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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

BCL's Kawaii Makeup Workshop by Go Tanabe

Hello lovelies! Last week has been a great week that I've been really busy lately that I don't have much time to blog and judging my studies. -.- Anyways, I'm back as always with another Japanese makeup brand that some of you might seen in some retail outlets like Sasa! I'm pretty sure you have seen me review one of their eyeliners and yes, It's BCL and you must be wondering what is BCL? 

BCL stands for; 
Beauty Creative Lab 

According to BCL, BCL makeup line are mainly suitable for fashionable young, working adults who wants to look good and to find out more what kind of interesting products that BCL have introduced during the workshop, just keep reading! :P

Once I reached their workshop, there's tons of cosmetics that BCL team have prepared for each of us can play with and test with! AHHHHHHH, I wish I can grab all of them home! :P 

The presenter of the workshop was Mr. Tanabe, who was a Japanese makeup artist who have been in the beauty industry for the past 20 years (i think) and he have been working with well known brands such as Shiseido and etc. 

Before getting started with the workshop, Mr Tanabe introduced four makeup trends that are currently popular in Tokyo, Japan; 
  • Shibuya Girl - Cool & Confident
    They love dressing in monotone, stylish and chic clothes. You can find this type of girls in a Trendy Boutique in Aoyama Area. Their signature makeup would be sharp and impressive eyeliner with black hair.  
  • Akihabara Girl - Dolly & Natural
    They love character toys or anime. They are sweet with their natural makeup and bobbed hair. 
  • Harajuku Girl - Pop & Sweet
    They love accessories, casual and colorful clothes. They look young and cute like teenagers. Harajuku girls most probably dyed their hair and wear gradational eye shadow.
  • Yokohama Girl - Fairy & Elegant
    Yokohama Girl loves luxury items. They are feminine and wear conservative fashion. They also love to wear thick makeup with airy and curled long hair. 
Information thanks to
For today's workshop, Mr Tanabe will be demonstrating Akihabara Girl which is Dolly & Natural makeup look!  

Here's me with only foundation base and a swipe of cat eyeliner. Will be removing later!

Each table has a set full of BCL cosmestics and there will be 2 person sharing each set and Amelie is my partner for this workshop! 

Of course, not everyone of us understands Japanese and during the demo, there will be a translator who's a Japanese and she has been living in Malaysia for almost 4 years and interestingly, she has Malaysian accent whereby she had the slang of saying "lah". haha! I don't remember her name. Ugh, I'm bad at remembering people's names. 

To create Akihabara Girl look, Mr Tanabe start off with applying base makeup to cover up some imperfections which create a flawless look. 

Mr Tanabe is using Clearlast Face Powder and there's 2 types of face powder which one was Mat Ocher and Shiro-Hada Ocher (White and Brilliant). 

The pink case was Mat Ocher which was a foundation that gives a matte finish and while the black case was Shiro Hada which gives a shimmery shinny effect finish and  both face powder has a delicate sweet peach scent and yes, it smells sooooo yummy! :P 

FYI, you can use the Shiro Hada as a highlighter as it has a shinny effect that could stand out on the bridge of your nose and your cheeks!

STEP 1: Browlash Ex Eyebrow Pencil & Liquid 
Of course, eyebrows are the most essential element that you need on your face, even you're not applying makeup! BCL has 2 types of shades which one has natural brown and grayish brown. 
What intrigues me was it has 2 functions that has a pencil powdery form and a liquid form that looks like a eyeliner and what it does is that eyebrow liquid was to line of the eyebrow into the shape that was suppose to be and eyebrow pencil was to fill up the brows to make it look more natural and pop at the same time! FYI, you can use the liquid liner as a eyeliner just in case you forgot to bring your eyeliner! :D

Mr Tanabe gave a direct information of how to draw the perfect eyebrow shape which firstly, draw the eyebrows from sections by starting from the tail and move it upwards till the front of your eyebrows. 

 He gave a mini demostration on Ameile on how to draw a perfect eyebrow shape but for Akihabara Girl look, it has more thinner eyebrows that we usually draw. 

