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Thursday, October 24, 2013

L'Occitane En Provence Chirstmas Holiday Collection 2013; Noël À Grasse

Hello lovelies! The most magical season of the year is filed with fond recollections of the times past. Honestly, I can't believe Christmas is coming in about 2 months! I'm seriously excited about Christmas celebrations where we can indulge warm baked gingerbread, warm Eggnogs, sweet candy canes and delicious roasted Turkey that makes me go craving about and of course, spending hours with beloved family members by exchanging amusing anecdotes. That's what the Christmas spirit is all about. :)

I was excited because I was invited to L'Occitane Chirstmas Party @ Ploy with media and bloggers which is located at Clearwater, Damansara Heights. (which was just behind my uni) and the place was covered with Christmas decorations with the theme of gold with blue hue. The moment I stepped in, I felt I'm in another timezone and they played some nice Christmas songs that I instantly never felt any cozier with that place, it's Christmas baby! :3 
"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells~"
Floating balloons everywhere 

For this year, L'Occitane invites you on a journey to rediscover your most sweetest memories with Un Noël À Grasse, two limited edition addictions to the iconic La Collection de Grass line of fragrances - Fluer d'Or & Acacia (for her) & Cèdre & Oranger (for him). The names sounds sophisticated and classy, right? 
La Collection de Grasse pays tribute to the name of the land it is named after. Grasse, a small town that is located in France and Grasse is known throughout as the world's capital perfume. Grasse is the land of perfumes where they gathered ingredients from far and near and produce the best perfumes. 

 Christmas Tree covered with gold boxes tied with blue ribbons :D
 Gold stockings for this Christmas 

 Emcee of the event, Joyce

During the session, there's 2 handsome Grasse men suited up in red suit and presented L'Occitane's 2 iconic fragrences and also, Fluer d'Or & Aracia hand cream which smells delicately lovely with soft scent of musky floral which reminds me of jasmine flower. However, I find it too feminine for my type as this perfume is more suitable on mature ladies. Nevertheless, the scent literally reminds me of the cozy moments with loved ones under the fireplace during Christmas :D 

Fluer d'Or & Acacia Shower gel has shimmery particles that looks like gold dust. :D

The two limited edition perfumes Fluer d'Or & Acacia (for her) and Cèdre & Oranger (for him) are created by a renowned perfumer or "nose", Karine Dubreuil who grew up in Grasse. 
By creating this two perfumes, she tell her story of her childhood memories spent in Grasse during the magical season of Christmas.
For Karine Dubreuil, the land of L'Occitane is as familiar to her as the back of her own hand. As a pure Mediterranean women, she shares with L'Occitane the same love for simplicity and nature.

"I remember the melancholy of summer's end, mixed with the excitement of renewal to come. Within the earth sap would begin to rise. In my grandmother's garden, there would be mimosa branches weighed heavy with fluffy flowers, its sweet scent carried by the wind, mingling with aromas of acacia from Mediterranean..." - Karine Dubrueil 

Fluer d'Or & Acacia Product Range 
"In Grasse, the colour of winter is gold" 
   1.    Eau de Toilette (75ml, RM225)
The memory of nature is imprinted in our minds, just like the lush garden we once knew and loved. The feeling of celebrating Christmas in Grasse can be felt with this warm, honey-like scent, accentuated by mimosa and white wood. Soft, subdued yet comforting, Fleur d’Or & Acacia is inspired by the orange glow of the December light in the heart of winter.

Family                           Musky Floral
Key raw materials         Mimosa Absolute from Grasse, Acacia from the Mediterranean Basin

Head notes                   Lemon, Bergamot
Heart notes                  Mimosa, Acacia
Base notes                    White Wood, Musk

2.    Luminous Oil (100ml, RM110)
Glitter and light, shimmering particles, shea butter and sweet almond oil…Nourishing yet lightweight, mist this sheer, fluid dry oil over hair and body for a scented veil of moisture.

3.    Shower Gel (175ml, RM62)
Lit up by golden pearly particles, this velvety-soft gel melts into a dense, rich foam on contact with water. Skin is deliciously scented with a powdery floral scent.

4.    Perfumed Soap (50g, RM21)
Bathtime is now a luxurious experience with this soap bar, which gently cleanses with a creamy lather.

5.    Body Milk (175ml, RM92)
The feather-light texture skins in to leave skin smooth and soft with Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil. Skin stays comfortably hydrated and wonderfully scented.

6.    Lip Gloss (15ml, RM56)
It has smooth, creamy texture that nourishes, protects and leaves a beautiful sheen on the lips. 

7.    Hand Cream (30ml, RM38)
Rapidly absorbed, the scented hand cream nourishes and moisturises hands anywhere, anytime of the day.

8.    Scented Candle (270g, RM135)
Light up your living space with this luminous scent with bursts of refreshing orange that will definitely relax frazzled minds.

Cèdre & Oranger Product Range 
"In Grasse, we saw silvery snowflakes melt on the winter oranges."
1.    Eau de Toilette (75ml, RM225)
Who can remember the smell of a newly-sharpened pencil? Those beautiful curls of cedar wood that bring back memories of good times as a child are paired with the scent of orange trees, laden with ripe, juicy fruits. Solemn and majestic yet cheeky, this fragrance is sweetened by hints of musk, to create a bold, intense impression.

Family                           Citrus Woody
Key raw materials         Virginian Cedarwood Essential Oil, Italian Orange Essence

Head notes       Orange, Bergamot, Pine Needles
Heart notes      Cedar
Base notes        Vetiver, Musk

2.    After Shave Balm (75ml, RM120)
Housed in an understated aluminium tube, this post-shave balm soothes, moisturises and leaves skin lightly scented.

3.    Shower Gel (175ml, RM62)
Perfect for the gym or weekends away, this gentle 2-in-1 formula is ideal for skin and hair.

4.    Perfumed Soap (50g, RM21)
This non-dying soap bar cleanses without stripping away skin’s natural moisture. Perfect for hands and body.

So… Transport yourself to the distant lands of Grasse and revel in wonderful memories that bring you close to each other. Christmas is the season of giving, so treat yourself to a seasonal indulgence, or surprise a loved one with a box full of delightful goodies! :D

 Taking pictures on wowphotobooth with two handsome Grasse men *smirks*
What's Christmas without capturing memories? 
Tons of pictures taken especially me, Carolyn and the two funny and handsome Grasse men! :3 

There's massaging section where you get your hands pampered with Fluer d'Or & Aracia hand cream. Love her massaging skills :D

 Lovely cookies and cakes are served - the Chocolate Chip cookie is so delicious! 
Where's my hot cup of cocoa filled with mashmellows? :P 

Also, there's slices of roasted Turkey topped with chunks of potatoes. IT NEVER TASTE SO GOOD. The meat is tenderly delicious!  

Apart of the limited edition single retail product, L'Occitane also spreads the festive cheers to everyone by offering a series of fabulous beauty & well-being gift sets for you and your loved ones. 

Here's a sneak peek of limited edition Christmas Gifts for this season.  
(Worth RM379)

·         FLEUR D’OR EDT 75ML
·         FLEUR D’OR BODY MILK 175ML
·         HOLIDAY BOX

(Worth RM379)



·         CEDRE EDT 75ML
·         CEDRE SHOWER GEL 175ML
·          HOLIDAY BOX

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Till then, 

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