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Monday, March 10, 2014

My 1st time with NIVEA’s rinse off body lotion

Hello lovelies! Are you a person who doesn't like to apply body lotions after shower despite of humid weather that we have here in Malaysia? Hate the sticky feeling of apply lotions? Hate the white residue that leaves on your skin? 

I have that problem too. To be honest, I have a love and hate relationship with body lotions. I don't really like to apply them because first, I really dislike the feeling of stickiness - like who likes it?! Second, I'm a lazy to apply them. Ha! However, if I don't apply lotions onto my skin, my skin will tend to have a flaky surface and causes dehydration onto my skin which would be a no no for me. 

A research in Europe has found that two in five people (43%) either occasionally or never use a body lotion because they don’t have the time or just dislike the sticky feeling*. Similarly in Malaysia, 70% of women do not apply body lotion daily**. Most people only use body lotion once in a while because they don’t have the time to sit around and wait for their lotion to dry off. For some, it is not pleasant to have that sticky residue following moisturizing especially in the hot weather. 
*Source: Nielsen BASES, CiU Jacuzzi, Italy, July 2011 & TNS Brand Health Tracking Malaysia Females, 2013

Therefore, Nivea has introduced their latest innovation of whole new level of body lotion, it's called NIVEA IN-SHOWER SKIN CONDITIONER, the new revolutionary new way to achieve silky soft and hydrated skin! Let me tell you more about this product.  

This is the world's 1st rinse-off body lotion that gives you instant silky soft and moisturized skin without any hassle! This product has unique ingredient that contains activated formula which is specially designed for after using shower gels. This product comes with 2 types - for dry skin and for normal skin. But I'm using normal skin type because I think it's sufficient for me to have moisturized skin :D
 Here's why I love Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner: 

  1. Time saving - Totally saves my time from applying body lotion after shower and some lotion has thick consistency that needs to rub in numerous times to get rid of the white residue. 
  2. Total Full body moisturization - When comes to body lotion after shower, I would only apply the lotions on my arms and my legs but not other parts of my body. As for this product, I treated this skin conditioner just like my regular shower gel by applying all over my body and leaving out the shower, feeling fully moisturized. 
  3. Effective and smells good - I love how my skin felt right after I apply Nivea Skin Conditioner, instant silky soft and smooth, not even a slight sticky feeling! Plus point for smelling really good! 
  4. Affordable - With only RM16.90! I can literally buy a few bottles back comparing with my regular body lotions that I usually purchase! Definitely a bargain! 

Here's a mini demo from mua: 
 Use regular shower gel and rinse off - shower gels often dries up the skin which is why moisturizer plays an important part 

 After rinsing off the shower gel, apply the skin conditioner onto the wet skin

 Gently rub a few times to let the skin conditioner to melts and dissolves onto the skin - that's where the water activated formula comes in place :)

Rinse off, towel dry and you're good to go! 
See any signs of greasiness? Nope! 

Here's a test between using Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner and using regular body lotion

Err, I'm not sure if the picture here proves anything but let me explain. 
Pretty much know that using body lotion could give the skin a sticky feeling which anything would easily stick onto freshly-applied-lotion skin. Therefore, this picture above shows that tissue paper right away sticks onto my arms after applying body lotion. However, after using Nivea Skin Conditioner, the tissue paper easily glides off my arms without sticking on my arms which explains my skin is silky soft and smooth! So, Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner definitely a winner in this test! :D

From now on, this amazing product has become a part of my life as I can bid goodbye to my body lotions! :D 

Price: RM16.90 @ 250ML 
Place to purchase: Most pharmacies or drugstores nationwide 

I've came across this video that would explain everything about this amazing product, do watch where there's a mini trivia videos for you to enjoy! Yes, hot ladies and hunks. You're welcome. 

For more information, check out Nivea Malaysia for more updates: 
Official website:

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