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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Talika Body Shaping Challenge; Second Phase!

Hello lovelies! As promised, I will be sharing of what I've been introduced by Rebeccah from Talika during the blogger gathering that I will be using for my Second Phase of Body Shaping Challenge and I'm stoked to try these products as my previous challenge have given me quite satisfying result and I'm looking forward to achieving the body that I always wanted! 

First product, Talika's Shaping Serum that is inspired by Photo-Beauty Therapy
Active Ingredients in Shaping Serum; 

  • Photo-Beauty Enzyme: activated by natural light or LIGHT SHAPING, (the device that gives more obvious and faster results!) this enzyme transforms light into cellular energy that help to repair damanged DNA & thereby enables the cells to work perfectly.
  • Phytosonic; a blend of plants, including yellow horned poppy, micro-algae and caffeine. With ultrasound-like effect, it breaks up even the oldest fat pockets by preventing new fat from accumulating. 
  • A combination of proline & lauric acid; for transforming released fat into cellular energy.
  • Horse Chestnut; a toning plant extract that helps eliminate excess water, toxins and fat cells by stimulating the micro-circulation.  

The texture of the serum is light and it's easily absorbed onto the skin without feeling oily or sticky comparing to other sort of body lotions but definitely suits my requirement! :) 

  • Reduces adipose tissue
  • Stimulates lipolysis
  • Stops the oxidative stress caused by cellulite 
  • Slows down the storage of new fat cells
  • Instantly drains muscles from an anti-storage skin effect

Treatment areas; 
You can apply on your neck, underarm, belly, waist and thighs 

Another product was Zero Stretch Mark that is inspired by the discovery of the physiological origins of stretch marks. 
 The formula of Zero Stretch Mark : 

  • D-Stretch; the concentrated extract of saw palmetto <> contracted fibroblasts so they resume their original collagen and elastin synthesis and as a result, reverses the appearance of stretch marks. 
  • Tripeptide; This biomimetic peptide boosts firmness and skin tone by activating collagen and elastin synthesis. 
  • Olive Squalane 

The texture of zero stretch mark has more concentrated serum comparing to shaping serum, but it does not feel sticky nor oily once it applied onto the skin which absorbed quickly once I applied the serum and gave a few circular message :)  


  • Stretch Marks will be less coloured, less deep, less visible 
  • Skin is more supply and toned 
  • Firms, moisturizes and nourishes skin 

You can purchase them at any Parkson, Istean KLCC & Metrojaya Midvalley. 
Click here for more outlets

I will be updating my review on shaping serum and as for zero stretch mark, I will be trying on my butt as I've lose some weight which my butt is sorta....flat and firm at the same time and there's visible stretch marks leaving on my butt! 

My 28 days challenge starts now! Stay tuned for my review! :D


For more information visit Talika Malaysia social sites; 

Till then, 


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    Let me know! ^^

  2. u know the stretch mark tube.. u can twist the top without opening the entire cap..



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