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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gyaru Makeup + OOTD with Eyeamazing X Amoyamo!

Hello lovelies! I know from the picture shown below that I'm pretty much different from my usual makeup because for this post, I will showing you my first Gyaru makeup which I did for my makeup look, so... don't judge me if this look scares you off because I kinda look weird with Gyaru makeup haha! But nice try, right? :P

I created this Gyaru makeup by using Eyeamazing X Amoyamo eyelashes! 
Top lashes: Eyeamazing X Amoyamo in Rocabilly
Bottom Lashes: Self drawn (I don't have bottom lashes, lol)

Eyeamazing was originally collaborated with Amoyamo, a Japanese 
pop-duo singers that created by their first names - Amo & Ayamo 
(apparently, both of them are Harajuku models from Zipper Magazine)
If you want to know more about them; click here

Each of them created 5 different designs of their inspired eyelashes that brings out their personality which I think is fun and unique than the usual boring gyaru lashes in the market.  
Amo was more girly and dolly type while, Ayamo was more into rock and edge type. 

In this post, I will be showing you Ayamo's eyelashes which this series are more edgier and rock-ish style of Harujuku look which I personally like :D

Here's Ayoma's version of makeup look

Eyeamazing X Amoyamo's Ayamo lashes in No.820 Rocabilly

What I love about this lashes is that the colour of the lashes has a combination of vintage brown (inner lashes) and cherry red (outer lashes) which has a two-toned lashes that would give your eyes a pop of colour! So...this is not your ordinary black lashes that you used to have, this is totally from a different level.
The lashes are really soft and feathery which I really love the quality of the lashes and the lashes itself has a invisible band which doesn't gives you harsh lines that the regular fake lashes will always have. Not only that, I like how the end of the lashes are longer which gives an illusion of bigger eyes. 

As for packaging wise, I like how they made each pair of lashes has an individual casing which makes removing much more convenient than the mainstream ones. Plus, it's more hygienic because our fingers has bacteria :D 

Here's the close up of my version of Gyaru makeup look; 
 Sorry guys, my self-drawn bottom lashes is kinda horrible but I like it :P
 Amazingly, the lashes blends really well on my eyes! 
So...did I achieve the Gyaru look? 
This look can easily pull off with Ayamo's lashes because it's so naturally dark and gave my lashes really voluminous. Plus, it shows off my natural hazel eyes more lighter and more obvious too! 
Dark Gyaru look 

Since there's a Gyaru makeup, what's not without a OOTD? 

Here's my version of Rocabilly which is rock and edgy style! 
 Since the falsies are more obvious in cherry red, I think monochrome style would protrude more on my makeup, especially with Ayoma's Rocabilly eyelashes! 

Top & Bottoms: Mirrorcale @ Fahrenheit
Shoes: Converse High Tops 
Accessories: H&M (beanie & bracelet), Forever 21(ring) & F-Block (Bone Hair Clip)

Here's the close up for my lashes! 
(Just to clarify, that I have big and small eyes :P)
This makeup look are my usual makeup look that I always wear and the reason why I did this look is because I wanted to show how versatile this lashes can be! The lashes look totally great on me because it looks natural on my eyes which shows out my hazel eyes more obvious, thanks to the Cherry red colour!  This Ayoma's Rocabilly are mainly for Harujuku's famous dramatic eye makeup look and if you're a fan of Amoyamo's style, you wouldn't go wrong with them! :D 

Oh by the way, I didn't trim off lashes because first intention was to give an illusion of bigger eyes and also, a sort-of cat wing eyeliner! 

Kawaii, no?

You can get Eyeamazing X Amoyamo in Rocabilly at selected Watsons for only RM69.90 (consists of 5 pairs of lashes)
which means 1 pair costs for only RM14.50 (What a steal!) 

Totally worth to get for those unique pairs of lashes! Plus, it's affordable!

I had a great time taking those picture with my buddy, Miss Carolyn and thank you for helping me to snap those pictures! Totally appreciate it! :D 

Do comment down below if Gyaru makeup looks scary or nice on me? Or any advice on which part should I improve in Gyaru makeup look? 
Looking forward to hear from you! 

Till then, 

Disclaimer: This products is provided by Mandom Malaysia for review consideration. Everything was given a honest feedback. 


  1. Very well blogged and great close-up shots!

  2. i like how you draw the bottom lashes! never thought of doing that but it looks great on you

    1. haha thank you, somehow it looks nice on pictures :P

  3. I think gyaru make up doesn't look weird on you but I prefer the lashes with your usual make up, makes it more outstanding (: love your OOTD too!

    1. Yea, I prefer my usual makeup hehehe and THANK YOU :D

  4. the lashes look nice on you babe ! :D

  5. So cutee!! Miss to take photos with you girls~

  6. Omg! Your brows on the gyaru make up is so so so perfect! Can you do a tutorial on that plzzzzzzzzzz =(

    1. Wow, that's something I never expecting people would ask for it hahaha I will consider on your request :P thank you <3

  7. Wow! You rock those eyelashes effortlessly. ^_^ #giglove



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