Step 2: Makemania Data Graduation Tip Shadow 
Eyeshadow colours in pencil?! That's something new for me and what it does is that it gives convenience and better control that you could just swipe it and blend away with those eyeshadow pencils! They have Bronze Brown (Pink) and Light Brown (Blue)

To create a dolly and natural look, Mr Tanabe used both BCL eye shadow colours to mix them together which creates a graduation that could gives more bigger and rounder eyes! By creating it, he swipe the light brown across the eyelids and he adds the bronze brown on the end of the eyelids and later, he uses a clean cotton bud to blend the eye shadows all over the eyelids to create the graduation and balances out. 

Step 3: Makemania Data Pencil Gel Eyeliner 
During the demonstration, he suggested to use the pencil gel eyeliner to line out the eyes which gives a softer look as liquid eyeliner would give more harsh for Akihabara Girl look. BCL has two shades of pencil gel eyeliner which is in Deep Brown and Jet Black. 

Mr Tanabe use the pencil gel eyeliner in Jet black to line out the eyeliner and then, he uses cotton bud to blend the liner which will create a more soft dolly and natural look. 

There's two eyeliners that he didn't use for the demo but I will introduced them to you anyways and I'm pretty sure you know one of the eyeliner that I've reviewed before. Here's the link for Browlash Ex Water Strong Liquid Liner. 

As for BCL liquid eyeliner which has more thinner brush that could line out really thin eyeliner that you can draw a super nice clean cat wing eyeliner. 

Step 4: Mascaras
BCL has 3 types of mascaras that each has different functions and by using all of these mascaras, you can get the long, curly and voluminous eyelashes without using eyelash curler!   

Here's the trick; 

  1. Use Volume Lash Fiber that could give your lashes the voluminous effect 
  2. Lash Curler Express can gives your lashes a curl effect by holding the applicator for 3 seconds!
  3. Lastly, comb gently by using Lash Sculpture that could separate your lashes from getting clumpy! 

Here's my results of using BCL mascaras! 

The picture speak a thousand words and this picture is self-explanatory that my eyelashes has totally stands out! 
 So looong right?

Step 5: Makemania Data Essence Rouge Gloss in Peach Orange
This Makemania Rouge Gloss are available in Strawberry Red, Peach Orange and Cherry Pink. But as for creating dolly and natural look, Mr Tanabe used Peach Orange that Akihabara Girl look was mainly to make the eyes to look stand out! 

Here's the model finish look 
(except her right eye lashes as Mr Tanabe wanted to show the major difference on her eyes with using BCL mascaras)

Complete look with her curly hair :D

Here's my version of Akihabara Girl look
got eyelid tape on my eyes # dontjudgeme

Here's my before and after look, 180 degree change lol
Basically, I remove my makeup even my foundation to try on if the face powder does gives good coverage on my face, but hey, it does cover up my dark circles! Pretty impressive!

Another product that BCL introduced was Tsururi Ghassoul Paste and he gave each one of us to try it at home because it can be used as scrub and natural makeup remover. Mr Tanabe mentioned that this paste gives our skin a "Tulu-Tulu" finish, which means in Japanese, our skin will be as smooth as the surface of an half  hard boiled egg. 

Here's some pictures with lovely people that I met during the workshop! 
 Mr Tanabe
 My usual Carolyn Tay 
 Miss Chency!
 Miss Arrisa! 
 Don, who's from Manoh Consulting! 

My lovely babes that used to hang out with! :D

My lovely malay beauty bloggers! :)

Group picture with bloggers! Spot me! :P
Picture credit:

Before we left, BCL treated us some yummy chocolates that they brought all the way from Japan! 

I know you must be curious what I got from the workshop and here's what I got!
 Duffy bear is not included. #justsaying
Tonsssss of makeup products that I can't wait to try on! Especially the eyeshadow pencil! 

Thank you soooo much to BCL Malaysia and Manoah Consulting for inviting me to attend this exclusive workshop which I've gain some knowledge with tips and tricks of creating a Japanese trend look! 

Visit BCL social media sites for more updates;

Don't forget to hastag #BCLMalaysia on Twitter or Instagram if you have brought or used their products! 

Till then, 


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