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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 Holidays with Family @ Cameron Highlands [Part 1]

Hello lovelies! Can't believe CNY is already over and I'm missing those CNY moments especially collecting angpaos :P Anyways, it's been a wonderful trip with my family and going to Cameron Highlands have became our tradition to drive all the way up to have a chilly fresh air getaway. My parents love Cameron Highlands despite of the cool weather that my dad truly enjoyed very much and also, what not - having steamboat under a cold weather is always the best, for us. Every year, I've always have a chance to wear something "fall-inspired clothing" in Cameron Highlands, especially my leather jacket - you can't barely wear them because it's so hot. =-=

DAY 1 

Fascinating view on the top with tea plantation field 

It's time for hot steamboat! This is the restaurant that we always visit every year because it's organic and really delicious especially their soup. Yum! 
 Oh yes, this restaurant serves steamboat with charcoal instead of gas. I guess that's why their food turns out to be delicious? Yes, they mostly serves vegetables and most vegetarians will come here (according to my mum) yet they serves fresh meat and prawns too! 
I found their address on their website, do try out if you're going to Cameron Highlands; 
Cameron Organic Steamboat 
MDCH 10, Bandar Baru, 
39100 Brinchang, 
Cameron Highlands. 
Tel: 05-4914807, 4915011.

Overnight at Copthorne apartment (which was previously owned by Equatorial hotels), loving this place as the place was on top of the hill and I get the full view of Cameron from the top & also, cold weather! 

Did an impromptu shoot of my OOTD at this place and I took some pictures of my mum and look at this....
My mum looks insanely young! I think she's my sister now. lol

Here's my shot with this purple flower haha 
 Check out my CNY OOTD; click here

DAY 2 
 Look totally different from yesterday's - total soft pastel outfit 

Breakfast outside the apartment, just a few walks away. There's a small kopitiam that serves mostly chinese food and as I glanced at other people's dishes - they ate nasi lemak and so, I ordered it to give it a try. 
My brother ordered Wantan noodles (top pic), My mum ordered Hakka noodles (bottom pic) and my cousin ordered Curry Laksa (side pic) 

Here's mine. That's my dad beside me and he ordered the same dish as I am. :)
 What a "healthy" way to eat breakfast haha. The food was not bad anyways. 

Visited Sam Poh Buddhist temple to pray. 

 Me, mum & brother with his forceful smile. 

Took a picture of my aunt and his son. :) 

Finally a family photo of us. 
Bro, don't be so cool lahhhh. (He hates taking pictures) 

A picture of me with the flowers, taken by my aunt. Look at my awkward smile lol!  

A shot before we left the place. A photo that been photobombed by my naughty cousin haha! 

Steamboat part 2, again! This time we visited another place called Yee Yew Restaurant located at Taman Tringkap, which was 5 mins drove from Copthorne hotel. This restaurant are famous for serving seafood dishes and my family been eating here for almost every night! (while we are still at Cameron, lol) 

Their steamboat is totally different compared to the previous restaurant that I ate. The soup was concentrated which they cooked them with pork bone and we didn't ended finish up the food. However, we did take away some of it, just in case we are hungry when we are back at apartment. :D

Restoran Makanan Laut Yee Yew 义友海鲜饭店

39100 Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia 

05-4961771 / 017-2829811

We took a stroll around the market and pass by strawberry farm but didn't pick strawberry by myself tho. lol

Strawberry Popsicle! My favourite! 
According to the aunt who sells this popsicle she said she used over riped organic strawberries and mushed them into jam consistency and added with some sugar for more sweetness and freeze them! Emergedd it's sooo deliciously sweet! The reason why I said hers is so good because I've tried other stalls and it wasn't as good as hers! If you wanna know, it's somewhere nearby Rose Valley. :)

Another "must" eat in Cameron Highlands, melted chocolate with strawberries! Must be melted! :D
 Located nearby a market, few walks away from Copthorne hotel. 
 I usually buy my strawberries here because their strawberry is incredibly red and sweet too! (a bit of sour too haha)
 Gosh, now I'm craving as I'm typing this. lol

It's an obligatory to eat strawberries dipped with melted hot chocolate. SO GOOD! :d

Brought back some fresh strawberries that my aunt was convinced by a young teen that gives her extra box of strawberries haha, also white sweet corn that you can literally eat by itself, without steaming it. 

Okay, I was expecting that this chocolate to be as good as what I ate during that afternoon but turns out, it's not as good as I was expecting T-T belgium chocolate, tipu lah! 

Did another OOTD impromptu shoot haha, how can you not take shoot where there's an amazing view?! :D
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That's it all what I've taken from my camera during my whole trip at Cameron Highlands because I was saving my battery life for Penang! My CNY holidays at Penang post will be up next! 
Stay tuned, lovelies. :D


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