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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Review: KOJI Curving Eyelash Curler

Hello lovelies! It's been a roller coaster during November with tons and tons of assignments overflowing that I'm unable to blog as frequent that I used to be, but.....soon, I will be back with tons of posts coming up! 

Back to today's product review! 
I've received Koji Curving Eyelash from Dolly Wink Workshop as a door gift and to be honest, this has been my holy grail eyelash curler and I've been religiously using it before applying my mascara. :D

So, let's see what's inside the box...
Curving Eyelash Curler, the case for curler and 2 extra cushion grips

I was quite intrigued by the case itself because usually, most eyelash curlers doesn't have a case itself and most times, I just throw the curler into the makeup bag and end of story. I must say, that case is pretty bulky but it's good at the same time because it protects the eyelash curler from any damages, so thumbs up! 

Let's see the design of the eyelash curler!
Koji curving eyelash curler has 38mm wide which was mentioned on the packaging itself. Plus, Koji specially designed this curler to fit the eye shape and inventively gives splendid eyelash curling! The eyelash curler gives your eyelashes more dimension and depth, by means it provides full blown va-va voom! 

Here's some highlight for Koji's eyelash curler: 

  • Suits Asian's eyes - usually I've flat eyes which other curler tends to have curvy edge which makes it hard to curl up my lashes, but this curler has flat edge that make our lives more easier lol
  • Slick and long body - This curler is long and slick comparing with other curler which help us to handle the curler perfectly. 
  • Bow shaped frame - This curler had a flat edge which fits my eyes perfectly and it doesn't make me worried of getting my eyelids squeezed! 

Here's some instruction of how to use the curving eyelash curler 

Let's take it to the test.

Here's me without makeup. 
I tend to have straight and medium-long lashes and once using this curler, it instantly gives full curl on my eyelashes! 

Here's me with makeup. 
I seriously can't ask for more because I won't be worried about getting hurt from using curlers! It totally fits my eyes perfectly and it gives my lashes more dimension and depth! 

Notice the difference?? 

Price: RM80
Available at Sasa stores nationwide 

That's all for today's review! 

Stay tuned for more posts! 


  1. I've yet to find an eyelash curler that fits my eyes, but this looks not bad. The price, on the other hand.... x_x

    1. so far, I'm loving this :D price wise, I think it's okay because most eyelash curlers like shu uemura has almost the similar price too, unless you buy at pasar malam :P



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