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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Review: Timeless Truth - Swallow's Nest Flawless Whitening Mask ❤

Hello lovelies! I'm back with another mask review which I promised from my previous mask review. So, for today I will be trying out TT's Swallow's Nest Flawless Whitening Mask! FYI, this is my 2nd time using this mask and this mask is pretty unusual like other typical mask which I will tell you why very soon! :D 

What are the benefits? 

  • Formulated with extensive amount of amino acids to instantly brighten, smooth and firm and hydrate the skin while providing a plumper, more even toned complexion. 
  • Enriched with Swallow's Nest essence to help maintain skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of dark spots for even complexion inside out. 
  • Bringing back fresh, vivified, dazzlingly transparent and radiant look  

As usual to obtain the cooling effect, I will pop in the mask into the fridge for about an hour before using this mask. Oh yes! to achieve better results, remember to exfoliate your skin before applying the mask because exfoliating helps your pores to open up to absorb as many essence as your skin can! 

This mask are slightly thicker and bigger than Instantaneous Brightening Mask  which means this mask absorbed more essence as the mask cloth has a strong absorption quality, like a sponge. Moreover, I like how the mask is well fitted that is leaving without any spaces and cooling too! 

What's makes this mask so unique is that this mask has extra function which it has a ear hook and extra mask for neck. The ear hooks helps to support the mask to give a lifting effect / firming effect and also gives extra hydration boost for your skin that haven't been treated. Plus, the neck mask could help to obtain a well toned complexion and hydration too. This is why I love this mask! 
Bottom view - neck mask 
Side view - ear hook

The mask is stretchable as you can gently stretch the mask to hook on your ear. Your face will feel a slightly tight as it lift upwards and it's adjustable and soft too. :) 

Here's my before and after result;
Before applying the mask, you can see my face looks pretty dull and slightly dark which has no "glowing" effect on my face. After I applied the mask, I felt my face a vast improvement that my face has brighten out which gives a "glowing" effect which means the essence has a high absorption power that provides radiant look onto my skin!

My overall opinion: 
All I can say that I started to like this mask as it has unique features of giving lifting and firming effect and extra hydration on the neck as well! The mask totally gives my face a "glow" which my complexion are evenly toned and my face is smooth and moisturized with a "boink" effect. I think I need more of these! 

Price: RM10.00 / pc 

For more information visit TT mask social media sites; 

Finally, here's me with Mr Brown! He's so soft and cuddle-ly!

Disclaimer: This products is provided by TT mask & Butterfly Project for review consideration. Everything was given a honest feedback. 


  1. after using mask, we always feel fresh right and i can see it through your face. really fresh and stunning! :) nice review



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