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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Last Minute Chinese New Year Outfit Ideas 2014!

Hello lovelies! Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and do have times where you need to crack your head to think what to wear on the first day of CNY? ;even though black looks flattering on you (well, basically everyone) Since I've not done any outfit ideas before, so here you go! My last minute outfit ideas for Chinese New Year! Each of the looks has red or pink element to it, so that you can celebrate the New Year spirit! FYI, most of the clothes I wore is my new year clothes lollll. 

#1 Summer Hipster 
Nothing goes wrong with a pair of high-waisted shorts with baseball top!  
Top: MiraMeww @ Fahrenheit 88
Shorts: Fashion Sanity
Beanie and bracelet: H&M

#2 Sweet Demure
Feeling girly? Pair up with a knee length skirt with a simple top or cardigan! 
Top: Martina Pink
Skirt: Bazaar 
Heels: Parkmaya, Fahrenheit 88
Necklace: FBlock
Bag: gift from friend 

#3 The Chic
Actually it's sort of grunge type of look but since it's CNY, I pair with bright red to make it festive! 
Top: Bazaar
Skirt: H&M
Jacket: Online shop
Heels: Vincci 
Hat: MiraMeww @ Fahrenheit 88 

#4 Summer Girl 
Well anything with overalls, always look good! For this outfit, you can pair with any shoes you like; from converse to flats! 
Top & Headband: Forever 21
Overalls: Taobao

So you've seen the four looks and do comment down below which one is your favourite outfit? I would like to know! :D

Ps: I will be back on 4 or 5th Feb from Penang! :)

 Happy Chinese New Year, lovelies! ♥ 

Travel safe and enjoy your celebration!! 

Gong Xi Fatt Chai! 

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