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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Music Festival Guide 101: 3 Ways to pack for a music festival!

Hello lovelies! I'm super stoked for this weekend as Future Music Asia Festival 2014 gonna be awesome! Woot Woot! Who's going?? *mua frantically hanging my hands up* 

Anyways since there's only 3 / 2 more sleeps before the most awesome music festival is coming, why not I share some tips of how to pack your things before entering the party! I have 3 options for you to choose from and it's totally up to you. Also, you can use this tips for any other music festivals in the future, maybe Urbanescapes 2014? 

For me, I would totally try to be as minimal as possible just to enjoy throughout the night without holding any thing on my hands and of course, you won't be dancing with all your stuff right? My advise would be; bring things that is essential ONLY. 
Like your phone, purse (or maybe just some cash & identity card), hair tie (in case you're feeling hot), tissues or baby wipes and also, don't forget - PLASTER! You never know if you hurt yourself during the festival or maybe you can help someone who's hurt too. Sharing is caring. :) Btw, you can bring your lip balm in case of cracked lips! 

If you're more conscious person who prefers to bring some of your can't-live-without essentials, why not bring a medium size bag that totally would fit everything on your bag. I would advise you to bring a shoulder sling bag which you can be totally hands free throughout the night. 
Here I added a compact camera (just in case your phone dies), hand cream, sunscreen (yes, must before get sunburned!) and also a lip tint (if you need some pop of colour on your lips!) Oh don't forget, some mints too! 

Okay girl. If you're backpack girl, here's some essentials that you can bring along (if you have) But trust me, you would regret to bring your backpack because your friends would totally ask you to help them to store their belongings onto your bag're wearing a backpack! By the end of the night, you would be totally strained and exhausted. It wouldn't be a fun for you, right? 
Packed those beauty essentials into one pouch, so that you wouldn't be rummaging your stuff. Oh, don't forget your blotting paper - say no to oily face :D Since there's space, bringing Polaroid camera or any lomo camera would be a great idea for keeping those awesome memories with your friends! :)  

That's is it for my 101 guide! 
I hope you learn something and (maybe) have an idea what to bring for this weekend music fest and if you see me during #FMFA2014, don't be shy to say HI to me, I won't bite (except awkward convos but it's okay) :P

I will see you on Future Music Festival 2014! 
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