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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mini trip to Penang: Food Hunt in Jetty Seafood @ Bukit Tambun

Hello lovelies! If you've noticed on my instagram, that I went to a short trip to Penang with my family as we are visiting my sick grandpa and while we are on our way to the island, we stopped by Bukit Tambun to have some yummy fresh seafood dishes that my dad was excited to eat. 

We stopped by the restaurant named, Jetty Seafood as the restaurant was just next to the jetty.   

My dad ordered various of dishes that we can try since it's our first time eating in Jetty Seafood but we have eaten a few other restaurants in Bukit Tambun, but that was few years ago :P

First dish was steamed octopus dipped with sambal and crushed peanuts. 
The dish sort of an appetizer before eating our main dishes but my first impression was a little bit shocking because I thought the octopus was alive lol 

The sauce was really good and not to spicy especially with crushed peanuts which adds the flavour when you eat with the octopus. 

2nd dish; Water Spinach fried with sambal belacan 
The flavour was really intense which really taste sooo good that it blends well with sambal belacan. Like come on, who doesn't like sambal belacan? 

The third dish was pretty exotic for me as my dad wanted to try something new, it's call Shark Meat with bean sauce. 
Okay before you are going ask me, that shark dish was from a baby shark. I was a little timid because it's something that I've not tried before and it's shark leh....not normal fish dish lol =.=
 I did tried a few bites and it taste lol okay, maybe I think too much lol! 

This is one of my favourite dish, Steamed Manits Shrimp (Lai Liu Ha). 
Direct translation is so wrong, pissing urine shrimp lol
My dad always said when he was little, that fishermen usually throw this shrimp away as no one knows that this shrimp was edible and now, this shrimp has become a delicacy and it's aint cheap! lol
This shrimp is fresh from the sea and the meat is soooo tender and juicy! Whatever that is fresh, it is always good :P Even though the dish was pretty simple but it was flavorful! 

Steamed Mussels was also one of my favourite dish! 
I did tried once when I was in KL but didn't like it because of the texture and the taste itself was pretty weird which I refuse to eat the second bite. I'm suspecting that mussels I ate was frozen lol

I guess this dish totally changed my perception of mussels! It's soooo fresh and delicious! 

I can't remember the prices but my aunt said all dishes was pretty reasonable and the most expensive dish is Mantis Shrimp, but that shrimp size was big so it's reasonable to eat. :)

That's all for my foodie adventure in Bukit Tambun and I will be posting few other restaurants that I've tried in the main island! 



  1. Oh Yes, love those blanched baby octopus too, shark meats are good, they tend to be quite pricey either haha

    1. Ya shark meat was a little pricey because it's not a typical fish :P haha but I love the baby octopus as appetizer!

  2. LOL. Why you thought that the octopus is alive? It started moving? XD

    1. Ya a bit :P actually is just right when they placed on the table haha!



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