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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Family Time: Craft Museum & Tom, Dick & Harry's Live

Hello my lovelies! Lately, I've been being a healthy geek this week as I've been always off to bed pretty early like 11pm? However, at least it gives me more energy and stamina that could stands throughout the day! :)

Last week was pretty laid back as there's no blogger stuff going on, just the typical Angeline usually do. My aunt decided to bring us to have a little trip around KL as the kids still having their Raya holidays on going. I've no idea who's idea is the one who decided to go Handicraft National Museum, and I'm pretty sure it's my aunt -.- 

Remember my DIY Knuckle Ring post? Yeap, that's the place we took the pictures. Picture credit goes to my cousin. 

While we went into the Handicraft Museum, the place was soooooo quiet as like nobody has been there o.o But the place was pretty nice and tidy with interesting artifacts & facts that we used to learn in Sejarah (History). Repeating back to highschool lol

I wasn't allowed to take pictures and so yeah, no pictures :(

Here's a picture that I took at the souvenir shop. 

Outside the museum, there's a few stores where you can get your hands on with craft stuff like paint yourself a batik or some carving statue :) I didn't brought anything as everyone was starving. 

Here's my cousin, Sue Ee.

Naughty monkey, Journ Xi.
Keep nagging his mum to buy a orang utan plush toy lol

We went to Tom, Dick & Harry's Live @ Pavilion for a nice lunch recommended by another aunt :)
They have a new set lunch promo, "Mou Man Tai" which costs only RM18 inclusive meal, soft drink, soup or dessert. 

I ordered Pork Chop as others ordered Chicken Chop which they think that Chicken Chop worth the price
My food critic? 
The dish is so appetizing which turns me off once I took a bite. The pork chop was quite tough as the meat was so dry which I tried to dip as the sauce as much as I can which it wasn't a great lunch for me. Isn't pork should be juicy and tender? Bleh. Oh yes, the vegetables are not even seasoned at all. I know you guys must be wondering, well it's a promo set lunch what do you expect? Well, RM18 is still a price, but at least you must made your customers feeling satisfied leaving out of the restaurant. I rather eat somewhere else that more delicious. However, the only dish I like is their creme brulee.


T-shirt & Sunglasses: Topshop
Jeans: Levis 
Sandals: Cotton On
Belt: Leisuremall 
Accessories: H&M
Bag: Berre (Vintage) 

That's all for today's post and I will be back with another beauty product review, so stay tuned!

Ps: Should I do a celebrity outfit steal post? :P

Till then, 

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