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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pink N' Proper's Bikini Summer Pool Party 2013 @ Aloft, KL ♥

Holla my lovelies! I've a blast at Pink N' Proper Bikini Summer Pool Party with my blogger babes! All of them are sizzling hawt showing off their bkinis! *spphsssss, really hot* hahaha The weather was sunny and it was the right time to wear bikinis and have a sun tan or maybe jump into the pool! :D

Registration - It's a little hut, so cute right! 

Did I told you China Glaze was one of the sponsors for Summer Pool Party? 
They've sponsored tons of prizes for lucky draw and that day they have sale of selling RM25 per bottle OR purchase Pink N' Proper's Bikini or purchase Vanity Trove boxes will be entitled to purchase RM15 per bottle! DAMN CHEAP RIGHT! 
 I brought 2 bottles of their Summer Neon Collection and I can't wait to rock them! hehe

Vanity Trove having their promotion for buying their troves! :)

Pink N' Proper & China Glaze staff chit chatting away :P

Of course, don't forget Corona was their sponsor too! And I got 2 free bottles of Corona! Sweet! :P
 I've not tried Corona before and that day was my first time drinking them! 

Bottoms Up! :D

During the event, there's a few mini activities that the guests can try to grab those prizes and it was fun to see them participating the actitivies! Look at Ashley & Rane's excitement! They won from one of the contests! haha!

Of course, there's a fashion show where Pink N' Proper is showcasing their summer bikini collection and they highlight of the collection was their high-waisted bikinis! Yes, it's retro and they are back! 

It's a wrap!! They did a great job!! :D

 During the event, I met a few bloggers; Amanda, Chocky, Frankie, Karena (Youtuber!)
Bloggers are rocking those sexy bathing suits! 
 With Zhi Yuen! :P
 Always like to ejek me punya cousin :P

Alice why sad faceeeee Lol 

 Groupie picture! 
 Karena, Me, Vivian (Owner of Pink N' Proper) & Carolyn! 
 Coincidentally, Cindy wore the same high-waisted bikini as Alice was modelling them! 
 Amelie's red lips is sooo red! :D sexy
 Alice & Me! 
 Last picture before we leave!

I did an OOTD with the same outfit at here, but that was before the event! :P
So, here's my bikini choice that Pink N' Proper gave me! 

Here's how it looks like! 
I chose Pink N' Proper's bandeau high-waisted bikini and I like the yellow and blue contrast perfectly each other! 
I added some little accessories to match up my bikini haha! If you're wondering what colour of nail polish I chose, it's China Glaze - Surfin' for boys (Orange neon)

That's all for this event! Sorry if there's too much selcas and group pictures ahaha! I know you enjoy looking at them right?? *smirk* Anyways, it was great time with my blogger babes! :D 

Here's the event's sponsors social media sites, feel free to check it out; 

Till then, 

Disclaimer: Some Pictures are not from me, will be credited to Nickster Pixels 


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