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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Koji Dolly Wink Bloggers Workshop @ IOI Mall

Hello lovelies! I was invited by The Butterfly Project exclusively to attend Koji Dolly Wink workshop and I was soooo trilled because Dolly Wink has been famous for quite some time ever since I was in high school. :D

What comes first when you heard about Dolly Wink? Fake Eyelashes, of course! 
Don't you felt envy to see Japanese models always have beautiful eyes? Well, the secret was Dolly Wink, of course! That's why Asians are pretty much gone insane when comes to Dolly Wink, including me. 

Ahhhh, can't wait to see what are the latest products of Dolly Wink!

The event was located at Little Pantry @ IOI Mall 

Before the event, bloggers are hyped about getting the event started.

Here's a glimpse of Dolly Wink products that was displayed. I'm at heaven.

 Brown eyelashes? That's something new for me. 
It's limited edition by the way.

 Dolly Wink's products are exclusively designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka, 
who was a Gyaru Icon and Ambassador of Dolly Wink. 
(She's like the mother of Japanese Gyaru O.O)
 Dolly Wink Eyebrow powder

The host of the event, Sensei....Iforgothername. Sorry! >< 
Let's just name her Sensei okay?
Well, she speaks japanese and of course, beside her there's her translator who translates everything she mentioned during the workshop. 

Tons of products to play with!

Dolly Wink's Mascara, the packaging was different as the bright mascaras are the latest Dolly Wink Mascara and the black ones are the old packaging. There's 2 types of mascaras; Volume and Long. 
Tsubasa's advice for applying mascara is firstly use Long Mascara before applying Volume Mascara.

Something new coming up on Winter 2013! 
Dolly Wink will be coming up with their Limited Edition packaging that comes with Mascara and eyeliner which matches the Christmas / Winter theme. 
Another product was Limited Edition Cream Eyeshadow in 01 Gold. 
Those products will be arrive Malaysia during Christmas. :D

Here's a close up products. 
 Price was not available at the current moment. 
 Oops forgot to add that Cream Eye shadow comes with White Pencil liner. :)

Here's something more exciting for you! :D
Dolly Wink has an app named, Tsukema Camera for Dolly Wink fans to edit their eyes by using Dolly Wink products like fake eyelashes and you try it before purchasing them!
 Available download on Apps Store and Android.

Here's an example of how the app looks like; 
Isn't cute? I've downloaded the app!  :)

Another fake eyelash product that you girls should know!
Koji has launched a new brand which will be coming soon in Malaysia, most probably by next month and it's called, Lash Concierge
Lash Concierge are basically less dramatic comparing Dolly Wink's false eyelashes, however the lashes are more define for more natural lashes which is suitable for everyday look which will look literally real once it's applied on your eyes! 

She showed us in the file because all lashes are specially flew all the way from Japan! 

What's interesting that in Japan, Lash Concierge has a eyelash tester which allows consumers to try out which fake eyelash before purchasing. Interesting huh? :D

Koji are the main creator of fake eyelashes and what's not to forget that eye tapes are also one of the most important elemet when comes to achieving best eye makeup look. (unless you have perfect double eyelids)

Koji's new eyetape; Dream Magic Miracle Change Eyetape.
Most Japanese models has single eyelid which they need eye tapes to lift up into double eyelids. You don't need surgery to get double eyelids! Just a tape will do!

Here's a Japanese Magazine that shows a major difference of with and without double eyelids. 

The host asked the bloggers if anyone who's interested to volunteer to become the model for a demo for applying Lash Concierge false eyelashes and I volunteered myself because I've no idea how to apply fake lashes by myself and I wanted to learn how to apply them. No joke. I don't know how to apply them which mascara is always my must-have makeup item! :/

The host picked me and Carolyn as both of us gone crazy with Dolly Wink haha :P

Here's me without any eye makeup, just only foundation and eye brows. 

