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Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Five Beauty Resolutions for 2014!

Hello lovelies! Since 2014 is coming ahead in less than a week, and I've realized that I've some goals that have not been achieving since the past few months of commitment and dedication which was a bummer, i think! >< No fret and as for upcoming new year of 2014, I will listing out my 5 ultimate beauty resolutions that I wanted to achieve next year and hopefully I can maintain those list that I will mention. :D


I've insomnia problems for the past couple of months and some nights I barely even sleep or maybe ended up sleeping 3-4 am which I think the cause of the problem was late night blogging, or maybe watching Youtube video without knowing the time and I think it became my addiction and I think this issue that is needed to be taken. 

Do you know that not enough beauty sleep can increase the risk of suffering a stroke? O.O 

My solution to this problem? 
Try to accomplish tasks as quickly as you can before 12 midnight because we do need 8 hours of sleep and insufficient sleep will cause you to be not focus when you're working or studying. Also, try not sleep on the afternoon! 


As not enough beauty sleep where I've mentioned on my top list! Of course, dark circles are contributed by not enough sleep and excessive rubbing onto your eyes and I've major raccoon or panda may sound cute but having dark circles is not flattering at all! >< 

My solution to this problem?
Sleeping early and maybe do some eye masks like tea bag mask or maybe cucumber eye mask which will soothe your eyes. Sounds easy but hard to accomplish ><


Eating healthy is pretty vital for our health as it benefits to boost energy, combat diseases and improves longevity. As long as you have eaten everything that is from the food pyramid, you're eating healthy but do aware that sometimes fruits and vegetables has pesticides and some chemicals that might harm our health, so remember to wash your vegetables and fruits properly! Or maybe try organic! :)  

Always always eat more foods that is high in fiber which will help you to digest out those unwanted 'stuff' from your body and also, helps you to lose weight too! 

Okay, my major problem was not eating breakfast and most times, I always skipped my breakfast due to waking late the next day and also, some times when I'm rushing to my uni and I tend to skip or most times, I will wait till noon to eat my lunch which is bad and my body will start hungry and eat those unwanted junk food. 

My solution to this problem? 
Back to the first topic, sleep early so that I can wake up early for breakfast! Making healthy breakfast with granola with some greek yogurt and fresh berries - yummy!   


I've been really concern about my body shape which few months ago, I've decided to become enthusiastic on workout routine and the reason was to lose some weight to have a nice body shape and as my semester came with tons of assignments and exams, I've rarely have time to workout and I think I've gain weight again and I'm getting lazy to workout which I've skip tons already T-T

To be honest, I love working out it's like my way to release stress and during the period where I've been working out, I felt more energized and my mood are better :D So I think I can't stop lazing out. MUST. RETURN. MY. WORKOUT. ROUTINE. 

Maybe I want to achieve of keeping fit and banish on the fats on my bodyyyyy! 6 packs! 
 Quotes for motivation 
My solution to this problem: 


I wasn't acknowledge about skincare products that are being organic and natural with chemical-free and in conjunction with Yadah Malaysia and Butterfly Project Malaysia, I got to know more about Yadah skincare and Yadah is a Korean skincare brands and their products are totally gentle and yet, effective as it is 100% FREE from artifical colouring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate and animal extracts. Which means it is totally safe to apply to your skin! 
 Plus, Yadah mascort of a little teen girl with short orange hair with her little pet, Yom Yom! How cute!

Oh by the way, Yadah's highlight ingredient was Native Opuntia Ficus Extract which was a unique species of cactus that are organically grown and cultivated in Korea. This ingredient has tons of benefits such as high potent of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and naturally moisturizing! 
 I don't think I need explanation to this because it's pretty much explanatory that this product is organically proven!  

Yadah products are ranging from skincare to hair products to cosmetics with the most cutest packaging - gosh I'm a sucker when comes to packaging lol

Yadah Malaysia and Butterfly Project will be hosting an event next year and I can't wait to attend their event as I wanted to get to know more about Yadah! I can't wait to try every of their products! :) I want to have radiant skin just like Yadah! :p 

If you love Yadah, don't forget to hastag #Yadah! 

For more information visit Yadah Malaysia for more updates: 


  1. i like do have a nap afternoon.. n that always happen when i sleep late the night before!

  2. I love your beauty resolutions! Wanna practice it too 😍



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