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Monday, October 7, 2013

Get Wild with China Glaze's Neon & Texture Collection!

Hello lovelies! I'm pretty sure you guys know that I'm fan of China Glaze right? With their quality of the nail polish and the unique collections that they had. So, recently there's tons of bikini and pool parties going on during the month of September and October and so I'm gonna introduced you some of China Glaze's pretty collections which I think it would match for your upcoming pool and bikini party outfits :D (because we have summer for the whole year right??)
 Hi. It's me going cray cray with China Glaze nail polishes! 

If you're person who like bright neon colours or maybe a person who loves to be bold and go crazy with outfits, this might be your cup of tea. 
Introducing you, China Glaze Neon Colour Collection.

What I love about this collection is that China Glaze provides really pop up neon colours that really attracts people's attention even when you're not showing (or maybe you're a hidden attention seeker :P) Also, some colours really could "glow in the dark". I mean not clearly "glows" but you really can see on dim light. :D

Oh yes, it dries faster than your usual nail polish and doesn't chip off easily. (of course, must apply a layer of top coat) AND IT REMOVES REALLY EASY with just gentle acetone nail remover. Amazing right? First world problems. DONE. 

There's 6 types of colours that you can choose from: 

My personal pick was Too Yacht Too Handle - The turquoise colour is sooooo pretty! 

 Their names of each colour has a fancy name haha! 

Remember the caviar nail trend that has been going on during last year? Yes?
Now the trend has gone because Texture by China Glaze trend has just started! 
If you're a person who loves to be unique from other people's nails, this might be for you. This trend is still on going as the texture of the nail polish is really unique. 

First swipe was kinda clean nail polish effect but once the nail polish sets into your nails, it will protrude the texture of sandy sand effect which reminds me of sandy beaches in the summer with the combination of bright colours that matches the theme of pool party! 

What's great about this is that it doesn't need top coat to finish off because we want the texture effect, otherwise it will turns into normal nail polish. (Tested on Seche Nail Top Coat) and you can go cray cray without looking flaws! 

There's 4 colours that you can choose from: 

My personal pick was Unrefined because I love the pastel-ish lilac purple with the sandy effect! 

 During the session, May from China Glaze helped me to put on some cray cray colours! Thank May! 

 Chency looking great with her Texture nails! 

Carolyn was with us too! (Sorry didn't managed to take her manicure ><)

The day itself I wore China Glaze's Neon Collection which was my personal pick; Too Yacht Too Handle and I love the colours so much because of the unique colour of blue and green! :D
 The two fingers which was different that others nails was I added China Glaze Crackle in Tarnished Gold
The Gold colour compliments my nail colour and matches my rings so well and the design itself is really unique that it cracked into a design by itself. Pretty impressive,eh?


Thank you China Glaze Malaysia for introducing me more pretty unique collections that I'm pretty hooked up this few months! :P 

For more information visit China Glaze Facebook Page for more cray cray nail updates! 

Till then, 

Ps: Pictures was from two months ago, that's why I look a bit different hehe :P


  1. OMG I need to have this! They are so pretty! I love the color combos you got.



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