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Saturday, March 8, 2014

What I've learned from Dove The School of Skindulgence

Hello lovelies! Happy International Women's Day! It's our day! Woots! :D Girls, you're worth to indulge yourself today - perhaps relaxing while soaking in a tub filled with bubbles? or maybe go have a shopping spree just for yourself? Because you're worth it. 

Since I'm talking about indulging and pampering ourselves (as woman), I was cordially invited from Butterfly Project to enroll Dove's School of Indulgence a.k.a SOS to know more about Dove. As you heard Dove, what comes in your mind? If you've seen on TV commercials, they always done a small demo which they will compare their body wash with milk. To prove that they are better than milk, more gentle than milk too. Dove products as they are famously for their best soaps especially getting away your stress from that hustle bustle day from your work or school. 

Do you know? 
In a survey commissioned by Dove Body Wash; amongst 108 women aged between 18-35 years, time and money are the biggest hurdles in pampering oneself on an regular basis. 

As for that event, Dove wanted to promote that Dove not only helps you keep your stress away but also, they would wanted to encourage more Malaysian women to Love Yourself, Stay Active and Eat Right and get ahead and pledge through Dove's School of Indulgence Facebook Campaign within 21 days! Everything should be done at home without any fuss and inexpensive activities without getting out of the house. 

Crazy selfies with the bloggers before they start the event haha!
Charmaine, Kahmon (aka Bendan), Mua & Chocky 

Siti Suhaila Abd Hamid, Brand Manager of Unilever Malaysia mentioned, 
"Dove Body Wash with NutrimMoisture is proven to be better than milk. The unique blend of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients replenishes nutrients back into the skin while you shower. That in itself daily pampering for your skin."  

According a recent survey by Dove, a total of 55% of women exclaimed that they have between 1-2 hours of "me-time" daily, of which work is ranked the No.1 interrupter of "me time" and a total of 89% of women agree that family always comes first ahead of "me time". 
About 75% of women agree that indulging their skin on daily basis is too expensive and the majority of women (89%) agree that indulging in spas are expensive.  
Suhaila added, "The survey confirms that women tend to put themselves last and time and money are great barriers to achieving overall well being and pampering. We hope after 21 days of pledging through Dove Skindulgence Campaign, women will find themselves renewed, refreshed and also, feeling good about themselves."

Way before the event starts, each of us have a random card of which they consists of 3 types of activities - love yourself, eat right and stay active  and each of us will be coordinated to different sections and I gotten Group B - Bathroom; Dove Nourishes Better Than Milk! Am I gonna shower later? =.= 

In this activity, which is called love yourself or self pampering. There will be demo to prove that New Dove Body Wash Nourishes Better than Milk. Well is it true? We shall find out on a live demo done by the Dove girls. 
Things that we will need to test from the moisture test. 

As you can see Dove Body Wash has more thicker consistency than the regular milk. 

This test will be done on different hand, to find out if there's a difference from using Dove body wash and regular milk. 

First test was on left hand by using regular milk. From 49.0% >> 50.5% (Not bad)

Let's try the right hand by using Dove Body Wash, From 44.3% >> 73.7% (woah huge difference!) 
So to conclude that, Dove Body Wash is proven better than milk which has a unique blend of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients replenishes nutrients back into the skin while showering, comparing to the regular body wash which will causes your skin to be dry and washes out the moisture of your skin. This can be a daily pampering, just like you get out of a spa treatment! Not only feeling moisturized but feel good too! 

As for Group A - Eat Right; most of the bloggers get their hands to try on some recipes that was demonstrated by Unilever chefs and every ingredient was prepared by Unilever that day. It's fuss free and easy to make and easy to get from local supermarket. 
This was done during the first session while I was doing the self pampering session. 

I'm at the second session with Kahmon who's apparately which me during the Group B session. Here's some tools and food ingredients that has prepared for us :D

Two demostration done by Unilever chef

First dish was Japanese Soba Noodle served with Shiitake mushrooms and Edamame 

Second dish was Chicken and Brocolli Salad with lemon dressing

Somehow all of us managed to do ourselves right after the demo, here's me in a middle of gathering all the yummy ingredients. Say Hello to Chef Angeline *muahaha wtf* 
(Thanks to Swee San for helping out) 

Here's miss Kahmon with her preparation haha

Okay done! Except my presentation for my dish doesn't look appetizing as the chef's dish lawl

Yay, cooking class (maybe) done! lol
Hopefully I will avoid all the junk food and instant noodles, all try to eat more natural healthy foods during that 21 days >M<

Finally, Stay Active. This is the only activity I didn't do as the session was pretty quick. But basically, there will be trainer to train you how to do some workouts that you can do at home - warm up and stretching exercise. You can make use of your house as your workout routine - walking up the stairs, walking with your dog or maybe doing house chores. 
*Picture from Dove Malaysia 

Selfies after the event with ze bloggers 

Here's how you can join Dove's School of Skindulgence  21 days campaign! 

#1 Go to My Dove Body Wash Facebook page and like the page;

On the side tab, click the app - School of Skindulgence (The most right tab) 

Once you're in the app, click find out how. 

Once you're in the app, click register now. 

Don't forget after taking the pledge on the Facebook app, you have challenge yourself to achieve the three main pillars of Skindulgence - Eat Right, Stay Active and Love Yourself. 

You have to share at least one picture daily via Instagram with hashtags #skindulgence #betterthanmilk # eatright #stayactive with a minimum of total 21 pictures (7 pictures for each pillar) in 21 days of how you take care of yourself at home. 

Key in your personal details given on the app. If you're a Butterfly Project member, do click on the box. In order to join, you must have a Instagram account to verify that you're in the running of the campaign. If you don't have a Instagram account, I suggest you should create one :D Finally click I agree! 

Then finally, choose a date you want to start the challenge. As the challenge starts on 1st March 2014 and ends on 30th April 2014. You can start at anytime from 1st of March up till 10 April 2014 (that's the last pledge) 

For seven weeks, three winners will be selected each week based on their creativity on each pillar and they will each win RM100 worth of Dove Body Wash Hampar! 

There will be 10 grand prize winners will have a memorable experience of a 3 day / 2 night island getaway to Krabi!!! TEN GRAND PRIZE WINNERS!! 

Do join in the running of winning these awesome prizes! 

I will try my best to join this campaign despite of my busy schedules with my hectic studies >< 


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