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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spring Festival Party with Yadah Malaysia! @ Little Wonton, TTDI

Hello lovelies! I heard Chinese New Year is coming in less than 3 weeks away and I'm excited to celebrate the coming of Horse zodiac for 2014! Anyways, speaking for chinese new year aka spring festival, last Saturday, I was pretty lucky to be chosen the TOP 10 beauty bloggers to be chosen for doing 2014 new year resolution and also, being chosen to attend Yadah's Spring Festival Party at Little Wonton at TTDI! Which means Yadah is celebrating early for the upcoming CNY! I've been to Yadah's Birthday Bash which was during summer last year which I got to know a little bit about them and I was excited to see more products of Yadah! :)
Little Wonton's theme decor is pretty vintage and oriental which gave me a nostalgic feeling. 

Old oriental frames and birdcages gives me an old shanghai feel. love it! 
Realistically looking food which actually are pouches hahaha
Thank you Chocky for the ride! Yes, we are the first guests again! haha

If you just know about this particular brand, let me give you a simple introduction. Yadah, a Korean beauty brand has range of botanical skincare products that caters for teens and young adults. Since Yadah is a botanical skincare, they are 100% FREE from artificial colouring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate and animal extracts which are harm to our skin. Yadah's product are mostly contain key ingredient organic such as Native Opuntia Ficus extract ( it's a type of cactus species that organically grown and cultivated in Korea) All products are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and troubled areas. Of course, they are not animal tested products. 

Anyways, during the spring festival party were are told that the Bestsellers products from Yadah are these products that are laid on the table. 
Yeap, Yadah's lip tint balm, their latest sweet milky tint and mascaras and also, Yadah's bestseller ampoules!
Damn, can't you just look at those quirky and cute packaging? Gosh, I'm a sucker when comes to cute packaging! 

Here's some products that are displayed during the event! 
Starting from the left; Yadah Deep Bubble Cleanser (150ml), Yadah Vitamin Toner (80ml), Yadah Emulsion (80ml) - each are RM49.00

Introducing Yadah's Anti-t line range consist of: 
Yadah Anti Trouble Bubble Cleanser (150ml) - RM59Anti Toner (100ml) - RM59, Anti Emulsion (100ml)- RM59Anti Trouble Spot (15g) - RM35 

Their famous moisturizing cactus mist!
 Yadah Cactus Mist (Fresh Garden, 60ml) 
Yadah Cactus Mist (Fresh Lime, 60ml) - RM25 each , Yadah Handcream 14g - RM17

Yadah's pack series! 
Yadah Cleansing Nose Pack (10 pieces), Yadah Brightening Mask Pack (3 pieces) - each are RM19

Yadah Brightening Ampoule & Yadah Collagen Ampoule are both in 30ml @ RM65

Yadah Angel BB Cream in 40ml
(Consists of 2 shades; 01.Light Beige & 02.Natural Beige)
Both in RM 49

Yadah's hair & body series! 
Yadah Natural Hair Shampoo (250g) - RM35
Yadah Natural Hair Shampoo (400g) - RM45

Yadah Natural Body Lotion & Yadah Natural Body Wash both in 250ml @ RM35

Yadah Lip Tint Blam (4.5g) @ RM25 each
Consists of 4 lip shades; 01.Cherry Red ,  02.Shiny Peach , 03.Sugar Pink , 04.Bling Bling Yellow

Yadah Lovely Lip Gloss (9.8g) @ RM19 each 
Consists of 5 lip shades; 01.Strawberry Pink , 02.Tropical Orange , 03.Cherry Ade , 04.Bling Bling Essence , 05.Peach Smoothies)

Yadah's hand props! 
Here's a shot with Yadah! 

Here's Elaine, who's the product manager from Yadah and she was the host for the event.

She specifically mentioned some products during her presentation. 
Sweet Milky Tint (3ml @ RM25.00) that has recently launched on December 2013 that has been sold pretty quick that most stores are pretty out of stock! I think if you know what basically a tint does - can be applied on lips and dabbing on cheek for extra colour! Consists of 2 shades: 02. Sweet Pinky & 01. Sweet Cheery. It's allergy-free, non-sticky and non-greasy! 

There's also 2 types of Yadah's mascara that also been launched at the same time; High-Lash Mascara and Bloom Mascara! (9g @ RM35 each) 
High-lash Mascara basically does 3 words - lift, curl and length! This mascara does long wearing curls, lengthens lashes and giving your lashes a lift without smudging throughout the day as it is a waterproof mascara. It is safe for sensitive eyes and contact lenses wearers and also, easily removed with lukewarm water! 

Another type of mascara - Bloom Mascara which provides superior lash volume and length without smudging and lasts throughout the day! It's waterproof too! It is safe for sensitive eyes and contact lenses wearers and also, easily removed with lukewarm water! - just like the high-lash mascara. 

During the presentation, there's on-going 3 test-out live of Yadah products and we will be testing out the effectiveness of the product and see if it works too! 

