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Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Mini 21st Birthday Celebration with bloggers @ Wondermilk+

Hello lovelies! Gosh, it's already October and I'm finally posted up my birthday post?! I know, I know. It's kinda late but who cares, at least I posted up :P
Anyways, I wasn't expecting a birthday lunch with my blogger babes but they texted me and asked me to have lunch with them for celebrating my birthday because Amelie and Chency didn't came during my birthday party at my house :D We celebrated the day after my birthday party was over :D

They suggested to have lunch at Wondermilk+ which is located at Damansara Uptown as the environment is cozy and also, there's cakes and cupcakes to nom! :3

They got me a rainbow cupcake :3

All of barefaces before attending BCL workshop haha :P 
Selcas with the my blogger babes!  

Some of us ordered some food for our brunch :3

Here's mine! :D
Mr.Beefsteak was Wondermilk+'s recommendation.
I must say the food is seasoned very well and the meat is tender and juicy on the sandwich and I love the potato salad with some cream :3 Love it!

Carolyn's Big Breakfast (I don't remember the name)
Forgot what's her verdict on her meal but the presentation looks like canteen-like food but I think the food looks appetizing! Especially, the omelette and the button mushrooms! 

When it comes of Wondermilk, I'm always love seeing their ambience and their cozy environment. The decorations that they decorated around the place and always gives me some inspiration for my room decor. Very home-y and vintage like :3 

That's all for my short post which all of the pictures are pretty much self-explanatory. Pictures always speaks a thousand words ;D 

Final words, Thank you for celebrating a mini birthday celebration for me and I appreciate to bits! x

Till then, 


  1. I haven't blog about my birthday celebration too, so you're not that bad hehe :P

    1. hahahaha xD but still, October ady :p damn, time files too fast! :O

  2. Woah everyone looks so pretty even naked face. Envy envy!

    1. I wear a bit of makeup that day, for the sake of taking pic :P

  3. Happy Belated birthday babe angel!!

  4. all also pretty! man... i can't even remember what i did for my 21st bday HAHAHa



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