! 

Here's some pictures I've taken during the bazaar, the place was HUGE filled with different kinds of stalls that you can purchase and some of them have pretty good deals! 

While was window shopping around, I met my friend, Christine - the owner of Sheabelle  (met her during A Shopaholic's Den Xmas bazzar) and honestly, I love all of her accessories that she's selling and also, it's cheap too! She sells from necklaces to rings to sunnies! Do check her website out for great deals! 

Some of stuff that Sheabelle displayed during that day - spot those pastel bracelets! 

 Popcorn bag, anyone? 

 This stall has the most prettiest presentation with roses and Chanel cases laid out 

 S'mores is awesome, btw. 

Inside The School at Jaya One, there's fitting rooms for you to try on!

Along the way, I met Li Chuen :D

FUN! Got excited when I was saw this and I decided to snap with it :D 
You guys know that I love the band FUN. right?  

Happy as I am that brought some clothes from the bazaar! 

Oh yes! I almost forgot, first 300 who register at The Markets booth located next to MBG inside The School! This is what I got, vouchers and also, a tank top from Tanks for Five

My Haul from The Markets! 
#1 Yellow crop top & Maroon cardigan from Wonderism (I got it from the basket where they sells items from RM10 - RM15!) The clothes that I got was NEW and the quality is really good! Both are RM15 only! 

#2 Pink stain bow top & skort ruffle from Urb8  (I got both about RM30 and RM35 only, LOVE THE QUALITY; it's sturdy and soft especially the stain top!!) I like the fact that it's inexpensive with good quality and most pieces are pretty unique too!

#3 Jean shorts was given by my dear friend, Zarina (she gotten during the Swap Party, thanks Zarina!) 

#4 Grumpy Cat socks from Medium Rare  (I got it for only RM10!, it's SO SOFT and cutee!) 

#5 Accessories from Sheabelle (the right necklace, RM16 and also, chevron ring for RM10) and the left necklace (RM18) from a random shop (without the name :/) 

That sums up my happy shopping experience @ The Markets and I hope to come back again for the next bazaar! So, did you went to the bazaar? Share your experience with me or maybe comment if you would like to visit their next bazaar! :D 

Till then, 


  1. Really cute haul! Glad you had fun. The booths look great too! 'll try to go for the next one!

    1. Try and check out the bazaar! There's some booths selling vintage books too! x

  2. Woww looks like a great event ! I am eyeing on the pastel bracelet too... ahahah

    1. me too! Mint is my favourite spring colour! x

  3. All the desserts look so yummy and mouth-watering! Now I'm hungry!

  4. I like the yellow crop top :DDDD too bad I missed it again, so sad.

    1. I think there's another bazaar :D coz they organize twice a year :)

  5. ouch so close yet so far, wish I was there too! can I ask if you know when will be the next bazaar? =)

    1. I'm not sure but you can check out their fb page :D

  6. I went to The Markets with my one and only partner in crime, Zarina - I AM ZE SAD, I AM NOT UR PARTNER IN CRIME LA!!! T____T #unfriend #block #delete!

    1. LOLLLLL you're my B.P.I.C - Blogger Partner in crime :P

  7. Thank you Angeline for the feature! It was so nice to meet you. We really hope you love the ribbon tank and our trumpet skorts! :) Cant wait to see your OOTD :D Hope to see you soon!

    Aishah from URBN8

    1. Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog! xx



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