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Monday, January 27, 2014

#FMFA2014 Future Music Festival Asia has finally announced the full lineup!

Hello lovelies! This year I was pretty hyped up about #FMFA2014 because last year's FMFA was awesome, as what I've heard from my friends that had been there and I kinda regret because...FUN. performed last year! T-T Hey Livescape, can you bring back FUN. ? tsk tsk.. Anyways, I was lucky to be invited to FMFA Press Conference to be the first few to know the final and full line up for this year's FMFA 2014, all thanks to Manoah! 

Since last year's FMFA 2013 is summer themed, as for this year, FMFA will be on safari-themed (if you've seen their first trailer on Youtube!) If you've heard last week, they have announced that they have shifted the new jungle to Bukit Jalil National Stadium, because they will need larger space to accommodate more safari warriors! Means more people will be coming, gosh this year gonna be epic! 
 Sipping some cocktails @ The View, G Tower while waiting for the announcement. 

 Was with Li Chuen and Hilda to witness the announcement! 
 Host of the event: Ryan Matjeraie from and 8TV Quickie 

 Iqbal Ameer, Director of Livescape giving his speech of what will happen during FMFA2014. 
 Awesome shirt from the crews! 

Livescape presented mementos to the sponsors for making this festival possible, such as Asahi, Chivas, KakaoTalk and etc    

Before Iqbal revealed the full line up, he introduced Future Music Festival mobile application that you can check out what's on going during the festival, from getting all the details of artists, schedule performance, venue map, and ticketing information as well. Not only that, FMFA has a stream of FMFA radio where you can catch up the details and listen the artist's tracks that will be performing during the festival for you to get pumped! The FMFA app will be out next week and will be available on Google play store and iTunes! Catch the updates from FMFA Facebook
Iqbal demonstrated the application on the spot.  

Finally, the moment that we have been waiting for....
We are excited that the headliners are Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, DeadMau5, Armin Van Bureen, and many more! Wait there's more! It's finally official that Pharrell Williams will be coming to FMFA 2014, along with Martin Garrix, Bass Jackers, and Will Sparks! This festival just got bigger and it's gonna be epic!! We seriously just got lucky!!! 

I literally screamed when Pharrell Williams was on the video, OMG OMG *GASP!! 
 Since last year's FMFA was about 55,000 people, this year they are expecting 85,000 people will be coming to FMFA 2014!! Not only the locals but international party people will be partying with us too! 

Here's the full line up for Future Music Festival Asia 2014! 
Are you getting excited? I'm stoked! 
Day 1: FMFA 2014 Opening Party: Deadmau5 and Friends 
Day 2: ASOT650MY State Of Trance 650: A New Horizon 
Day 3: Future Music Festival Asia 2014 


13th - 15th March 2014 
Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Malaysia 
Door Opens @ 4pm onwards 

FYI, the second release tickets are all SOLD OUT and they just released the 3rd release which are on sale now! Be sure to grab them FAST before it's too late! You're not gonna miss the biggest and much anticipating music festival in South East Asia!! 

Don't forget to hashtag #FMFA2014! 

Where to purchase the tickets?
Check out Redtix and at Rock Corner outlets, Victoria Music outlets, Penang outlets, KL Life Centre, Tune Store as well as AirAsia Travel Service Centres.

Visit Future Music Festival Asia social sites for more updates: 

See you there, party animals! x

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