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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dao Kia Soy Desserts @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Hello lovelies! I'm backkk with a foodie review and if you're a soy lover, I think you would love this! Few weeks back, I was invited to Dao Kia tryout their yummy soy desserts which I was excited to try hehehe SOY LOVER HERE! Of course, that day I wasn't alone enjoying those yummy desserts, I invited over my partner-in-crime, Carolyn to witness those soy treats as she loves to try too! :)
Bad hair day, but who cares when there's yummy desserts! :P

Dao Kia which means soya boy in Hokkien and I find the name pretty adorable with their logo of a little boy with a leaf on top haha! So, I was invited over to Dao Kia which was located at One Utama (Old Wing), Lower Ground Floor which most food stores are located aka Food Street Pomerate and this store is in between Crazy Potato and Each of Cup. 

Dao Kia are well-known for Silky Soy Puddings which was flavourful, very light and refreshing too which reminds of happiness and that is why "one bowlful of happiness" comes along. Once it enters your mouth, it melts away. Plus, every dessert was made in organic soy beans, means it's healthy to eat! It's for you - health-concious peeps! 

While waiting for our desserts, both of us spare some time taking selcas with the props that is provided by them which was just on the table! So, why not taking some cute poses! :P If you're there, don't forget to hastag #daokia and #soyheavenly in instagram! 

 Carolyn getting soy-cited with her dessert! (geddit?)
 Desserts is served but selca first :P 

Here's the whole menu of Dao Kia which has their famous Silky Soy Pudding, Soy Milk, Smoothie and also, there's glutinous rice balls and buns! 

If you're keen about the sugar level, you can request for level of sweetness when you're ordering your Silky Soy Milk! 

What's so special about Dao Kia was they have different kinds of flavours which tingles my interest to try all the flavours! They have 4 flavours which was Original Soy, Japanese Matcha, Creamy Almond, Coconut Bliss. 

Let's try the Original Soy, you can't go wrong with that! :)

The soy pudding was light and REALLY SMOOTH. This dessert seriously promises what they mentioned, the aroma of soy goodness fills the air and once I take a mouth of spoonful, it literally melts into my mouth. The amount of soy was awesome, creamy and milky. 

Coconut Bliss flavour was delicious too. Very light, smooth and creamy which was infused with coconut milk goodness. Also, very refreshing too and I would totally eat this on hot summer. I'm loving this flavour, so as Carolyn. :D

As for creamy almond, if you're fan of almond, you might love this flavour because it really creamy with strong and fragrant taste. Carolyn was loving this flavour because she was the lover of almond since she was little. 

Japanese Green Tea? This is my favourite because I'm a Green Tea lover from drinking Japanese teas to eating kit kat matchas. I think this pudding is more rich and creamy among other puddings and the strong aroma of green matcha is realllly nice. The pudding sugar level was just nice on my liking. 

It's sooooooo smoothhhh. Recommended! 

Along our noming session, they served us 2 cups of Silky Soy Milk and Carolyn got the Original Soy and I got the Japanese Green Tea and unfortunately, Creamy Almond was out of stock which Carolyn was excited to try... oh well. :)
 Original Soy Milk was pretty good really creamy, not too watery. 

I personally love Japanese Green Tea flavour, it was creamy just like the pudding!

Later, we tried hot dessert which has glutinous rice balls or known as tang yuan that we usually eat during winter solstice day (without rice lah) but that day we ate rice balls with yummy fillings! Oh by the way, the soup dessert is their signature soy milk and it's warm and creamy goodness of soya! yumm. 

First was Toasty Black Sesame and I love the toasted black sesame fillings as it flows out from the rice ball once we cut it into half and I love how big is this rice ball, and it's not your typical small tang yuan :P Plus, their fillings was generously a lot. 

As for Azuki Red Bean, I was confused at first because there's a nutty flavour on the fillings because the colour wasn't red (as what we usually expect from a normal red bean filling) but nonetheless, the filling have great flavour with some red beans. 

Molten Peanut was delicious. It has strong and fragrant nutty flavour which that's why I'm confused with the red bean. However, this filling has little chunks of peanuts that we can bite and I love it when it's served hot! :D My ultimate favourite filling is Toasted Black Sesame! :3

The overall foodie experience was great as they have great customer service and it's really nice that their staff kindly asked me if the dessert is nice or not / the soup dessert is hot enough which I find they are making an effort to improve their service and their food better. Oh! and when we proceed to exit the store, the staff gave each of us 3 bowl of soy puddings to takeaway which I find it sooooooooo nice of them which we can bring back home and eat! I'm kinda touched :D My family is loving the puddings especially my bro, as he's a soya lover too! 

I'm definitely will stop by the store, when I'm craving for their soy puddings! 

Prices of Dao Kia Soy Desserts: 
Silky Soy Pudding: RM3.60 each
Soy Milk : RM2.80 each
Soy Smoothie: RM4.80 each  
Gultinous Rice Balls: RM5.90 (per bowl? I think?) 
Steamed Buns: RM1.60 each 

Dao Kia Soy Desserts

Lower Ground Floor - LGK 103 (Besides Crazy Potato & Each A Cup)

Food Street Promenate
One Utama Shopping Center.
Contact No : 03-7733 8364
Operating Hours: Opens daily including Public Holidays.

For more information, visit Dao Kia for more updates: 




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