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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wow Music Festival 2014 @ Sunway Lagoon!

Hello lovelies! If you have followed me on Instagram, I've been posting tons of Wow Music Festival pictures and honestly, I'm having a blast which this is my first music festival ever attended. The event was hands down awesomely epic, talking about those enthusiastic DJs spinning throughout the night. My favourite DJ would be Angger Dimas as he spins most of my favourite songs! I didn't know who was Steve Aoki until one of my uni mates, who claimed that he's awesome that could bring the crowd go crazy and you know what. she's right! He's purely mind-blowingly incredible, despite I wasn't really know about his DJ songs but he really entertained the crowd! Oh, I almost forgot. He threw 7 cakes in total and he did crowd surfing too! :D

Let's dance dance dance! :)

Before the real party starts :)

The most cray cray person to go with, Carina  

Chency with her colourful hair, thanks to my mum's magic hands! woot!  

 Alice with her K-pop swag! 
 This music festival allows us to have outdoor activites like G-Force aka Bungee Jump in a ball. I'm afraid of heights but I challenged myself to try extreme jumps! :P It was fun! 

 Sorry guys, tons of selfies with the girls! See that cute Amelie! 

 I love this shot the most! 

 I was totally soaked that night, thanks to the random people -.-
 While dancing, we never forget to selfie! lol

Most of the pictures are selfies with my friends because they doesn't allow big cameras to enter, so most of the pictures are credited to Chency & Amelie's magic Casio camera! 
Well, this was kinda a short post that I wanted to keep my good memories on my blog :3 
I hope there's more music festivals like this that I wanted to join and I think my next target would be Future Music Festival 2014! #FMFA2014

Was pondering if I should do my Chinese New Year haul? Do comment if you're interested to see them! 

Stay tuned for more upcoming posts! 



  1. awww i miss those time! i wan rave party again!

  2. gosh i was there too. wished I enjoyed it. haha.



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