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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cleo Magazine's Hit Refresh experience! @ Publika

Hello lovelies! If you've seen this poster around social media sites, you probably know that Cleo is having an awesome event at Publika! Or perhaps you've seen this on this month's Cleo magazine and I wasn't plan to go there because I have nobody to accompany with, until my uni mate, Zarina (who's one of the Cleo cover girl from 2012) she asked if I'm going to this event and coincidentally, she was planning to go too, but doesn't have a partner to go with, and of course as excited I am, I went along with her to this event! Recently been going events and sales lately haha! Love her! x 

Basically, this event is whereby you can visit their party and enjoy a new makeover that will be done by few brands such as Body Shop (makeup), L'oreal Professional (hair), Nicole by O.P.I (Nails) and Nescafe Dolce Gusto (drink). 

The event starts at 11am and the queue was quite long when I reached about 11.30am and Zarina was there earlier and she told me to meet up with her because she was lining up with other Cleo readers and as I reached, I joined her on the line. We are on the line and waited about approximately 10 mins plus to get our turns and apparently, some people were kinda of annoyed because of waiting too long and the reason why they did that is because they have a few stations for you to enjoy and they are trying to avoid people lining up too long for one station. (that's my assumption)   

 Each stations has their own mini cooper cars with the boot open in total of 5 cars = 5 stations. For this event, we are needed to complete all 5 stations in order to get our goodies bags at the end of the station. Means you have to try out all of the stations! Sounds fun, eh? 

1st Station: L'oreal Professional 
I was expecting to see myself getting hair done by the team for perhaps blow drying and apparently the team is trying to promote their latest product which will be launched on March 2014 - it's the Hair Chalk (it's a new toy for people like me who loves to have vibrant colours in our head without getting bleached and it says it lasts long for 3-4 washes) 

However, I was reluctant to try because I have dye my hairs on my ends and so, I don't think I need to do it haha and there's a few girls waiting for their turn to get their hair done and without wasting my time, I skipped this station. 

Not only that, they also promote the Mythic Oil series (which is amazingly good, and I used it too) and also, Steam Pod (I also have done this, here's my review) The girl was friendly enough to explain some products (eventho we refused to do the hair chalk) and she gave me a sample of Mythic Oil to try. That's very nice of her! 

2nd Station: Body Shop 
If you just know that Body Shop just sells bath and body products, Body Shop has their own cosmetics range which was animal-tested free and eco-friendly too. There were a team of Body Shop and they have about 4 makeup artists that will be doing your makeup for that day and of course, they used Body Shop cosmetics for your face. To be honest, I love their makeup skills that I was done by a male makeup artist, from my eyebrows to eye shadows and lips - everything was beautifully done! Now, I'm interested to find out their makeup range and also, their foundation powder because it lasts me throughout the day! Kudos to Body Shop! My final makeup look is on the end of the post. :)

3rd Station: Fragrance 
I think this is the shortest session ever. Just by choosing the fragrance that you wanted to smell and the lady will squirt for you on your wrist and she will sign the book and that's it. lol

4th Station: Nicole By O.P.I
Having a freshly done manicure done is always a best getaway for ladies especially on weekends. There were 3 manicurist that will be paint your nails by using Nicole By O.P.I and you can just simply choose some colours that you want and they will paint for you. However, that's not the case for me. Once I settled down, she asked me to write down my personal details and she started removing my nail colours and she told me that my nails was too yellow because of frequently wearing nail polish throughout the holidays (since Xmas till CNY), so she suggested me to try glitter ones which was on the transparent side so that my nails could breathe easily. So agreed with her and I choose one of Selena Gomez collection in Inner Sparkle. I think she did my nails for about less than 5 minutes and she said my nails is done. So, no top coat? 

Oh well...I think my unsatisfactory part was when I can't choose my desired nail polish because of my nail discoloration problem. I don't blame her tho. 
Here's my manicure. Hmm.  

Final Station: Nescafe Dolce Gusto 
Finally, enjoying a cup of hot beverage to sums up your makeover. The guy was kind enough to ask me what kind of beverage would I want to drink and finally, I chose Mocha and Zarina choose a cup of hot chocolate. I think I was intrigued by the coffee maker machine nowadays. It's already a norm in US already by the way. Just choose your desired beverage and you pop it in and wait your drink to be served, just like how barista made for you at home. How easy was that. 
Here's a cup of Hot Mocha. Very foamy with creamy froth and I think a little bit more of sugar will satisfy my tastebuds. 
(I'm a tea girl by the way)  

Hi. Here's my makeover that was done by Body Shop team! Love it! 
Even Zarina agrees too! 

Here's what I got from the goodie bag! 
 Nicole by O.P.I nail polish, L'oreal Professional products, a perfume vial from Honey by Marc Jacobs, 2 vouchers from Nescafe Dolce Gusto & Body Shop. 
Nail Polish colour I gotten was from Selena Gomez collection in Hit the lights. Very bold yellow colour. It says gifts up to RM30+, I think is pretty good. Since they give out full size nail polish and 2 travel size hair products and also, perfume vial. 

Thank you Zarina for being my partner for going to this event with me! 

Disclaimer: Not requested or sponsored by Cleo or any other companies to do this post. I was willing to post up my honest experience and express how I feel throughout the whole event. Nevertheless, kudos to Cleo Magazine for making this event and hope you can made more events like this in the future! 



  1. Wow that seems fun! The products in the goodie bags looks awesome too. I don't paint my nails often, but OPI is definitely my favourite nail polish brand.

  2. wow ur manicure is even worst without top coat also! i think mine is better i guess!

  3. Waw the bet event I think. to be treat like that. Totally fun

  4. Both you and your friend look so pretty~ The event looks so fun, I'd enjoy myself too if I got to go. And the goodies bag at the end look so good too! :D



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