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Thursday, January 30, 2014

10 things you need to bring during road trip / balik kampung!

Hello lovelies! Since tomorrow is Chinese New Year eve, and most of you might be on your way back to your hometown or maybe leaving very soon to visit your relatives, including me! Your journey going back hometown might be an ass because you might get bored and ended up sleeping on the car while waiting for 4 hours to reach your hometown. So, here's some of my must-haves items to pack on my bag when I'm on the road trip or balik kampung! You can use this not only going back hometown, but also, going road trip with your friends! :D 

Here's 10 things you need to bring during road trip or balik kampung! 

#1 Books / Magazine 
When comes to long journey, I would usually bring a book with me so that I can spare and kill my time with some adventure with my books! Also, read some magazines too! However, if you're a person who can't read books on car (might cause dizzy and urge to vomit), perhaps you can try the next following option! :)

#2 Music - iPod / iPhone 
Bringing your iPod or your smartphone along to listen your favorite hits and you wouldn't get so bored easily and maybe you can share your headphones with your siblings or your cousin! Oh, don't forget download the latest hits to get more new fresh songs to listen! :D
I brought iPod along because my phone always drain so quickly because listening music on long hours >.< Perhaps, CNY songs to download? LOLOLOL 

#3 Portable Games 
If you owned PSP or Nintendo Ds, then you can kill some time to solve your games while on your journey. Don't have electronic games? Why not buy some mind game book like Sudoku, Cross Puzzle, and Word Search! At least you got plenty of time, to crack those mind-boggling tasks. 

#4 Beauty Essentials
Beauty essentials - sunscreen, lip balm, hand cream. Beauty essentials is very important especially when comes to sunscreen! Do you know that you have to apply every 2 hours? You also need lip balm in case you have cracked lips and also hand cream to get your hand moisturize when you're on an air-conditioned situation. 
Brands I'm using: sunscreen - Murad ; lip balm - EOS in tangerine ; hand cream - Crabtee & Evelyn

#5 Phone Charger / Powerbank 
Owning a smartphone has become a norm for most of us and I'm pretty sure each of you have a powerbank, all thanks for using most of the battery on social medias. So yeah, it's better to bring powerbank in case you've ran out of battery and there's no such thing as a plug in the car. Unless, you owned car charger. lol

#6 Sunglasses 
Sunnies is a MUST because of the sorching and glaring sunlight that we will face while we're on road trip and 2 things why you must wear sunglasses - 1. look cool eventho you're not and 2. avoid your eyes getting hurt from direct sunlight lol

#7 Camera - Digital / Polaroid 
Keeping up those memories while road trip is pretty much once in a while and it would be great to snap some pictures with your loved ones or maybe your friends and you might not know you found something that saw while you're on road trip! I prefer polaroid because you can basically you get the "hardware" and gives more vintage-ish feel. 

#8 FOOD!!!
Food I meant, snacks and candies that you can munch on while you're on the car and this food is sort of youmightgethungry moment and so, I don't think people who miss this part because we Malaysians loveeee food. :D I usually bring some gums and mints along :3 

#9 Notebook
Sometimes while we were on our journey back home, you might not know that you can spend some time writing some ideas or maybe a story. If you're good in drawing, sketching on notebooks would be great on road trips - more things to see!

#10 Pillow / Stuffed Toy
For sleep, of course! You might get exhausted from reading, writing, solving games etc etc :)

So yeah, that's my version of 10 MUST HAVES during road trip!

Anything I missed? Do leave a comment down below so I know what I've missed, not everyone has the same items :)


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  1. Have a safe trip back to your hometown! :D I have the same ipod too hehehe



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