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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

SHILLS Bright Me & Love Me Product Launching Event @ Cheras Leisuremall

Hello lovelies! The brand itself, "Shills" I think you guys have know or heard about it before, if you have seen on my previous post on Shills Rose skincare range. If you have not, have a look - I did a introduction on Shills background & products. 

Straight back to the topic - it is self-explanatory that Shills have been introduced by Taiwanese TV shows and as for that day, I was invited by Shills to witnessed their newly launched product which consists of 2 ranges - Bright Me & Love Me 

Bright Me range are focus on body care products which most of the products are like lotion, scrub, and spray. However, the word "Bright Me" which meant by bringing back the confidence of every girl has without being ashamed. So, have you ever being frustrated about your body hair?  Let me tell you, that most women are truly concerned about their armpit area. Yes, especially for Asian female. But, I'm pretty some of you are concerned about the areas that hair grew on your body - such as arms or legs. 
Shills introduced us the Bright Me range which works for women that all products contains soy extract which is entirely natural and effective ingredient which stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen - both of them creates a protection defense to keep your skin brighten, moisturized and odor free. 

Here's the products are available.

As for Love Me, it's all about women. Yes, if you're a guy. This is not for you. It's for females. Mainly because these products are for your vag vag *ahem* lol

Pretty much guessed that the name" Love Me" meant by they want us (girls) to love them by keeping our *ahem* clean and odor free. Just to let you know, not only males have body odor but I think most girls have body odor too, please don't deny yourself. It's a fact. 

Love Me range helps you to maintains a perfect balance to strengthen our immune system by preserving our imitate beauty - these products contains essential of cranberries that is gentle for the skin. 

Here's the Love Me range - all of them are feminine except Love Me Sexy Pink as they are cream for lips and nipple lol *cough in an uncomfortable feeling*

However during the event, Shills highlighted their best product among the Bright Me series is the Instant Hair Removal Mousse which is a new technique of "shaving" for female. 
Here's a demonstration that is done by Shills host during the event. 
Firstly, apply the mousse on the hair areas that needed to removed. Then, wait for 10 minutes and finally, use a wet cloth or towel to wipe off the mousse as the unwanted hair will leave a dark residue on the cloth. Later, you can simply apply an amount of aloe vera gel or Bright Me soothing mousse on the skin to soothes the aftershave.

There's a Bloop manicure section during the event - as all of the girls get pampered with new colourful nails! :D

Yummy confectionery cupcakes were served :D 

Most of the bloggers are getting their trial test or hands-on experience on Instant Hair Removal Mousse as it magically removes all the hair without shave o.o Girls, if you hate waxing or shaving, this might be for you!
Shills staff helped me to apply on my arms - it has a cooling and tingling feeling as it touches on my skin :o
The mousse will dry up a bit as it dissolves the unwanted hair, magic!

Carolyn was there too! with the mousse haha!

Here's me done removed all my arm hair lol 

I tried to do a comparison on my arm, but I failed as my hair is quite thin to see through to my camera lol -.-
But with my naked eyes, I'm officially furless LOL!

Here's an obvious comparison of before & after on Emily's arms - her left arm was totally furless!  

The Shills host helped Bendan to do a before and after hair removal test 

Jennifer has the most hair on her arms as the host got the right model to do it :P

Jennifer is now from FurFer to Furless lol

Here's a picture with a group of beauty bloggers :D

Cardigan & heels: China
Necklace: Diva 

Love the daisy print dress! 

Bright Me & Love Me range is currently available in SHILLS. 
Here's a list where you could purchase SHILLS products near you: 

  • All SASA shops
  • Cheras Leisure Mall
  • Berjaya Times Square
  • Stardust Studio Fahrenheit 88
  • Aeon Rawang 
  • Penang Queensbay Mall 
  • Tesco Kepong Village Mall
  • Dataran Pahlawan Malacca
  • Aeon Big Rivercity 
  • Sutera Mall Johor Bahru
  • Johor Bahru City Square

For more information look into their websites: 

Till then, 

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