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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Organic Cyber Horse Cheongsam Collection by Hideaki Lim @ Hotel Royal, KL

Hello lovelies! I'm back with more blog posts since I've been on a cny holidays with my family, it's been a great week - collecting angpaos and other cool stuff :P Anyways, this post was supposed to be before CNY but I didn't bring my laptop along during my CNY trip but yeah, I was invited by Hilda (who's my fellow blogger) to attend Hideaki Lim's Organic Cyber Horse Cheongsam Collection which is located at Hotel Royal. If you don't know who's Hideaki Lim, he's a fashion designer that is based more towards on futuristic and cyber fashion which is unique and "out of this world" which most people would say. 

Since this lunar year is the year of the horse, Hideaki Lim put together his designs for this festive season since he's born from the year of Horse and he incorporates three factors and thus comes up with three separate design focus.  

Hideaki invited 4 female celebrity models to feature his collection designs for this event - Winnie K, Tiffany Hew, Chelsea Chil and Carol Lee. His first set of his collection takes into consideration of his keen support of save-the-environment efforts which explains the blue and green tones. This collection uses organic fabric which was specially imported from India. It's environmentally friendly and it is not harmful and sensitive onto the skin. It features 2 main colours - apple green and turquoise 

During the fashion show, Winnie K changed her hair style from ponytail to hair bun to feature another design from the first collection. 

This collection is reversible to another colour to achieve different style and look which makes it cool and unique. 

Hideaki 2nd collection set is thus the cyber cheongsam where he brings a subtle taste of the future to today! The cheongsam outfits are made of lycra which is stretchable which has silver and green tones. This collection are more on the traditional side but in more futuristic way. 

The final collection, Hideaki features the horse element in his third set of the collection which was hand drawn horse and also the calligraphy by Hideaki. This collection is made of silk with blue and silver cheongsam. 

This fashion show was successful, all thanks to his five companies sponsor. Hair & makeup for the day by Peek-A-Boo. Other companies are LS (Stem Cells Series), Sankom, EJS and Deli. 

Right after the fashion show, the hotel takes the opportunity of having 'lou sang' with all the media representatives and sponsors to wish health, wealth and happiness to everyone present in the Year of the Horse. 

Here's the celebrity models and Hideaki Lim having 'lou sang' feast

Finally, here's us (bloggers) with our 'lou sang' 

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