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Sunday, March 2, 2014

[GIVEAWAY CLOSED] I got my customized tote from Paulie Aulie! ♥

Hello lovelies! It's pretty obvious (with my excited face) that I got a customized tote bag with my desired design added my blog website! All thanks to Anni, who's the founder of Paulie Aulie who invited me to create my own tote bag, which is pretty a-mazing! I've always wanted to own one, but hey! I finally got one! ♥

Paulie Aulie is basically sells tote bags that are artistically hand-painted by Anni, who's the owner and the artist herself - everything all done by her! Her passion was handcrafted arts and creating personalized items for people and also, who appreciates her fine art. I love her simplicity of her shop, clean and simple. 

Here's her website, you can check out some other creations that she's currently selling on her website. You can also contact her to get your own personalized dream tote bag! :)

    Hand-painted artistic tote bags

Here's my customized tote bag that she did for me. 

Basically, what I did was I gave a some ideas for creating this tote by sending her some pictures I may like from google and she will try to design the best as she can, until I'm satisfied with the result. I personally asked for opened birdcage with some birds flew away - which represents freedom. The roses are just for added decoration to make it pretty! :D Anni was super kind enough to add some colours on the roses, which gives tote bag a pop of colour!  

The tote size is 37cm width and 40.5cm height. It’s about A3 size.

The bag was reusable canvas tote - which was eco-friendly. 

Before she starts painting, she will draft out the design you wanted digitally and she will show you the outcome that will appear on your tote and everything was hand painted by Anni, herself. 
Love the outcome on the tote bag! I don't think I can be as skillful as she is! 

So practically, you can use this tote bag in many ways - bring books, your random stuff or perhaps your stuff toy? lol

Okay this is kind of useless OOTD, but whatever I'm showing you haha! 
My apparels from Cotton On & Kitty Headband from Forever 21 

Hey, don't click out my blog! 
Anni and I collaborated a giveaway for you lovelies! 
This tote bag was designed by Anni and me 
(I'm just giving some ideas but I'm still apart of it :p) 
It's a floral wreath with a nest on the side and added a word "Faith", I decided faith is because there's always a faith in our everyday lives. It's like everyday reminder that keeps me going. Makes sense? No? Okay. But I'm pretty jealous that you guys gonna get this tote! >< So, better make use of it! :D

However to make this giveaway interesting, I'm gonna add some beauty goodies that one of you would enjoy! :D

The winner will get: 

  • Floral Wreath Faith Tote Bag 
  • Liese Bubble Hair Colour in Milk Tea 
  • Maybelline Mascara Hyper Curl Volume Express 
  • Kate Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadow 
  • Silky Girl CC Skin Perfect 
  • Honey by Marc Jacobs vial perfume

To win this amazing goodies, all you have to do is to fill up the details on the Rafflecopter box below! Good Luck my lovelies! ♥

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions
  • Open to Malaysia residents only (sorry, I can't afford to pay international shipping fees yet! :()
  • All entries are checked for accuracy and will be validated.
  • If your task has not been completed, your entry will not be counted and will be fortified (Eg: Missing Comment)
  • A new winner will be regenerate if you're a winner who did not complete task.
  • Winners will be announced on my Facebook page and must be respond within 24 hours.
  • Contest starts from today until Sunday 16th March, 2014 @ 12 midnight! 


  1. So cute!!! :)

    Brodie |

  2. Hi Angeline :D,
    I love handmade things and I love DIY too!! <3 The idea of customised tote bag is great! The birdcage design is really pretty:)

  3. because the tote bag is awesome i want to put some faith on myself

  4. Hi Angeline, I would like to win because I really love the design on the Faith tote bag! It is really beautiful!

  5. Hello! I would really like to win it because the handmade design of the tote is super pretty and I really need some faith in myself. :)

  6. Your tote bag is so pretty! Love the design~ ^^

  7. Hi Angeline,this giveaway is so awesome, hope i will get it:)

  8. I would like to win it because I love handmade stuff and the tote bag design is so pretty! :)

  9. Haiii angeline, i would really love to have that tote bag, why ? because i'm a HUGE FAB of tote bag, yeaaaaaah seriously! Furthermore, i will use this tote bag during my lecture class bcs i'm comfortable with this kind of bag instead of other trendy bag and not only i use during class, whenever i go groceries or shopping tote bag will accompany too. yeahh if i win this of course i will benefits its nicely and can add my collection of tote bag. really hope that this tote bag will be mine.


    i have been following here, 188.

  10. The design of the bag is so pretty! I really love the design. Well, the extra goodies are definitely a plus, but I want to get my hand on the bag the most.

  11. I like the design of this bag!

  12. I like the design, it look simple but very attract me~
    And also the goodies !!

  13. I will have some *faith* in winning this, ehehe, especially since I've been wanting to try liese hair dyeee but never got around to it! Thanks for the giveaway :))

  14. Hi! Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway! :) first of, I am in love with your tote. I think the whole open cage with birds idea is amazing. I would love to win the faith tote because it is absolutely gorgeous. I have been having a rough time especially in school, and if I'm lucky enough to win this tote, I would like to carry it to school and it will remind me to have faith and be strong. It's the perfect gift. Thanks again! And thanks Anni for making such a lovely tote :)

  15. I need to remind myself to have faith everyday! This Paulie Aulie tote will be a faithful aide-mémoire to my daily walk in God to conquer my self-esteem and self-doubt issues. Lovely design Angeline, I love the floral wreath that made the "Faith to believe" a very beautiful thing.

  16. Hi,

    Thanks for the giveaway! =D
    I love that tote! Give me the faith coz I really need some faith in myself. kind of lacking self confidence. ><
    The design is just so simple and attractive. the flower wreath just make the tote looks awesomely cute!

    I love your tote too! and I love freedom as well.. No life without freedom. =)

  17. Hi Angeline!

    I would like to win the tote because I like how the wreath circled the word 'Faith'. It gives the resemblance of never ending faith for all that may come, the flowers in the wreath gives the meaning of 'come what may, with faith, it will always blossom' which translate to 'no matter what happens, hold on to faith and you'll be fine!'.

  18. so nice wor the tote!! My niece's name is Faith so if I win then I'll give it to her looohhhh

  19. amazing giveaway! too bad im in aus :(

    hope we can follow each other :D
    Please follow my blog ‘Heylinni’ at:
    Let me know on my blog when you do so I can follow you back :)

  20. XB so cuteeeeeeeee! i jelly dy. hahaha XD

  21. Hi Angeline,
    basically why i want to win this tote bag is because i never won any giveaways and would like to win one from you! :) and of course, the main reason is the tote bag which written FAITH on it. I agree on you that we should have faith in doing everything. Faith is always in my dictionary because without any faith, life doesn't goes on! Without faith in doing anything, it does not have any purpose of doing so. Without faith, i wouldn't join this giveaway because i have faith that i can win! :D

    hope to win this giveaway! cheers! :)
    thankiewwwww <3



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