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Saturday, October 5, 2013

I'm officially TWENTY-ONE!

Hello lovelies! The title says it all. Yes, I'm finally TWENTY-ONE! Can't believe I'm in my twenties, talking about being an adult haha! :P 

Anyways, my parents encouraged me to do a birthday bash at home since I've finally reach the adulthood and this time I'm being very "creatively decorative" bleh and I want to made my 21st birthday extra special which I added some birthday props for my party hehe and my theme of the birthday bash was pink or blue, even though most of the deco props are in pink haha! 
I got these fancy dancy party props from Think Party Thoughts! Thank you Think Party Thoughts for the party props! 

Macaroons, anyone?

Homemade tiramisu made by my cousin! Thanks couzie! 
Once served, all gone in 5 mins! because it's SO GOOD! 

Swee San baked a lovely simple cheesecake for my birthday and it taste soooo good! Thank you Swee San! 
Mini bunting with my name on it! They are also from Think Party Thoughts too! 

My cousin brought over her pink cotton candy maker which I'm trilled to have fun with it because it's really easy to make and it's fun too! Thank you cousin for bringing this cute maker! :3
So cute right??

More pictures and selcas! 

With my bunch of cray cray uni mates! At first, I wouldn't expect them to come because the distance from their house to my house is sooo far away but they finally did made it which I'm touched T-T thank youuuu 

Carina got sugar high with her cotton candy haha! 

Cotton Candy maker was the main attention for my party haha 

Carina has so many interesting expressions hehe :P

April & Carina (why duck face xD)

My puffy dress are given from Pink N Proper as a birthday gift! THANK YOU 

Two cheesecakes for my birthday! One from Swee San and one from my mummy! But she brought it from Secret Recipe. Imma be FAT FAT FAT HAHA!

Lovely Flower Crown from Happy2u 

Group picture with everyone! 
Thank you for coming to my 21st birthday party! (eventho it's raining that night)

Here's some pictures that I managed to take with some of my guests, eventho I didn't managed to take with all of them. 
Me & April 
Swee San & Me (her hair is so nice!)
Emily & Me

Finally, a bunch of Polaroids films that I've taken with them! 

Thank you so much for my lovely guests for coming and also some pretty presents that I've received that night! I truly appreciate everyone's effort! 

Also, I would I like to thank my parents for being supportive for making this whole birthday party to happen! Especially, my dad for cooking all the food for the party and my brother for helping barbecuing yummy grilled chickens! Finally, my mum for cleaning right after the party ends! Couldn't been happier than this! 

I bet you guys know that I received DUFFY PLUSHIE which I'M SOOO STOKED ABOUT IT. Thank you my cousins for surprising me, right after the party ahahaha!

I was wondering if I should do a birthday haul? Please comment if I should do a birthday haul!! :D 

Till then, 


  1. yes do a birthday haul such pretty pictures am sure u had great fun u r only 21 once so live it up xoxo

  2. yes, birthday haul, and behind the scene post, and yummy BBQ and food pic!



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