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Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Deeply White Skincare Routine With Aiberia

Hello lovelies! It's been awhile for me blogging about my skincare routine which every month my skincare product changes as I'm trying out different products that would suit my skin. So far, I've not found my right kind of skincare that could help to whiten up my face because most whitening skincare could create breakouts, which is definitely doesn't suit my skin as I've normal to oily combination skin. Of course, hydrating is also important for my skin because ironically, part of my cheek area are always dehydrated and dry like desert lol. 

Until 2 weeks ago, I was approached by Aiberia Malaysia and the brand was originally founded from Taiwan as it has been pretty popular in Taiwan as the products have been featured in "Ladies First or 女人我最大" also, highly raved brand by famous Taiwanese bloggers. 

Here's a one of the episodes that Aiberia has been featured. 

Here's Taiwanese bloggers reviews (all blogs are written in mandarin): 

Aiberia have different types of ranges that provide for your needs. As for me, I suggested Aiberia that I wanted to achieve fair and whitening complexion but also, giving some hydration on my skin. So, Aiberia introduced me, Job's Tears From The North 北之薏仁 Living Smooth & Deeply White skincare range. Okay, Job's Tear sounded pretty weird but I tried and google and found out that Job's Tear is actually known as chinese pearl barley but actually it was first founded in Japan which can be used to consume as a drink and use as a skincare product. 

Here's the Job's Tear From The North product range! 

Main ingredients from this product range: 
  • Sodium Hyaluronate (玻尿酸): Lock all the moisture to the skin, restore moisture and instantly nourishing deeply dry or aging skin.
  • Tranexamic Acid (博明酸) : Whitening effect, lessen freckles or spots and protect against UV.
  •  Job's Tear of the North (北之薏仁) : Seed extract, contains abundant protein, vitamin B1 & B2, moisture skin and anti-wrinkles.
Suitable for all skin types. Especially those with dull skin, freckles and uneven skin tones.

This product has no addictives and also artificial colours. 

Let's start my skincare routine with the most basic, cleansing! 

Starting with cleansing my face with Job's Tear Living Smooth & Deeply White Cleanser and the cleanser contains Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate (氨基酸介面活性剂) that helps to replenish the basement of the skin and to lower the stimulation which has zero stimulate to the skin and also, provide gentle & mild cleansing to the skin that you won't feel dry or tight after cleansing, no one likes too squeaky clean face! But you will feel your skin is smooth like baby skin right after using this! Also, helps boosting your skin defense. 

What's unique about this product is that the product itself needs it's companion, net cleanser which is specially design for this particular product to lather the cleanser into foam, whereby the foam helps deep cleansing into your pores. 

Here's a step by step how to use the net cleanser which only takes me 10 seconds!

  • Step 1: Wet the net cleanser and squeeze out about 2 cm of cleanser soap
  • Step 2: Start lathering! Lather till you're satisfied with the amount you want
  • Step 3: Squeeze out the foam from the net
  • Step 4: Just gently apply the foam onto your skin and rub it about few seconds 

I loving this cleanser as it create micro-size foam which is smooth and also, I like how my face is being clean after using this cleanser, my skin is not dry or tight but give my face a baby soft skin, means smooth LAH. :p

Next step, toner! (I'm too lazy to mention their long name, but you get my point) 
Toning is very vital as we need some hydrating properties on our face as sometimes some cleanser can pull out your pH balance and since after cleansing would create opening pores, using toner would helps to hydrate your skin more better and also, this toner gives deep hydrating and also it absorbs pretty quick. 

The texture of the toner is a watery as it is pretty light and it has a fresh natural smell which I find it soothing but you might get a bit messy when you apply on your hands, so I recommend you to use cotton pad which is more convenient and hygiene. I'm the lazy one, so I use my hand! :P

Now I felt my face has drank a huge gulp of water! Looks plump and fresh! :D

Next, Serum! 
I usually skip serum as previously some serum maybe too oily for my skin type but as for this serum is pretty good as it's not oily and it has high absorption which leaves my skin feeling moisturize and smooth! This serum is pretty special as the packaging itself has a holographic layer and I found out that the serum contains 3% of Tranexamic Acid which has whitening effect that helps to reduce spots and freckles and also, protect from UV rays! The reason why they stated 3% is because Taiwan has stated their own standards on beauty products which only allows 3%, due to more than 3% may cause harmful effects onto the skin. 

The texture of the serum is watery but has gel consistency which allows your skin to feel smooth without feeling sticky and this serum gave my skin an instant glow which has whitening effect ingredient. I guess that explains why this is a hot selling product in Taiwan! Highly recommend for those people with dull skin and uneven skin tone, just like me. :)

Last but not least, lotion or known as moisturizer but in Japan and Taiwan, they call it as lotion because it has a lotion type consistency. 

This lotion contains Vitamin C which is the extract from the Job's Tears which helps to lock in your moisture and to protect your skin from harmful effects and also, to control your oil level which of course, has whitening and hydrating effect. 

I prefer lotion than regular moisturizer is because firstly, I've oily forehead which moisturizer could be too rich for my skin and this lotion has a gel-like texture which can absorb my skin evenly without feeling oily or sticky. 
 Apply lotion and that's it! :D

This product works for my skin and it helps me brighten my dull and uneven complexion which create glowy skin :D Loving it! 

Here's the price list for each products: 
Job's Tear Of The North Living Smooth & Deeply White Cleanser: RM39
Job's Tear Of The North Living Smooth & Deeply White Toner: RM60
Job's Tear Of The North Living Smooth & Deeply White Serum: RM130
Job's Tear Of The North Living Smooth & Deeply White Lotion: RM66
or you can purchase the whole range for RM249 (after 15% off!) 

You can purchase them at their official website. 

For more information go to for more updates. 

Disclaimer: Aiberia products is given for review consideration, all opinions are given on honest feedback. 


  1. I wanted to try their hydration series la but duno suitable for me or not! Eh, whitening one seems good also!!
    btw, your skin looks flawless in the pictures! <3

    1. not sure about hydration series but I love this whitening series :D no breakouts and smooth skin, I'm happy :D hehe do look on other blogger reviews on hydration series, I saw a few blog about it but anyways, thanks bendan <3

  2. The result looks promising on your face ! I shall try it then.. hahaha



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