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Monday, July 22, 2013

SASA Fragrance & Fair Awards 2013 is back!!

Hello lovelies! SASA Fragrance & Fair Awards is back! It's getting better and bigger with prizes! 

This year there will be 5 categories and 24 nominees! The upcoming winners will be voted entirely from customer's votes which will stand a chance to win 33 AWESOME prizes up to RM10,000! Wow, 10k!! :O
Supermodel Amber Chia, Luxasia Divison General Manager Cindy Poh, Estee Lauder companies managing director Paul Salvin, Sasa Senior Vice-president Corina Loi and Sasa Operations Director Ignatutis Tee  - Officially launched Sasa Fragrance & Fair Awards 2013! 
As I did mentioned that they will be 24 nominees over 5 categories awards which are: 

  1. Best Women Fragrance - 7 nominees
  2. Best Men Fragrance - 7 nominees
  3. Best Couple Fragrance - 3 nominees 
  4. Most Popular Fragrance - 3 nominees
  5. Best New Fragrance - 4 nominees 
Of course, there will be only ONE WINNER for each category which is voted by the customers aka US! :D 

Sasa have been working together with famous fragrance brands and for this year, Sasa have collaborated a number of fragrance brands to succeed this event such as Hugo Boss, Versace, Jimmy Choo, Chloe, Gucci, DKNY, Anna Sui, Burberry and many more! 
During the event, they were dance performance :D

Spotted Amber Chia & Elaine Daly during the launch! 

On top of that, we had a little chat with Amber Chia after the event and one of them asked what's her favorite fragrance and she picked up Dot By Marc Jacobs and she exclaimed that she love the sweet and lovely scent that captures sophisticated and feminine side of her.  

Remember the previous post that I met her at Benefit launch @ 1U for the first time? 
Amazingly, she recognizes me and my mum too! She totally made my day and I've snapping tons of pictures with her - my camera & my phone! What else makes me more happy kid? She followed me on Twitter!! OMG *3* 
I think you will agree with me that Amber Chia was the most down-to-earth model that I ever seen :D

Also, I met Elaine Daly during launch - friendly host! :D 

FYI, you are most welcome to vote your favorite fragrance as many as you like and each time you voted; you will entitled to get RM20 rebate voucher at any Sasa shops OR you can also vote your favourite fragrance online too!! Log on to Sasa Facebook Page to vote your favourite fragrance! 

Each voucher is applicable to purchase nominated fragrance in a single receipt. 
Here are the nominees of Best Women's Fragrance! 
*sounds like Grammy awards*

Here are the nominees of Best Men's Fragrance! 

Here are the nominees of Best Couple Fragrance! 
Here are the nominees of Most Popular Fragrance! 

Here are the nominees of Best New Fragrance! 

Among all categories, my favourite fragrance would be Dot by Marc Jacobs (I have one at home!), Chloe and Fairy Dance by Anna Sui! What's yours? Do leave a comment down below and tell me which is your favourite? :D

Not only you will get rebate voucher, also there's amazing other premium collectibles awaits you every time you purchase any the fragrance. Plus, they are bringing back Sasa's exclusive umbrella worth RM49 (which is super adorbs!! - floral and lacey) with a minimum spend of RM250 in a single receipt inclusive the nominated fragrance.

Every bottle of the nominated fragrance sold will be donated RM1 to Breast Cancer Welfare Association, with a commitment of minimum RM10,000 whichever higher! 

Certainly, we don't go back empty handed and each guest were given a bottle of fragrance that were conducted a simple Q&A survery about your personality scent - I'm floral type! I got the Fairy Dance by Anna Sui! Woahh what. I'm stoked, I love Anna Sui!! Thank you Sasa for the lovely gift!  Carolyn got Poppy Flower by Coach which is more florally than mine because mine was a citrus-cy floral scent! :D  
Grabbed from Carolyn's fb ; god fb resolution is crappy. >.<

For more information go check out Sasa social sites: 

Stay tuned for more, 

Disclaimer: Some pictures are credited to Rane's husband, Johnson Ong. (stated)

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