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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Akiyo Story with AKIYO Jewellery @ Fahrenheit 88

Hello lovelies! It's Christmas Day, wee! I've always loved this time of the year which has the best and the most beautiful decorations at most shopping malls, the amazing feast and gingerbread cookies and also, the art of giving and receiving too, haha! Anyways, few weeks ago I was invited by The Butterfly Project to attend Akiyo Jewellery collection launch which was located at Parkamaya, Farenheit 88. 

Bloggers getting excited to look at the jewelleries. 

The event started with a little speech from Tammy aka Mamasan of Butterfly Project and she introduced the founder of Akiyo Jewellery to the guests. 

Mandy was the founder and designer of Akiyo Jewellery and explained about her brand, Akiyo which represents, 'Bright, Clear and Sparkle' where Akiyo wanted to created wonderful memories that are formed in a jewellery. By meaning of wonderful memories, it can be birthdays, anniversaries, graduation or may be a day that you will never forget which you will be able to cherish your fondest memories with your loved ones. Just by looking at the jewellery, instantly you will remember those lovely memories. Akiyo's jewellery designs are mostly inspired by Euro-Japanese designs but with a twist of Akiyo signature touch. 

Oh yes, if you've seen their logo (scroll back to the first pic) which has a four leaf clover symbol and this clover represents 4 essential parts of life, "Faith, Hope, Love, Luck". 
Mandy also introduced Akiyo collections and most of the designs are pretty sweet and delicate. The price ranges from RM29 - RM259 which is totally affordable and it would be great gift for your loved ones or maybe for Christmas! :)

Mandy presented Akiyo Christmas Collections where there's the elements of sparkly with Swarovski crystals on some charms. 

Oh yes, Akiyo Jewellery also have tons of collections of cute charms for you to keep your foundest memories of your life. It's something like a tattoo, you put meaningful memories about yourself / loved ones on your body. Look at that cute bunny charm! 

Well, a question for you. What is your impression on pearls as accessories? 

Usually people's first impression on pearl bracelets are old-fashioned or maybe reminds you of Audrey Hepburn era where pearls are like a statement accessories. I kinda disagree because I do believe that pearl accessory is the timeless and classic piece that you can coordinate with any outfit. In Akiyo, they specially designed pearl bracelets that caters for young, beautiful  and also as a daily accessory which will changed the perception of pearls accessory. Akiyo Jewellery has a selection of pearl bracelets which consists of 3 shades of pearls - white, champagne and lavender. Also, there's a charm in every pearl bracelet!

These pearls are 100% genuinely Fresh Water Pearls which is authentic and also, they also comes in sizes of S, M, L which is stretchable and would be able to fit on all women's wrists perfectly. Price of pearl bracelets starts from RM75 - RM189
Look classy and quirky with some sparkly bow touch! 

Spot that reindeer charm? 

Akiyo Jewellery also has charms for necklaces which you simply hook it on the ring that they designed. 

Akiyo Jewellery has a concept called, "Akiyo Charm Story" where you can create a story about yourself by customizing from type of bracelets to choosing the charms you want. Don't worry about the length of the bracelet, Akiyo will give you the perfect fit your charm bracelet. 

Here's the whole collection of Akiyo's charms. A lot right?

Spot the pink lipstick and compact power charm! It's so freaking adorable! 
Guys, here's your gift guide to your girlfriends. If you're reading this, Akiyo Charm Bracelet would be a great gift option for any occasions and also, it's something like "handmade" from you! :D

Akiyo also have many types of jewelleries and one of them that I love was their dainty bangle bracelets which is simple and delicate and it has rose gold ones! Ahhhhh I'm loving it. 

Adorable packaging with black bows on the box. 

Did I tell you that Akiyo Jewellery was featured at Cleo Magazine in December 2013 issue? 

Akiyo Jewellery was so generous as they allowed me to choose a charm as a Christmas present and I've decided to choose the pink present charm and I love how detailed the charm is! The ribbon has a shinny silver touch which makes the charm look elegant and cute! The violet snowflake-like charm is sooo sparkly. :D

So....My Akiyo Story starts from a perfect gift (pink present charm) given by Akiyo during Christmas season (violet snowflake charm). My first charm from Akiyo Jewellery, loving to bits.

The reason why I'm so intrigued by choosing this "gift charm" was because gift can mean anything. Usually giving a gift to someone special can be an expression of love, friendship, gratitude, or piety. As for me, I look at this "gift charm" in memory of my mother who brought me up into this world, give me shelter, protect me from harm, always make me laugh or being as a closest friend. So, this gift charm would be deeply meaningful whenever I look on my charm bracelet. This is my beginning of my Akiyo Story.

Therefore, the question I will ask next is....what's your Akiyo story? 

I've been wearing them since the day I've gotten this charm bracelet. Seriously, the best statement for any fashion! I was a bit girly that day and it totally matches my outfit. hehe

Yummy finger food was served that day with a cup of tea from Teaffani Patisserie.  
Fruit tarts and Eclairs were delicious. 

Bread with hard boiled egg sliced with some mayo and chili sauce. I seriously never thought of this. Simplicity always tastes the best. haha

Selca with the bloggers! 
Miss Sabby Prue and Mieza Everdeen - lovely as usual. 

My blogger babes; Carol, Bendan aka Kahmon, Jennifer Fur

Group photo with the butterflies! 

Knitted top: F-Block
Collar: Taobao 
Skirt and kitty headband: Forever 21
Shoes: Vincci 

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Enjoy your few days of 2013 before heading to 2014! 
Be warm and cozy - wear Xmas ugly sweaters ya! :P

Thank you Akiyo and The Butterfly Project for the kind invitation and the bracelet! xx

Here's where you can visit Akiyo Jewellery: 

Fahrenheit 88
Parkamaya, 3rd Floor
Bukit Bintang

No. 24M (1st Floor)
Jln SS21/39
Damansara Uptown PJ

For more information, visit Akiyo Jewellery for more updates: 



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