Sun block ABC Test 
There's 3 types of different sunblocks that is laid on different plastic plates and each of them has different types of functions too! 
Here's my impression: 

  • A types has a watery consistency and it absorbs really fast. 
  • B type has a light weight moisturizer consistency and it absorbs fast but it not greasy and sticky onto my skin. 
  • C has a creamy consistency but it takes some time to absorb onto my skin as my skin turns dry as compared to A & B. 
So what's the result? 
  • A type was Yadah's old sunblock 
  • B type was Yadah's latest sunblock called Oh My Sunblock
  • C type was a X brand that has SPF 50 which high SPF could cause our skin to feel dry
Introducing Oh My Sun block! SPF35/PA++
(Will be launched on end of January 2014) 
A lightweight moisturizing sun cream that provides a daily barrier to protect your skin from UV rays! It's FREE from harmful chemicals, and it's sebum control, which contains 70% of water base and 40% of hydration. Plus, you don't need a makeup remover to remove them. 


Bubble Deep Cleanser Test Out
This test was to test out Yadah's Bubble Deep Cleanser's effectiveness of removing makeups, even eyeliner! When comes to removing makeup, the hardest part to remove was eyeliner and especially pencil eyeliners! Therefore, everyone was given a liquid liner and a pencil liner to test out if Yadah's cleanser can remove those tough liners by using one pump! 
Only one pump was given and let see if it works! 
Rub it for a few seconds and wipe it off
Let's see the magic!
Wow, it works! When they said it removes makeup, it does it job perfectly! It doesn't make my skin dry too! 

Lip Tint Balm Test Out 
There's 2 bloggers who are chosen to come up to test out lip tint balm's effectiveness and it said that those lip tint balms are long-lasting even after eating and drinking. So, both of them put on Yadah's lip balm and they brought out a bowl of noodles each to let both of them to have a competition on the fastest eating noodles gets the prize! Rooting for Jennifer! 

Let the food competition begins! Nom nom nom 
Jennifer was the food master because she ate the whole bowl of noodles within 10 seconds without a single drip of soup! She must be hungry blogger hahahaha :P 

No worries, both of them got Yadah's bestselling ampoules each to bring back home! Also, looks like their lip tint stains are still there on their lips! Not bad for eating a bowl of noodle soup! I think Imma try their lip tint balms later! :P

Foodie time! I'm hungry, and we are given 2 choices of dry noodles - Spicy Thai and Vinegar Garlic Lychee. I chose Spicy Thai because I've not tried before and there's some condiments and some vegetables for us to add on! 

Adorable flag written on flavours hahaha

Can't wait to dig in! 
Asians on work! Of course, must take a picture of us with food-lah :P
The dry noodles are made from charcoal which explains the black noodle but the texture was good and tender to savour and as for its flavour, it's spicy and has a hint of sourness (which explains spicy thai) and everything mixed with each other was a great combination! 
There's some appetizer during the event - Chocolate Banana covered with Wonton skin
Not to sweet and it just suits my taste buds! Yummm

There's a bunch of paper lanterns hanging on the wall and each of us are allowed to bring back and write our new year resolutions on this pretty decorative lantern paper and bring it back :D I have listed my resolutions! :)

Of course, I've met like bunch of bloggers and there's too much pictures to put and so, I made a mini collage for you guys to see! If you spot yourself, comment down below :P I have met the same and some new bloggers! 

There's 2 more bloggers I've not put in, Sabby and Farisha! 

#OOTD of the event
OOTD details: 
Top: Esprit
Cardigan: Carolyn's 
Midi Skirt: Mirrocale @ Fahrenheit 88
Accessories: Forever 21 
Hat: F-Block 
Shoes: USA 

I know, I know. You guys might be asking what did I got from that event? So here's what I got from the event :)
Basically, I was sooo happy because we got the Oh My Sun Block which has not launched yet and I'm lucky to grabbed beforehand! I got lip tint balms, sweet milky tint, mascara, bubble deep cleanser (yay!) and some samples! Oh yes, the Yadah tote bag was specially flown from Korea which means it is not available in Malaysia! The tote is cute tho :D 
What a great start for my 2014! x)

Thank you so much Butterfly Project Malaysia and Yadah Malaysia for collaborating for making this event happen! 

For more information visit Yadah Malaysia for more updates: 
Don't forget to hashtag #Yadah on Instagram! 


  1. the packaging of Yadah products is so cute!! :)
    and I love ur look! ^^

    Heaven Knows

    1. Yadah is certainly famous for its adorable packaging and thanks for your compliments! :)

  2. hi angeline, lovely photos that you took! what camera do you use...they're awesome pics!! is it ok if i use the lip balm test pics...didn't manage to take any pics as i was trying to eat the noodles (not very succesfully!)...

    1. I'm currently using Song Nex 5R, and you're welcome to use my pics as long as you credit my blog haha :)

    2. Of course I credited the photos. Thanks for the photos again!!

  3. reading your post reminds me on how happy i was during the event, hehe! all the pictures you posted here are pretty :D

  4. HAHAHHA LOL at the Carolyn's XD Feels like my shop! HAHAHA



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