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Monday, January 13, 2014

Butterfly Christmas Pot Luck 2013 @ Sekeping Sin Chew Kee

Hello lovelies! It's been a few days and I've been being undecided if I should post Butterfly Project Xmas party. Well, nothing embarrassing, nothing boring, just sometimes I don't really like to blog something that is being despairing. When I stepped in the place, I was pretty much looking forward to have fun and have a chill Christmas night with the butterflies but sadly, I walk out of the party being sad and cheerless. If you want to know what happen then keep on reading. 

Let's just start from the beginning. 

I didn't really knew about this place called Sekeping Sin Chew Kee which was located behind Swiss Gardens nearby Chinatown and once I stepped into the house, it brings back old memories when I first visited a shop-lot house in Penang and the way it structure is pretty much reminiscing when my dad was still a child. The old fashion stairs, doors and a spacious environment on the inside and also, it's pretty chilling inside as it has a opened space "lobby" (idk what is it called)  So yeah, I would love to stay one night with my friends one day, perhaps? 

123 Cheese Photobooth is giving good memories through pictures. 

This is the a little exchanging Christmas present that Cindy planned. 

Beware, if you're hungry. Don't look! 

Since is a pot luck, everyone brought a dish / beverage to share with the butterflies and I did potato salad, just something easy and delicious. 

The best part of pot luck was of course, roasted turkey! What's Christmas without Turkey? Turkey was brought by Mamasan Tammy! 

Each dish that the butterflies brought were simply delicious. My fav? Sabby Prue's lasagna! 

Since everyone is busy eating and chit chatting away, we trios took our opportunity to utilize the studio lights! haha  
Mua, Chency and Chocky - bloggers that was closer and always get crazy with! :)
The others didn't came to the party =-=

While waiting for pictures to be printed out...

Some goodies that I've gotten from the Christmas pot luck: 
Bisou Bon Bon little gift - solid perfume balm, fragrance sachet with little canvas bag, a pair of earrings! ; a little handmade bracelet from Edazz (thank you babe!) and of course, tons of photos from 123 Cheese Photobooth! 

Chency informed me earlier that she will give me a little Christmas present and I was expecting any present from anyone since most of us are still studying aka not employed yet. Of course, as she's giving me her pressie, I have to give her a little Xmas present as a gratitude - srsly buay paiseh to receive like that hahaha beingkiasu

Honestly, I was expecting anything until I opened the gift....
Whatttttttt. Benefit Cosmetics?! zomg 
First impression, omg so expensive and second, I'm happy la of course lol
Thank you Chency for the Xmas pressie I'm stoked. 

As for exchange Christmas present section, each and everyone had agreed to buy a present that is worth RM50 and I was pretty much being excited to join because it's my first time celebrating Christmas and also exchanging present with a group of friends. I did put a lot of effort to give out some goodies for the person who will getting my present. Most of the butterflies participated the exchanging gift section and what you have to do is firstly, write a note about your present on sticky note (say anything you like to impress the person who is getting your present) and then stick note on the wall until time comes. When the section starts, everyone hurried to choose their favourite sticky note from the secret santa. Then you find the present with your number that has written on the note you chose. 

I just randomly choose a number and look what I got. 
Errrrr....should I be happy or sad now? 
FYI, it's the miniature of Body Shop Body Butter. I know the price of this body butter which is about RM20 am i supposed to be unsatisfied? 

I showed the gift I've gotten from "secret santa" to my friends (I don't want to mention her name) and they think it would be too little to be worth RM50. Of course, my feelings were crushed, demotivated and spiritless - don't even have the good Christmas spirit. Some of my friends felt very sympathy about the gift I gotten. The whole night was literally a quiet sad night and I didn't really do anything about it until I got home. 

Once I got home, Cindy approached me via Facebook as she already knew my unfortunate present that I've gotten. Later, Cindy try to find out who's the "secret santa" and talked to her about the present from xmas party. 

Soon, Cindy informed me and told me that she have misplaced the wrong Christmas present and will soon sent out a present via post. And I will be getting it before Christmas day. 

The parcel reached after 25th Dec and I was expecting a parcel but it turns out that it's a small envelope from the "secret santa" and it was Jusco Aeon RM60 cash voucher.  

My instant reaction was, "better than nothing la" and to be honest, you can use this voucher to purchase groceries, makeups and stuff which basically you can buy in a hypermarket. So, I didn't mind about that. 

So here's what I got from RM60 cash voucher. 
Blusher, 3 same eyeshadows and a small palette of eyeshadows with eyebrow pencil from IN2IT Cosmetics (which is from Japan, as what it said on the packaging)

Some drugstore cosmetics that I spot where there's a clearance makeup section at Jusco Aeon Cheras Selatan, so I took opportunity to spend on them. 

So yeah, that's about it. 

To end my post for not being sad. Here's a crazy selfie. 



  1. wow rm60 can get so many item...i din know Jusco gotmakeup clearance leh.....feeling sorry for ur xmas gift being not the one you really wanted....anyway Happy New Year and let's rave again!!!!!!!!

  2. glad it went well, if i was at your place, i will be dispirited and turn moody too on that day. :/



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