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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Unboxing MIVVA's first box for 2014!

Hello lovelies! I've received the biggest beauty box last week and I can say that was my biggest surprise for 2014, so far! If you've seen my Instagram, you will know what I'm talking about. Anyways, I wasn't informed advance that I will be expecting a parcel on my doorstep but oddly enough, the postmen sent me a huge box and said it was belongs to me. Once I ripped the plastic package, I saw this huge box. o.o 

Biggest beauty box, ever. and it's bigger than my face! 

It has a pattern on a huge ribbon with some brands watermarked, Liese and Biore and Laurier which I think is one of the sponsors who collaborated with Mivva. 

Let's what's inside the beauty box! 
My first impression all products was full sized products! 
I didn't expect anything like this and I was pretty excited with Biore products because I've been using them for years and now, I have more! 

#1 Liese - Bubble Hair Colour in Milk Tea Brown 
I've never try bubble whip kind of hair colour dye because....I usually done in a saloon and I think I shall pass this because I just did my hair recently, or maybe I will use this soon? Nevertheless, it's a nice colour :)

#2 Biore Makeup Remover Wipes - The Improved Version 
When I saw this box of makeup wipes, excitedly I said YESSSS. Huge box of Biore Wipes! Plus, it's not the ordinary one, it's the newly improved version that has hyaluronic acid and moisturizing essence! It removes twice as better as the old version. More efficient, gentle and faster! It also said it has 20% more cleansing oil too! Can't wait to finish my cleansing old before I try this hahaha :P

#3 Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid Water-Based Makeup Remover 
During December last year, I was running out of makeup removers and I was almost intended to buy this product because the reviews online sounds very promising. It said this product has water-based remover that has 1/3 moisturizing beauty serum ingredients which can helps to dissolve your long wearing makeup effortlessly , even mascara without tugging or any discomfort removing them. Anyways, when I saw this I was like YESSSS for not buying because I can try this :P 

#4 Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail 
Liese, liese, liese. This product is pretty much can be seen in pharmacies and it is popular too! I'm also excited for this because first of all, has a pretty packaging and it totally stands out among of products in the box and it smells soo fruitilicious! That explains why it's call Hair Cocktail :D
This product helps to detangles your hair by giving instant hydrating and also, locks in moisture for more smooth silky hair! Woot, I'm excited to try this too! 

What do I think about this month's box? 
Well, all I can say everything is pretty much awesome! Every product they sent was my favorite and it's full sized products! How can you say you dislike this month's Mivva box! I think I don't need to restock my makeup removers for 6 months, LOL! Just Kidding! Hope for more surprises from Mivva for coming months in 2014!  

If you're interested to subscribe MIVVA; visit their social media sites for more info: 

MIVVA monthly subscription price: RM38

Do comment down below which items you like so far for this month's beauty box! 
That's all for now and see you in next post! ♥ 

Cheerios! ♥ 

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