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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sunset Disco International Gigamesh x Pink N' Proper @ Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral

Hello lovelies! I'm back with a throwback post that I've been longing to update despite my busy semester but now, I'm having my holidays! Wee~

Anyways, once again I attend Hedkandi's Sunset Disco International event which was invited by Pink N' Proper and we sorta have a chill Sunday evening, having a sip of drink and some yummy finger food. However, I went back quite early about 7pm because I was heading back for dinner with my family lol 

At first, I was being undecided if I should attend because I've some errands to be done but all of the sudden, I was more like "f*ck this shit" and right away drove all the way to Aloft at KL Sentral to join the party with other blogger mates! 
 Me (being crazy), Alice, Cindy 
 Elvina, Edazz, Frankie, Vivien and me (being over-pose hahhaha!)

Unexpectedly, we did a little impromptu shoot by the pool while Alice was snapping both of us laying on the pool bench. 
This angle makes our legs so long, I ain't short after all :P 
By the way, the monokini I'm wearing was from Pink N' Proper

 Silly girls! 
 "Shocked" pose of me and a puppy face Alice hahaha!

Actually this picture was supposedly to look at the sunset view because the theme of the party was "Sunset Disco" and we tried to snap by looking at the sunset but turns out to have too much exposure and the sun was on the opposite direction and I was like, whatever la, just pretend we look at the sunset la hahahhaa :p #notbad

Group shot with the bloggers! 

Another impromptu shoot because the sunset was gorgeous that we have to take a few shots! All taken by Alice! Oh, the pool was a bonus point. :P

 I'm holding a GoPro that was asked by the photographer to take random pics on the pool. Yes, I'm kinda fascinated by it. 

Oh yes, that day itself was Elvina's birthday and we (Vivien was the masterplan) planned a surprise birthday celebration for her! 

Last group shot before I leave. :)

That's it, guys. 
I hope you enjoyed reading my post and do leave a friendly comment. hoho 

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  1. whoots looking attractive in your monokini! =D

  2. hi there..wahh this is cool haha but cant join lorh..anyhow i do always POOL and sunset, so rooommaantic! ^^



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