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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Murad Signature Treatment @ Murad Skin Centre, Damansara Utama

Hello lovelies! I was one of the lucky bloggers to be chosen to review Murad's facial treatment in collaboration with Hishop X Murad Malaysia and to be honest, this is my second time coming to Murad Skin Centre to tryout their Murad Signature Treatment and my previous visit was all thanks to Murad Malaysia for giving me complimentary voucher when I went to their flagship grand opening at Empire Shopping Mall, Subang

If you don't know about Murad, click the link above to know more. :)

Since I've previous facial experience of Murad Skin Centre, maybe I will be comparing both of my experience of what's missing or which is more better etc etc. So let's start! :)

First concern of visiting Murad Skin Centre would be parking! Yes, the horrendous parking which most parking spaces are full and most cars double-parked, just like the first picture below. It does took me about approximately 20 minutes to find one spot. Yes, I do sound exaggerating about the time taken but it's the fact. Finally, I decided to double parked in front of the car which is right in front of Murad Skin Centre.  However, I won't blame Murad for horrible parking. 

Once I've entered Murad Skin Centre, I was greeted by one of the therapists and she asked me to firstly fill in the information that is given on the paper - personal details, skin allergies and what kind of products you're currently using. The information that I've written will be look through by skin therapists of knowing what's my skin condition and they would suggest what's best treatment for my skin. 

After filling up the information, I was asked to proceed to the locker area where I can store my belongings into the locker which is provided from Murad. So that you won't be worrying about your belongings being stolen or missing while doing your facial treatment. So far, I've not seen any facial centers have locker area or maybe I've not visit any. :) 

Right after keeping my belongings, I was told that I will be doing Murad Signature Treatment which is included with Stress Relief Scalp Massage Therapy and the therapist (I forgot her name, sorry!) also included, hydration treatment based on my skin condition that is written on the information paper. Later, I was brought into skin analysis room where there's a machine that can detect your skin condition through their 'special' camera. (FYI, there's no skin analysis during my first visit)

During the skin analysis, it doesn't take a lot time which right away it detects my skin condition that I need to be concern. There's 3 skin condition that I need to taken care: dull complexion, blemish and blackheads (if I'm not mistaken) and also, pigmentation. The machine detected that I've reached 98% of pigmentation which I needed to be concern of. I already knew that I've pigmentation problem because I don't have the urge to put sunscreen because usually sunscreen has a oily texture that I don't like, until I started to use 1 year ago. So yeah, I better prevent now, otherwise it will get worse! FYI, there's no signs of pigmentation on my skin surface, so I better protect them before it's too late! Always remember to put sunscreen guys! 

The skin analysis program also, gave some recommendation of which Murad products is suitable for my skin condition and also, they also have shown skin progression of after using Murad treatment - more brighter and no pigmentation and also, without using treatment - dull complexion and pigmentation. This machine can predict my future with Murad lol! 

Later, proceed to the treatment room where I was asked to change into a robe that is provided because they are not only focusing on your face but also your neck and shoulder area. 

Here's the range of products that had used on my face, I don't know which one because I was totally comfortable during the treatment session. What I like about this treatment was the products was gentle and there's no allergies happen on my face - no redness, no stings etc. Second, I love their massages - especially their neck, scalp and back massages and I did fell asleep during the process. Lastly, their hospitality is pretty welcoming and good - no charcoal faces! lol 
Oh by the way, I was sort of confused during the process because my skin therapist didn't explain much about the process which concerns me because I don't know what she will do on my skin! However, nothing major happen but here's the process that I've remember so far (I might be wrong):

  1. Feet massage
  2. Double cleansing - she did twice cleansing  
  3. Hot streamer - okay, I don't really like the streamer because it suffocates my nose and I've nose sinus but it was bearable. 
  4. Mask application
  5. Hand, back and Scalp Massage 
  6. Extraction (I felt the extraction was kinda bummer because the process was kinda painful and I thought they were using the pimple tool but instead they use their hands covered with tissue) 
  7. Treatment application
  8. Application for aftercare - moisturizer and sunscreen 

Here's me before and after my treatment - sorry if I scare you with my face hahaha :P 

Nothing majorly different after the treatment, I've some redness from the extraction and I think my skin has become brighter based from my dull complexion and also, my skin become more smoother and bouncier. Oh there's less blackheads that she've extracted and my pores appears to be less. However, this two pictures didn't do any justice. 

After the facial treatment, the skin therapist gave me a small tour on their skin centre by introducing Murad products that has few ranges and she recommend me try Pore-Reform (Pink) range which is suitable for my skin condition. 

My skin therapist also mentioned that I can mix and match a few products, so that it would be more effective on my skin and I tried some products which most of them are gentle and not oily. 

I think this is most attractive spot in skin centre, the vanity makeup table. 
Where you can get some touch-ups before exiting the door and I love the mirror lights which reminds me of those runway backstage makeup vanity haha! 

She introduced me Murad's Blemish Treatment concealer which is the best seller and award winning product among all and it does not only conceals imperfections, it also treats your skin! I was fond on Murad primer which gives a luminous finish and also their concealer sticks that does not cake and it's entirely suits oily skin!  

Here's some product samples that the skin therapists gave me, their latest product; Rapid Collagen Infusion that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 2 hours! ; Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer with SPF15 ; Osmolyte Toner ; Oil-Free Sunscreen Broad Specturm with SPF 30 PA+++

Most of the products are given in deluxe size products which I'm excited to try it out! 

Overall verdict: 
First of all, I love their ambiance of the place, their professionalism on customers and not to mention, Murad products that works on my skin. My overall facial experience was pretty much comfortable as the skin therapist is being gentle and also friendly during the process. However, there's some flaws that they should improve which I've mentioned above during the facial treatment. Nevertheless, everything was pretty good. 

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