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Monday, October 14, 2013

Benefit Boutique's 1st Anniversary with September Babies @ 1 Utama

Hello lovelies! Last month, which was favorite month of the year and I felt really blessed because it was birthday month! (obviously, if you noticed :P) because there's tons of positive and great things going on during that month and I was invited to be one of Benefit's September babies and you guys know that I'm a HUGE fan of Benefit and I always can't get enough with Benefit cosmetics! The last time I went to Benefit's Boutique was their first boutique grand opening last year which was the same exact date itself, they celebrate their 1st Anniversary and also our birthdays! :D 

That day, I was treated very special because I'm one of Benefit's Birthday girl! ♥ 
Plus, I get to invite some of blogger friends to attend the event :D

During the registration, I was given a birthday sash which reminds me of those pageant sashes that pageant queens used to wear :P Talking about being treated as birthday girl :P

Benefit has prepared a birthday cake for September babies.....but is not edible LOL 
Nonetheless, it's so pretty right?? 

Everyone gathered around to celebrate September Blogger babies :D 

I know, I saw my sulking face behind them :P because, I never get to blow the birthday cake hahahahaha 

After blowing birthday candles, Benefit had invited a magician to do some amazing magic tricks that made us go wow! 

The magician made a magic trick and out of the sudden, he pulled out a pigeon out from the hat! O.O Where he got that bird?!! 

In conjunction of Benefit's 1st Anniversary @ 1 Utama, Benefit has just launched their latest product which is called, "Gimme Brow" - which was brush-on fiber gel that creates instant brows which looks voluminous and fuller with just one swipe. It builds pretty easy for thick, lush arches, thanks to the tapered brush for blending and precision tip for shaping. 

It's Benefit's beauty magician turn to create from spazzy brows to beautiful brows! 
Model of the day: Kahmon 

This innovative brush-on fiber gel is: 

  • Water Resistant 
  • Long Wearing 
  • Natural Looking 
  • Builable 

The results was obvious and it pleasantly gave her brows more voluminous! 
(Without Gimme Brows on the left; With Gimme Brows on the right)

Lately, Gimme Brows has been beauty vloggers favourite beauty product and one of them is Bethany Mota from MacBarbie07. 

Here's a tips and tricks of applying Gimme Brows with just a simple step! 

Gimme Brows comes in 2 shades - light/medium or medium/deep 

I tried the Gimme Brows during the event and I'm loving how it gives my brows more voluminous! 

Yummy sweet food is served during the event! Talk about sugar rush :P


Mua & beautiful blogger mama :D 
credit pic: Amelie Yap
Yuh Jiun & Yours Truly - first time taking with her!
Me & Iris Loong! Thanks for inviting me to the event! xx

Group picture with my favoutite blogger babes! 

Finally, a group picture with September Blogger-babies! 

I bet most of you are curious what I got from the event; 
A voucher of Free Brow Wax, Sugar Bomb lip gloss and Benefit Notebook! 

Here's the huge present gifted from Benefit that I'm really surprised once I open the goodie bag!

A clear box with Core Colour name on the top

There's a mirror attached on the box! Wow! 

I wanting to get them and they gave one! :D AHHHHHHH THANK YOU
Also, a Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in A-lister!

I thought that was what I got from Benefit, not until I pulled out the second drawer.....OMG 3 EYESHADOWSSSS?? This couldn't be any better T-T I'm so happy that I can sleep happily that night, till now I'm still stoked about it! 

2 longwear powder Shadow and Creaseless Cream Shadow!
From left, Quick Look Busy, Birthday Suit (Creaseless Cream), Pause for Applause
If you want me to swatch them, do comment ya! :D 

Here's an overview of the box! 
I will be using them to put my daily makeup! Clear makeup box that I'm been longing to buy! Benefit, you made my day!! 

Thank you soooooo much for celebrating my birthday with other blogger babies who has the same interest on makeup and also, thank you for the lovely gifts! This will be my best birthday present from Benefit! You have made 21st birthday best ever! 

Do visit Benefit Cosmetics social medias for more updates: 

Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia Instagram: @BenefitCosmeticsMy

Till then, 

Disclaimer: Some pictures are credited to Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia unless stated. 


  1. I'm so envious of you! The event looks really cool and I know it's their anniversary as well but it looks like they threw it for you! :)

  2. Love their clear make up box! :)

  3. hahahha ... What am i doing there in the photo of you n Yuh Juinn ?' wtf. Laugh die

    1. Can see you're busy noming a muffin hahahaha :P

  4. wah i love the clear make up box!!!!! wonder if Daiso sells them?

    1. I love it too!! I'm not sure but if they do, that would be AWESOME. I will grab tons of them!



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