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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review: Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set {Pink}

Hello lovelies! It's been a while that I've been reviewing beauty products. However, I received a parcel a beauty online store called, Natta Cosme and knowing that I will be receiving a set of makeup brushes and I was stoked to try it! 

Shipping wise, fast and efficient after I was notified by Natta Cosme, few days before receiving it. 

Inside this parcel, there's a set of makeup brushes set on a cute pouch and I gotten pink! Yay! Ohh, if you're wondering what's that mini black box with pink ribbon, there's one Ferrero Rocher that I've eaten,once I received it lol. 

To be honest, I've always thought that makeup brushes are pretty pricey as those famous brands that retailed on stores and I don't purchase them until I gotten a set of makeup brushes from my friends during my 21st Birthday and I just found out that this set of makeup brushes only sells, RM29.52! That's a great deal! 

Cerro Queen is based in United States that has been known for producing professional makeup brushes from the highest quality that caters a wide range of different needs. 

I would say this is more like my travel size makeup brushes as the pouch makes it compact for me carry whenever I go travel or maybe just on the road! Oh yes, the pouch is specially designed for convenience that you could simply wrap around with the strings attached and also, it is made out of PU leather with embossed Cerro Qreen on the side.  
Look how compact the makeup brush pouch is! It's just like a size of a purse. :

Inside the makeup pouch, there's a bunch of makeup brushes that I will explained later. While the makeup pouch has a flap on the top of the brushes which helps to protect your brushes from getting damaged and also avoid from other brushes getting contact each other while there's stains on the brushes.  

Here's closer look on how the brushes look like! Everything was packaged with plastic wraps to prevent your new brushes getting dirty. Talk about good hygiene! 

Here's a overview on types of makeup brushes that the makeup brush pouch provides! There's 7 types of brushes that has pink handle and also ombre pink and white bristles. Anything with pink is my favourite! This is not just pink, it's SOFT PINK
Gosh, can't resist the ombre bristles. 
The quality of the bristles is in synthetic fibre wool and the brushes are very soft and firm as it doesn't fall into pieces when comes to applying makeup and also washing the brushes. The handles are eco-friendly painting wooden handles which is covered with rosy pink and each brushes are labelled, "Cerro Qreen Professional". 

Here's more detailed information on the type of brushes and each brushes are multi-purpose that can be functional and versatile, it all depends on your creativity! :)

Powder Brush 
This powder brush is a multi-purpose brush that you used it as loose powder, blusher and bronzer during application. The material of the brush is made in fibers as it is big, soft and fluffy! It doesn't make my face feeling uncomfortable because it was soooo soft that I keep on applying on the apples of my cheeks and also, it does great application too!  

Eyeshadow Brushes (Big, Medium and Small)
As for eyeshadow brushes, this makeup pouch consists of 3 types of sizes for different application and it is made out of pony's hair. Each size of brushes can be used a base brush, crease brush and also blending brush! As these brushes are very versatile, they can also be used as concealer brush as you can cover up your imperfections especially on under the eyes and also, spots. However, the bristles is quite stiff as compared to the brushes that I have but nevertheless, it doesn't make me uncomfortable during application. 

Eyebrow Brush
This brush is pretty explanatory as this brush can be applied on eyebrows as the bristles are in angled shape and since the size of the brush is quite small, it can be also used as eyeliner brush especially you're applying either cream or powder eyeshadows. This brush is made out of fibers with anti-bacterial property. Not only that, the size of the brush is good enough for me to have more precise application which works perfectly well. 

Eyeliner Brush 
This is the smallest brush among all brushes and that is why we need an eyeliner brush as the smallest brush are able to draw detailed eyeliners. This brush is made of fiber as it is stiff yet not rough onto my skin, especially my eyes. This brush doesn't shed easily and it gives precise application on eyeliners. Morever, you can used this brush as lip brush for more perfectly detailed lip, especially applying lipsticks!  

Eyelash Brush 
Eyelash brush aka spoolie brush are great for removing clumps following mascara application, which is extremely useful when comes to eyebrows by simply brush and wiggle over your brows, to keep everything looking neat and clean. 

As I've mentioned before, the makeup brush pouch is very compact that I could throw it onto my bag during travelling and also, my alternative from my big chunky brushes that I've at home. :)

What I like about this makeup set?

  1. Affordable price, total is RM29.52 which means each brush costs only RM4.22!! 
  2. Available in Blue and Pink Makeup Set
  3. The brushes are lightweight and compact (Great for travelling!) 
  4. Brushes consists of anti-bacterial property 
  5. This makeup set has everything that a basic makeup is needed! 

Product detail: 
Name: Cerro Queen Cosmetic Make-up Brush Set 
Price: RM36.90 RM29.52 
Colour availability: Blue and Pink
Where to purchase: Natta Cosme Website 
Content: 7 pieces of brushes
Nett Weight: 80g 

Recommended to makeup beginners who doesn't want to spend too much on expensive brushes, this might be the best alternative. :)

For more updates, visit Natta Cosme:

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