Sensei asked if which kind of lashes that I wanted to try but I leave it to her to decide and she suggested me to choose Lash Concierge No.3, which has 85% of volume and it gives my eyes look long and natural but less dramatic, totally suitable for everyday look. 
(Scroll back up to see how it looks like)

First, she quickly measure up to see the width of my lash line by estimating how much she need to trim if off and she quickly trim false lashes on both sides to get the perfect fit on my eyes. 
Slowly, she applied Lash Concierge Eyelash Fix (aka eyelash glue) onto false lashes and waited for 15 seconds to let the glue gets tacky. 

Apply lashes time! 

Here's the result! :D
The picture is pretty much self explanatory as my other eye has longer and fuller lashes but looks natural, right?? 
Oh by the way, the quality of the fake lashes is soooo soft, literally feels like my own natural lashes!

Here's a close up! 
Soooo natural right??

Carolyn's turn! Carolyn was a little bit greedy as she wants dramatic lashes which gives obvious bigger eyes. :P
Sensei suggested to apply dramatic lashes of Lash Concierge No.8 which gives about 110% of volume! That's va va voom! 
Plus, she will be adding fake bottom lashes for instant bigger eyes. 

Firstly, Sensei using Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner to line out a cat wing eye look. 

Later after measuring and trim the lashes for the perfect fit, she applied the Lash Concierge Eyelash Fix onto the fake lashes and wait 15 seconds to let the glue gets a bit tacky. Right away, apply them! 

Here's the result on the top lashes! 

Wait, we are not done yet. Sensei will be using Dolly Wink's bottom lashes, No.5 in Real Nude to get the bigger eyes effect. 

As usual, apply the lash glue onto the lashes and gently apply the lashes on the bottom of the natural lashes. 

Here's Carolyn's finished look! 
Pretty obvious right? Her eyes suddenly become so big haha :)

Food is served, right after the event. 
Carolyn's dish - Fish with cream sauce
My dish was Fried Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce 

Of course, girls being girls. What's not without selca! :P
Fyi, if you can observe that I've small eye and big eye as Sensei only apply fake lashes on my left eye! The rest I've to do it by myself as Sensei wants me to try to apply by myself. :)

Audrey and Me! Doesn't she look like Rainie Yang?? :D

I look a little different as I tried Dolly Wink Eyebrow pencil and Mascara, but the colour was too light for me. However, Dolly Wink eyebrow pencil is really good as it easily fills up my brows with just lightly sweep on my brows. 

Group picture with Sensei; she's so down-to-earth and humble!! 

Finally, a picture of me and her. :D 
I really learn a lot of tricks of how to apply Dolly Wink and Lash Concierge fake eyelashes which was indeed an experience for me and I can't wait to practice myself to apply fake eyelashes at home! Arigato Gosaimas, Sensei! :D 

Koji are really generous as they gave all of us a bunch of awesome goodies that I can't wait to try those lashes at home!! 
My precious! 

I would like to thank and give big bear hug to Butterfly Project for inviting me to Dolly Wink Bloggers Workshop and also Koji for giving me soooo many awesome goodies!! 

For more information, kindly visit to these social sites; 

Till then, 


  1. the lashes makes you look like you are not even wearing lashes but nicely enhance the shape of your eye! both of you so cute!

    1. I know right! It's so natural and the lashes is soooo soft~~~ hehe

  2. /crying/ because I wanted to go but no more place T__T

    1. *pats on your back* there's always next time :)

  3. aww the goodie bag make me envy, nice event dear ^^
    I just follow you, can you follow back to my blog, thank you

    1. haha I'm pretty lucky to be invited to Dolly Wink event :D
      Sure, I will follow you later! x

  4. the lashes from lash concierge look really nice, especially No.03 on your eyes ^^ will go take a look at the products ! thank you for such wonderful photos ! ^^

    1. Awww thank you :D I should say thank you for reading my blog :D hehe



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