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Thursday, December 19, 2013

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 X GUESS @ The Butter Factory

Hello lovelies! I'm pretty sure you guys know that I've attended ANTM Cycle 20 X GUESS Party at Butter Factory and I was grateful that I was invited as a media blogger, all thanks to GUESS and Butterfly Project :D

ANTM Cycle 20 aired on Star World was the first cycle with different twist which features boys and girls living under one roof and battling it out to earn the prestigious title of "America's Next Top Model". It comes down to the fittest, fiercest of the lot where one of these finalists will be named the winner. The ultimate winner will receive among the many impressive prizes, a USD100,000 national ad campaign with GUESS, whose advertising campaigns have launched many modelling careers. GUESS was one of the main prize sponsors of ANTM Cycle 20! I can say we are pretty blessed because among all countries, they chose Malaysia to have ANTM Cycle 20 party! 

Anyways, let's jump of what's happening that night! This is my 2nd time at Butter Factory, by the way. 
Hai, it's me. Being very sassy? lol 

The first performance during the night was from our local famous Hip Hop dance crew, Elecoldxhot, who were the winners from 8TV's Showdown 2011! Their performance is pretty dope and cool! 

The hip and happening party was definitely of colossal proportions with Nadine Ann Thomas, Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 on the decks as opening DJ.The audience is getting heating up as 2 hosts were up on stage who are Allan Wu, who hosted Amazing Race Asia and also, the gorgeous Deborah Henry, looking good in GUESS outfitsLater, they showed up a short clip of America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 which how they made out throughout the whole competition and don't forget to watch the finals that will be aired on January 2014 on Star World! (Eventho everyone knows who's the winner, lol)

Later, the event proceed with rap performance from Joe Flizzow, the top Malaysian rapper with their latest hits of Havoc! (Do listen, parody version of ATUK! So funny!) 

There's lucky draw for ten winners on-going during the event and sadly, I wasn't the lucky person but my friend, Carolyn won their lucky draws! Jellyyyyyy :P

Finally, America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 TOP 5 finalists, hits on the stage! 
The audience went cheering and shouting once they appeared on stage. 
Omg, my dream come true lol

They started sashaying down the runway with 15 local models in GUESS outfits showcased throughout ANTM Cycle 20 and also GUESS Holiday 2013 Collections amidst admiring fans (I'm one of them), cheering, whistling and snapping away with their phone and cameras! The audience seriously went crazy that night. 
Jourdan Miller (Winner of ANTM Cycle 20) 

Renee Bhagwandeen 

Marvin Cortes - He's cute right???

Cory Hindross - he's seriously flawless. 

Chirs Hernandaz 

Recognize her? She's Thanuja Ananthan from Miss World Malaysia 2009! 

More pictures of them strutting on the runway! 

The hosts gave a little interview on each of the finalists about how are they enjoying Malaysia and they love it being at tropical country, despite it's pretty cold in US! 

Later, the night was taken over by top Malaysian DJ duo, DJ Goldfish and Blink pumped the night away with the finest dance music!

This was after event, all of the fans went crazy and asking to take pictures with the finalists, including me of course lol. The first person I approached was Marvin Cortes.'s the picture of me and him. 
I took 3 shots and turns out the other 2 shots were blackout because I didn't bring my flash (damnnit!) Nevertheless, he's super sweet where he hugs each of his fans while taking a pic! HE'S ONLY 19 wtf I'm old. 

Next, Jourdan Miller! She's pretty sweet too but she didn't really talked but she willing to take a snap with her fans. FYI, she's really gorgeous and flawless in real life. 

Here's me and her! FYI, I've photoshoped my arms because my arms are too big :P hahahaha #sorrynotsorry She's 20 by the way. (whyyyyyyy T-T) 

Later, I went to Cory Hindross and asked for a picture with him and he's such a fabulous person. Oh by the way, he's my favourite model on ANTM Cycle 20. He's good in smize! 

Oh, I almost forgot. As I was walking out Butter Factory, I bumped the Miss Malaysia ladies! So, I decided take a snap with them and I'm pretty sure you know who's beside's Carey Ng, Miss Universe Malaysia 2013! 

During the event, I also met Rickman who's 8TV mandarin host from few shows like "Ho Chiak" (if you've seen this show you will know him)

Bumped Melissa Th'ng who's from Asia's Next Top Model Season 1 representing Malaysia! Did I told you she's from my uni? :P She's such a sweet girl! Here's our cheesy pose! haha other shots turns out to be blur T-T

Finally, I met Jeremy Teo from Red Fm! He's a nice guy and I was able to talk to him as he was asking my "rock and roll" outfit haha! :P

Finally, a nice shot of mua and my beautiful classmate, Zarina! 

[UPDATED] Finally, got a picture from the media. 
Mua, Karena Chow, Carolyn Tay and Karena's friends! 

Dress: Pink N' Proper
Choker: H&M X Versace Collection
Heels: Topshop 
Bracelet: H&M
Clutch: Forever 21 

If you wanna stalk ANTM finalists, here's their Instagram links:

Sponsors during the event was GUESS along with their event partners are Star World, Make-Up Forever, Belvedere Vodka, Red FM and Butter Factory! 

Do look out for more updates from GUESS Facebook Page


Ps: if you're wondering there's some black-ish paint brush on my's just my "overload cleavage" lol


  1. Cory is my fave from ANTM Cycle 20 too! Jourdan looks so different, she lost weight huh? :OOOO

    1. High 5! ;D I think she did lost some weight during the competition and damn, she change so quickly and I think her big transformation was her hair. She looks gorgeous!

  2. whoa! i love your choice of outfit that night, very glamorous!
    i watch EVERY episode on ANTM cycle 20, and damn! you're so lucky to get to meet them, touch them! haha, i love Marvin and Jourdan! i hope there are two winners, both female and male! T.T but it's a fat chance ~

    1. hahaha I was hoping that too but too bad, that is competition was organised like that but seriously, touching them was SURREAL. *rubbing my eyes*

  3. i like cory too!! :) And virgg actually :( Btw, is that astha from Asia NTM in your photo with Carey Ng? Or just somebody else looks like her? :)
    I like your dress btw <3

    1. Nope, she wasn't aastha from ANTM, she's just a friend of Carey. :) Thank you! x

  4. Wow, Jourdan Miller lost a ton of weight! She was already thin... her face is kinda gaunt now. :(

    1. Ya :( I think she needs to take care of herself :)



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