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Monday, January 6, 2014

Tammy's Birthday Bash @ Haagen Dazs, Solaris Mont Kiara

Hello lovelies! First day of January- great day, no traffic and great celebration with the bloggers as we are celebrating Tammy's Birthday Party at Haagen Dazs, Solaris Mont Kiara! If you don't know her, she's the mamasan aka founder of and Butterfly Project Malaysia. I'm always thankful that mamasan always invited me to various beauty events which I got to know more about the beauty industry and also, the products too! Thank you Tammy for the invitation to your birthday party! Here's tons of pictures that I've taken during the party, tons of selcas with the beauty bloggers! 

 Chocky and Me was the first guests to be arrived haha! 

 Some great wishes to the birthday girl! 
Just me and Chocky being random! 
 My favuorite flavour is Strawberry since I was litle! 

Amelie's magic camera always makes us flawless! 
 Choy Peng looking optimistic as always! 
 Me & Sarah! We have colourful hair ends! haha
 Me and Sabrina! She looks pretty in Hijab :D
The cheerful Wiida! Always excited to meet her! Have fun in New York! x
 Me and Sabby! Cute as always! 

During the party, there's a mini games which I'm totally oblivious because everyone was screaming with their cards and I realized that if the first group of 4 has the same colour card, are rewarded to get a present from Tammy! Unfortunately, we kinda too late haha! Luckily, 3 of us got the same card and we met Ker Yi as she got the same card with us! 

A random funny shot of us! Because we are weird like that :P

There's a drawing session where we can drawing anything with it and maybe put some Birthday wishes to Tammy! 

It's birthday singing time! 
 Tammy Birthday cake was Haagen Dazs 2013 Christmas ice-cream log cake called 'A Starry Christmas' and the cake was in caramel flavour ! All thanks to Hermo Malaysia who actually treat everyone in the party with delicious ice-cream to indulge! 
 Grant your wishes for 2014, Tammy! 

It's time to indulge our yummy fondues! 

 There's ice-cream in bite sizes, some fresh fruits and some shortbread for us to dip into the hot melted chocolate. Oh, don't forget to sprinkle some nuts and chocolate sprinkles!  
 The only flavour I can't resist is the one and only Strawberry flavour! I didn't eat the other flavours lol 
 Some yummy waffles, lady fingers, short breads to dip with 
 Everyone looking sexy with their fondue forks except me looking like a pedophile wtf hahhahahaha
 The moment you dip into the hot chocolate....such a guilty pleasure. 
 The whole fondue session was truly a divine, the ice-cream was delicious always - literally melted on your mouth and everything dip with chocolate is always absolutely delicious!  
 Amelie looking happy with her fondue and I'm still licking my ice-cream haha :P
 Group shot of us! 

Before the party ends, Tammy gave each of us a bar of homemade chocolate bar that is customized with her name on the wrapper! Btw, the chocolate bar taste absolutely, delicious! 

Happy Birthday, Tammy! 
Hope you had a blast on your birthday party! I'm glad you love my birthday present from all of us! ;D


Disclaimer: Some pictures that are not watermarked belongs to Amelie and Jennifer

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