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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beauty Swap from USA ❤

Hello lovelies! I've been veryyyyyyy laid back on blogging cause I've been sleeping early as blogging has been always my night routine and for today, I woke up like 6am o.o wow that's consistent! 

Well, I was intrigued by this beauty swap thingy that you can meet interesting products from other countries that we don't used to have and it has been a trend for quite sometime and since I've a cousin, Emily Ng from Colorado, USA and I asked if she's willing to do a beauty swap with me and she said yes! Our version of beauty swap was not entirely beauty but it splits on a bit of fashion, food and home goods.  
She doesn't have a blog and she have already received few months ago as I received this parcel yesterday! Emily, why you didn't tell me!! I'm surprised! T-T

Here's an overview parcel;
I took off the box as the box already teared down into pieces LOL
Basically, I requested few stuff that I really what to get my hands on :) Since it's cheaper in the US. 

She brought me some Turkey Jerky during her first trip in Malaysia and she gave me some to try and it's sooo salty yummy and I asked her to sent some, since I've finished them even they have not left Malaysia lol 
So, she got me Turkey Jerky from Jack Links and Candy Corn which is suppose for Autumn and Winter Season but it's good that I can keep it for that! I will be sharing with my lil cousins, or else....I will lose all my teeth! HAHA :p 

Clothing - most of them are pretty random 
Brown fringe belt from American Eagle 
Love Pink shirt from Victoria Secret
Sock from Nike 
 Victoria Secret - T-shirt & a peppermint candy (for my grandma :3)
Btw, I've no idea why she sent me a Nike sock LOL
UPDATED: Emily said it was a trend of wearing Nike socks in knee or midcalf length which looks nice with dress! 

NARS COSMETICS & Beauty stuff
Finally it's in my hands *muahahaha lol*
I thought I wouldn't touch Nars till November - before they open a store in Pavilion but I finally got it! :D
 I requested for a blush and a lipstick but she told me lipstick could possibly melt by the time it arrives Malaysia and so she switched to lip pencil.
 Blush was in Orgasm & Lip Pencil was in Belle De Jour - nude colour with a hint of beige

I also got a hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works in Vanila Cupcake and it seriously smells like vanila cupcake! Yum! The case is in glittery pink! Ahhh, it's so pretty! :D 
The egg-y thingy was EOS lip balm in tangerine and it's so cute because it reminds me of Easter egg! 

Emily also sent some nice scented candles from White Barn and she said it was for early Christmas present haha! All these candles reminds me of cozy Christmas :3 I loveeee it! I might be giving some to my aunt and relatives! 
 From left; Cinnamon Sugared Donut, White Barn No.1 Nutmeg & Spice, Spice and White Bamboo 

My favourite? Cinnamon Sugared Donut!! It's smells sooooo good! and by the way, Fresh Bamboo glass cracked a little and Iater I will switched the candle to another glass :)

She gave me a roll on perfume of Ralph Lauren Romance and it smells fresh, clean and sophicated and it's smells pleasantly so nice with fresh roses! Loving it! ❤

She got me a le petit marseillais - soin gommant corps, I don't speak french but I'm pretty sure it's an body exfoliater! :P She told me she went to France and got me some things and I think this is what she got for me! 
Another product was what I asked her to buy which is not available at Malaysia - Crest 3D Whitestrips! I've been looking for this for quite some time! Not sure if it works or not but will try on soon!

That is all of what's inside that whole parcel of swap goodies! 
I'm loving every item inside especially Nars :P 
Thank you Emily! x

Emily send me some stuff as she's might be coming back to Malaysia for next year's summer break and I'm looking forward to see her!

You might be wondering what I gave her? I gave her some Topshop accessories, Ribena candies, notebooks, masks and other stuff that I forgot lol

Till then, 


  1. omg i want the scented candles!!! i also received the hand sanitizer thingy from one of my swappers before

    1. It's soooo small and cute right! It's from Bath & Body Works btw! :P White barn is their collection!

  2. Wow! Awesome la! and it's true about the nike socks! :p i can't wait for NARS outlet opening!!

  3. w00ts w00ts! You finally did the swap! :D
    OMG NARS goodies! The blush is awesome, srsly. Please please please do a review of the lip pencil! :D

    1. Yes! I've been waiting for ages haha!
      I will :D coming soon hehe :3

  4. I've always wanted the NARS blusher in orgasm but its too expensive! T__T You're lucky babe. <3

    1. I'm lucky to have a cousin like her! I guess it's pretty much cheaper in US! :)

  5. wah Ralph roll on perfume :D easy to bring around in your purse! :)

  6. Nice swap! I think the most interesting is the beef jerky! Looks yummy..

    1. Yessss IS SO GOOD. But's it's kinda tough too eat which you need to munch couple of times :D



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