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Friday, August 2, 2013

Unboxing MIVVA box July'13 - My Pamper Kit Edition

Hello lovelies! Yes, I'm back with another beauty box review which suppose to be on the July...however, there's too much post lining up and I finally get to update July's edition of MIVVA! :D

Let's unbox this baby! 
As you can see July's edition is way more different than the previous boxes as you can tell in this picture, do look at it at here if you haven't seen MIVVA regular beauty boxes. The beauty box looks pretty much exclusive as the packaging is black with silver-ish polka dots which reminds me of the monotone pattern, but in a cute way! :P

Let's start with the card - July's MIVVA Edition is My Pamper Kit 
I guess they meant "My Pamper Kit" was it's time for you to feel relaxed and comfortable as your skin deserved to get pampered with this products that will be reveal inside! 

Here's the product description!

Here's the overall view for July's MIVVA :D
Oh la la something nice inside the box! 

#1 Elianto Ardour Shadow, RM8 @ 2G
Provides soft & smooth texture for a matte finish and available for 15 shades
Colour available was Sienna Gold, Venus Brown, Earth Brown, Ballet Pink, Rampart Blue 
and Lavender purple

I got the Rampart Blue which is pretty soft and matte which the card mentioned on the box! Something to add for my eye shadow collection :D

Here's a swatch!
The colour reminds me of the grandmother's tailor chalk lol, but it would be a great colour for blending with other bright colours! 

#2 Somang Danahan Bonyeon Intensive Moisturizing Skin Toner & Emulsion
Skin Toner RM139.90 @ 160ML | Emulsion RM139.90 @ RM160ML
Function: Has oriental herbal moisturizing toner that adds ample moisture to dry skin & emulsion that creates water cover onto the skin by keeping the skin soft. 

Erm, okay. This brand still freaking me out ever since this issue happened. If you've been constantly reading my blog, you know what I mean. So...I'm keeping it aside or any takers who loves Somang?  
However, they are pretty kind enough to pack the samples on a package which I thought it was some Korean food cookie haha, it's good that they packed it to avoid the liquid to fall off. 

#3 Unico Eye Lip Enriched Cream, RM98.80 @ 15ml
Function: Eliminate eye bags, dark eye circles, bulging, puffiness and fine lines, making skin around the eyes looks firmer and brighter. 

Yes, finally. This is what I always want as I had major dark eye circle problem and this thing could be my savoir! lol and tehe texture of the cream is in gel consistency at the same time, not so sticky. Loving this cream! 

#4 Re-Gen Oil, RM29.90 @ 75ML | RM45.90 @ 125ML
Function: Rich with Vitamin A and E helps to fight skin ageing by reducing antioxidants in the skin that could improves blemished skin and skin with scar tissue, specially formulated for stretch marks, scars, dry skin and blemished skin.

This oil reminds me of the Vitamin E oil that my mum always used on her scars and I got 3 sample packs in one box and so far I don't have stretch marks, since I'm not married or pregnant lol and perhaps, I can use it on my butt? HAHAHA

#5 Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Toner, RM49.90 @ 120ML
Functions: Hydrates your skin and facilitate the metabolism which prepares fast absorption of the lotion and brightens up skin tone & balance pH value, makes your skin soft and smooth.  

Another product beautymate that I got! I got a beautymate product from the previous MIVVA box which is purifying and brightening nano essence, click here to see. Excited to try once I finish my toner! 

#6 Foot Scrubbing Tool 
A complimentary gift from MIVVA and I used to have that at home but I have no idea where it's gone but luckily they gave this which I can scrub off my dead skins from my foot! 

What do I think of this month's beauty box? 
  • Honestly, I prefer the previous month but as the Somang kinda turns off my excitement as the past issue happened. 
  • Even though not all of them aren't cosmetic products but I'm still happy with the box! (except the Somang)
  • I love how they added some some little extra gifts which I think they are really thoughtful! A little always made someone's day special! 
  • What I'm concern is the box, Somang. LOL 
  • Looking forward to next month's MIVVA and please improve, you guys doing a great job! 

If you're interested to subscribe MIVVA; visit their social media sites for more info: 

MIVVA monthly subscription price: RM38

Do comment down below which items you like so far for this month's beauty box! 
That's all for now and see you in next post! ♥ 

Cheerios! ♥ 



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