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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mini Trip To Penang: Line Clear Nasi Kandar @ Georgetown

Hello lovelies! Back to my food hunt adventure at Penang, and my family usual spot for nasi kandar is always Line Clear Nasi Kandar which they always provide big portion for affordable price and not to mention, it's awesomely delicious. 

My parents used to bring my family to savor the delicious delicacy of Nasi Kandar and this particular place is located on the street alleys. It's like a hidden treasure. 

Basically, the place is a little bit dirty - as it's located in street alleys, duh. But, it's worth to dine in. 

This place is always busy especially during lunch hour and usually, we need to queue up for taking turns to order the food we want. 

The mamak will ask what you want and you can literally just pointed out some dishes that are displayed on the food counter and maybe you can request for chopping chicken into pieces or something. Later, show them the food and they will write it on a piece of paper and you can straight dine in! 

Eat now, pay later. 

Here's a few dishes we ordered, it's all campur-aduk ady. (mixed)
My dad's dish - there's squid with mutton curry
the squid is soooo good that blends well with the curry! 

My aunt's dish -
Her dish was all vegetables and the food is pretty good too! 
The hero of the lunch is always their curry! 

Me? Nah, I just share with any of their dishes. Muahahaha :P 

That's all for now. 
Can't wait to go back to Penang next year for more foodie adventures! :P

Till then, 

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