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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

KISS ME Bloggers Challenge + Beach Party @ Sunway Lagoon!

Hello lovelies! It's has been quite some time I've not been to Sunway Lagoon since my last visit during last years's Clinique Beach Party  and I'm finally back to Sunway Lagoon as I was egg-cited to jump into the pool under the hot sun! :D This is event was organized by Kiss Me and thank you to Manoah Consulting for inviting me this exclusive event! 

Before this event, I was asked to bring one of my BBFs aka partner to join me for Kiss Me's Beach Party and I brought along, Miss Alice! :D I'm pretty sure you've seen her as Pink N' Proper's model :) 
Mua, Alice, Bendan 
My BBF of the day :D
Most of the bloggers came to the event barefaced because....I'll tell you later :P
But it's good to have fresh naked face, right? Your pores need to take a break too! 

Getting hyped before the event! 

After registering our attendance, one of Kiss Me staff ushered us to few escalators down to head to the locker area where we need to keep our belongings, so just to let you know I didn't bring my camera during the event because there's wet activities involved during the event and that's why some pictures that you will see, are a bit blur because of the phone camera quality but still, thank you to Kiss Me staff for snapping some pictures of us while participating during the event! ;D

Hello! Here's my naked face! I'm shameless! :D 
Another selfie with Alice :3

After keeping our belongings, we are escorted to a special area just for the Kiss Me event and all of us settled down and were asked to apply makeup with some KISS ME cosmetics that is shown on the table :D
We were given a few items which is, a mascara, liquid liner - pen and with brush-on applicator and a compact powder and of course, you need a mirror. :)

Here's our table, busy applying makeup with only a few items - I guess it's a part of the challenge, right?  :3

Once all of us are done, Kiss Me emcee gave us a brief explanation about our activities before we head out to the pool.

So once we reach the pool area, all of us are divided into group of 4 and beforehand, we have created a team of 4 people which were Me, Alice, Charmayne and Carolyn! And our group name is...Red Mermaid. Well, actually we named it, Mermaid but coincidentally, another group has named their group name, Mermaid and so, we just add Red Mermaid because Carolyn and Charmayne has red hair hahahaha :P

After everyone has allocated their team groups, and since Alice was standing in-front so she was chosen as team leader for our group and the first task was the team leader need to jump into the pool to get a bottle of Sunkiller (it's a sunblock) and the first person who gets up and give the Sunkiller to one of Kiss Me emcee will get 10 points! This 10 points is an advantage of winning the prize. But, we didn't win la haha :P
Alice is speeding as fast as possible to get the SunKiller! 
Since the team leader got their respective Sunkiller, all of us shared and helping each other to apply on our bodies, to avoid the sunburn! I don't want to become roasted chicken! :P

Usual gang with group selfies! :D


Next, each group will be given a envelope with different pieces of unsolved puzzle papers and all groups will need to complete their tasks within 1 and a half hours and each puzzle will be headed to different stations where we need to challenge ourselves! 

First Stop: Vuvuzela 
It's a new water game ride where all of us will be sitting around the float and enjoy the anticipating ride with tons of splashes and the dizzy journey but it was fun! ;D

Second Stop: Creepy Crawlers
From the puzzle, Alice right knew where this puzzle is heading to...the safari where there's tons of reptiles like snakes and other creepy reptiles and we were given a box of HUGE African Cockroaches and we need to dig out the Scribble pieces to create a word! To be honest, I seriously have no balls to touch them and Alice was totally brave enough to dig out the pieces without any fear, along with the others! Thumbs up!   

Third Stop: Pirate Ship 
After getting through the creepy crawlers, we straight run towards Pirate Ship to challenge ourselves and FYI, this is my first time riding Pirate Ship and I was nervous and kinda terrified at the same time and the ride was fun but I was totally terrified that I didn't even scream or say a word because I thought that might fell of the ship O.O but still, we made it! phew! 

Fourth Stop: Scream Park 
OMG, this park really makes me screamed a lot! We are escorted into a dark area we literally can't see anything and first step, we are attacked by the zombies! Alice was the brave girl that lead the way out to the terrifying place! Even we are chased by the zombies when we are out of the place =.=  

Firth Stop: Waterplexx 5D 
This is our last stop because time is running out! Finally we headed in the place where we are seated in a cinema-like place and we need to count the amount of mermaid that has been shown on the scream and seriously, we thought the mermaids came to life! It was so real and there's some water effects splash all of us! 

However, we only managed to finish 5 tasks due the time taken while queuing takes quite some time but of course, we wished we could have finish all the other tasks, nonetheless  we enjoyed the race and we ran so much around like crazy! think the event ends here?  OF COURSE NOT. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. 

After the game ends, we are given some time to wash up and get dressed because we gonna get pampered! Kiss Me has prepared some exciting things for us to enjoy! 

We get too excited with the photobooth and we took some pictures with our bikinis before we wash up! 
Surprisingly, no makeup were smudged after all these wet activities! Great product! 

There's a few booths were we get our hair and makeup done by the experts! 

The hair and makeup section is filled with people! 

Since hair and makeup section is filled with people, I managed to get my spot to get manicured by a friendly manicurist and she helped me cleaned my old manicure and get a newly fresh manicure! 

Waiting my nails to get dried, taken by the manicurist!
 My hair is cray cray after shower! :P
She asked me to pose with that hand gesture :P

Here's mua beautiful nails! - Pink manicure with glitter as a french tip! :D

I managed to get a spot to get my messy hair to transform into soft luscious curls! :D 

Hello! Excited to see my hair! 

Here's my hair result! Nice right? ♥.

Right away, I seated to the makeup section and the makeup artist started to apply some KISS ME cosmetics on my face :3 

Here's my full result ;D
I still prefer my cat wing eyeliner but I guess I look like I've bigger eyes with that makeup :D (Rabbit teeth alert on the right)

Food is prepared during the pampering section, yumm! :3

Shoe Cupcakes?! 

Time has come to announce the winners for KISS ME challenge! 
The winners were announced from consolation prize, to 3rd, 2nd and finally grand prize!  
Sadly, we didn't win prizes because we didn't managed to finish all of the tasks but we still enjoyed throughout the challenge! 

Here's the group who won the Grand Prize with a hamper of KISS ME cosmetics worth of RM5000!! O.O 
Congratulations! *clap clap* 

Of course, all of us were not going back empty-handed and those group teams that did not win any prizes, Kiss Me team has prepared a lucky draw! Check out what I got by the end of this post :p

Finally, the event wrapped up with a group photo! Say cheese! :B

After the event, some of them left and we took our chances for taking selca! :3
Chency - edgy as usual 
Amelie - adorable as usual :P
Amelie, Chency, Yours Truly & Jennifer 

Here's tons of pictures that we taken from photobooth! We spam like crazy! hahaha!

Here's some goodies that I got from KISS ME event! 
During the lucky draw, I got a Heroine Make impact frame & curl waterproof mascara in brown! First time owning this colour and I can't wait to try it on! :D Also, yay for me because I got a tube of Sunkiller! :D

I really enjoyed a lot throughout the event (eventho we didn't win :p) but we get play some water under the sun and I've gained new experience on riding some exciting rides that I've not ride before and of course, meeting new people is a great pleasure too! :D

Visit their social media sites for more updates; 


Till then, 


  1. Love the love arts on your cheeks. so cute.

  2. I still remember your face when we were in the haunted house and pirate ship! HAHAHAHAHA



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