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Friday, November 22, 2013

Brazilian Waxing @ Bubble Gum Wax? Challenge accepted!

Hello lovelies! I've been away from my blog lately, as I've been really busy with my university life as I'm stuck with presentations and assignments lately....which is not my favorite but still, that's what you gonna do. :) However, I will be back after the 16th which is my last of exam and I will be back to my blogging schedule! 

Anyways, last month Butterfly Project invited me to a challenge.... which is something embarrassing yet we still have to face it anyways and if you have read the title, yeap, it's Brazilian Waxing. BUT. I'M NOT A VIRGIN (don't be dirty). *dum dum dum* lol 

Unfortunately, my first Brazilian Waxing turned out to be disastrous which I've experienced the most dreadful, painful and never-want-to-do-it-again. Until, Butterfly Project invited me to join another Brazilian waxing which assures fur-less and memorable experience, so why not give myself another second chance? :) 

So, Bubble Gum Wax (sounds yummy, right?) was located at Plaza Damas which is just opposite Hartamas Shopping Centre. FYI, Butterfly Project threw a little waxing pink party for butterfly bloggers too! 
My nervous / shocked / surprise face lol

Bubble Gum Wax assures you're comfortable during waxing by using their best quality products (which of course, don't simply scrape any of their products) Nevertheless, they do provide waxing not only women but men too! Plus, they also provide 2 types of hair removal services; waxing and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and if you don't know what is IPL - it is a permanent removal hair method that uses heat and light with IPL device and they need a few sessions which can reduced your hair growth which means you can say goodbye to unwanted hair forever! :D  

This are the products that I will be bringing back home and they requested all of us to bring our boxes or maybe a shoe box because there's a mini competition to create the most creative boxes to fit in the products. :D 

Aloe Vera Cooling Mask for post Brazilian waxing! 

Look what they have prepared for us, a little party with yummy treats! 

Yummy ice-cream which I've been screaming for!  

Yummy g-string butt cookies lol 

Macaroons to indulge!  

Some extra sprinkles on your ice-cream :D
 Oh yes, they packed us some yummy lunch from Little Wonton! How nice of them! 

Guess what? The noodle is black! I was like.......what you've done to my noodle? .___. 
Apparently, it was their signature dish but I love the noodle texture but it was a bit salty or maybe I put too much soya sauce xD

Scream and Eat the ice-cream! 

Oh, don't forget my silly selfies. 

After eating my yummy foodies, it's my turn to get rid of those bushes! hahaha. Of course, butterflies on my stomach as I was entering the room and also, I told them that I've done Brazilian Waxing not long ago which I'm afraid that I couldn't done waxing on the day itself but thankfully, the staff said that maybe she should check if I could do the waxing or not.   

Here's an overall view of the room. The environment looks fun which colorful frames on hanging. Although the room was medium small but it was cozy enough to feel comfortable :)

Before waxing, I was asked to use the hygienic wipes to clean my "vava" for bacteria and germ prevention, okay! They laid out a sheet of some plastic cloth thingy on the bed which I think is pretty hygienic. 

Joyce was Bubble Gum Wax's waxing expert and she will be checking me if it's okay to wax it off but sadly, she said mine was not fully grown yet and so I needed to come back a few weeks before mine is fully grown enough. But nevertheless, I love her hospitality and she's super bubbly and friendly even though I'm a bit shy to get naked hahaha

By the way, I've done Brazilian Waxing on the beginning of November and if you want to know what's my verdict, just keep reading! I will be putting my experience on the end of my post!  
Waxing tools that will be used. 

Everyone started decorating their shoe boxes and I've been missing my hobby of art as I was busy with my studies but that day, I took my chance to drawn as much as I can! ;D Spot me on the corner haha 

I look pretty focus on decorating hahaha 

After done decorating everyone's shoe boxes, all of us displayed our masterpiece on the corner for the judges (Bubble Gum Wax Manager and her staff) to decide who will be the 3 winners because 3 winners will get Bubble Gum Wax cash vouchers worth RM500, RM300 and RM150 respectively. :D 

Oh ya, here's my "masterpiece" lol 

I wasn't expecting to win anything during that day because there are other nicer boxes done by bloggers and until they announced the winners and guess what? I GOT 2ND PLACE. O.O whatttttttt. So, according to Jesslyn, she intrigued by my drawing of a girl blowing a bubble gum, which I felt very happy and flattered at the same time! Thank you 

 Yay! I can use RM300 cash voucher for my waxing, bye bye shaver! 

Here's the 3 winners that won the most creative boxes! 
Lulu won the first place - her creatively went to the max which she used most of the decorations displayed such as the underwear cookie as a deco, I seriously wouldn't thought of that! Following by me and Sarah - she made a parcel look alike which I find it super simple and creative! 

Here's me and Joyce! Thank you for your lovely hospitality! 

Group photo with the butterflies! 

So, what happen during Brazilian Waxing session? 

I booked my appointment on 2 pm and when I've arrived, I was greeted by Wendy, who's a petite staff that I remember because she's small and cute - even her voice! Once I entered, she gave me a cup of warm tea while she was attending on another customer and I waited about 5 mins. Later, she escorted me into the room and asked me to remove my clothing and wear a robe. Then....the Brazilian Waxing begins. 

She did asked me if I've done Brazilian Waxing and of course, I did told her my horrendous first time experience and she being very sweet and said, " don't worry, I will make your waxing experience to be comfortable." omg, she's so adorable. How can I not love her? 

Firstly, she started off with Hard Wax - which are mainly for coarse and thick hair and let me tell you, hard wax is not painful at all. Seriously. The only thing you will have is the sensation feeling that only lasted 1-2 seconds. But seriously, I prefer hard wax, more comfortable and I love the feeling too - just like waxing my armpit. 

After done waxed the thick hair, she used the soft wax to wax the fine hair. Soft Wax is slightly hotter than the hard wax and honestly, when she stripped off my hair on the panty area, it was a little pain but bearable and it was funny because I was making mini screams while laughing lollll. The funny thing was she keep trying to talk to me more, just to made me to distract from thinking about the pain and also, she did asked me to do breathing every time before she stripped off and she was being so patient with me during the session. Since I've won RM300 voucher, I did eyebrows waxing and armpit waxing as well. 

The eyebrows and armpit waxing session is seriously very comfortable that I felt asleep a bit lol 

I walked out the shop, feeling airy and fur-less. lol 

Thank you Wendy for being patient and very gentle on me. 
Also, thank you to Butterfly Project and Bubble Gum Wax for the wonderful and memorable experience! 

Bubble Gum Wax
AF-1-7, Block F, Plaza Damas, No.60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Working Hours 
Mon - Fri: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sat - Sun: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Contact Number: 03-6211 5038

For more information, check out Bubble Gum Wax and Butterfly Project for 

more updates! 

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