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Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: Wild Ferns New Zealand Kiwi Fruit Range ♥

Hello lovelies! Supposedly last night I should've blog about this review but I was ended up dozing off on bed lol zzzz. :P

Since I've been posting event post, it's time to take a break and update my product review! Anyways, today's review is all about Kiwisssssss! Yes, with tons of "s"! Don't tell me you don't like Kiwi. >W< Well, excluded the sour ones! lol

Recently, my Instagram newsfeed is flooded with Kiwi pictures which I was like "Woah, what's the hype of all kiwis all about?!" :O All thanks to Swee San for the blast of Kiwi meals related that I wanted to try all her Kiwi dishes *drooling* Do check out her Kiwi fruit dishes on her blog that you might wanted to cook on! :P 

Let's start my review about this Kiwi bathing range products! 

I was introduced by theSkinTopic about this two unique products, Wild Ferns New Zealand Kiwifruit Silky Smooth Body Lotion and Light 'n' Luscious Body Wash. Why did I said unique? Because as far as I've been observed, I've not seen any bath and body products that are in Kiwifruit flavour, which I find it pretty special and rare to see this product. Just to let you know, this brand "Wild Ferns" is pretty new to me. You must be wondering why did they stated New Zealand Kiwifruit? New Zealand is famously known for Kiwifruit which they have the 3rd largest Kiwifruit producing country. Long story short, this range is produced from New Zealand. 

Did you know Kiwifruit is formerly known as Chinese Gooseberry? Due to this reason, Kiwifruit is originated from Chang Kiang Valley of China. It was first exported from Asia as an ornamental vine, perfect for arbors during the early 1900s. During 1904, this Kiwifruit has arrived at the United States and later found its way to New Zealand in 1906. 
(Well, that was a shocking discovery that I found on google, fascinating.)

As we all know, Kiwi fruit has a rich source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K and a good source of dietary fiber and also, Vitamin E! Which is super healthy to consume as a dessert or after meal for great digestion. 
Coincidentally, my mum brought back the Kiwi fruit which I made sneaky plan to take few pictures with my Kiwi Products :P Yes, ended up eating all of them. 

Let's start with Wild Ferns New Zealand Kiwifruit Light 'n' Luscious Body Wash!

My comment: 
The texture of the Body Wash is a shower gel that is light weight and they stated that this body wash contains natural enzyme which acts as a natural exfoliate to remove dry skin and dead cells from your skin. Leaving your skin soft and supple and feeling refresh after shower. As you can see, there's Kiwifruit seeds on the shower gel which they encapsulated, which I think the seed can act as the gentle and natural exfoliate. Downside of the product is, this shower gel doesn't create foam when you lather. I wasn't disappointed because this product is made of out mostly from the Kiwifruit. Perhaps, I used to shower gel / soap with foam. The scent of the body wash is exceptionally smells lovely, just like how Kiwifruit taste like - sweet and a hint of sour.

Price: RM 78 / 250ml

Next is Wild Ferns New Zealand Kiwifruit Silky Smooth Body Lotion!
Test it on my mum's leg :P

My comment: 
This body lotion contains not just Kiwifruit oil (i didn't know there's oil in Kiwi lol) but also sweet almond oil which is rich with Vitamin E and antioxidants that hydrates your skin and also protects your skin from dryness and giving your skin soft and supple all day long. The good side of this lotion is it's not greasy or you called it as "oily" at all once I applied it onto my skin which greasy lotion does irritates me and always give me a uneasy feeling and urge to wash off but for this product, it's totally good! As you see on the picture above, I applied the lotion on my mum's legs and she does have "stubble" ? I don't know how to described it but it's not the after shave stubble tho. Well long story short, this type of skin causes dryness pretty easy and it also causes dry flakes if my mum doesn't apply them on her legs. I have that symptom too >.< Once my mum applied it onto her leg, as you can see her leg is moisturized and the "stubble" on her leg are less appeared.  Overall, it's pretty good but the texture was not overly watery but it's not as thick as the usual lotion and it has nice Kiwi scent

Price: RM78 / 250ml

Overall verdict: 
So far, I've been loving the Kiwi Fruit Body Wash and Lotion which the packaging looks pretty yummy (oddly) but overall, it doesn't gives me any problems to my skin. Price wise,  it's a little expensive but hey, it's something rare that you wouldn't find in the market and so, I guess it's pretty reasonable to purchase something that is uniquely different from the other flavours. Don't worry, Kiwifruit is filled with Vitamin C and E which is totally good for skin! Surprisingly, the scent does leave quite long on my body after shower! :)

Here's theSkintopic that I visited lately. 

theSkintopic only sells New Zealand-made beauty and lifestyle products which mostly are bath & body products and fragrance diffusers such as Linden Leaves, Olive & Tebe and Wild Ferns. 

Very unique body oil with real roses and fruits inside?! That's something that I've not seen!

The shop I visited was located in Pavilion, KL. 
Their staff is pretty friendly and approachable, do drop by and check out the products!  

Wild Ferns New Zealand Kiwifruit Bath and Body Range is currently at these outlets: 

  • Level 5, P5.12.00, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur 
  • Lot LGC01, Lower Ground Floor, Subang Parade
  • PF3, First Floor, Hartamas Shopping Centre

For more information, do visit theSkintopic social sites: 

Thanks for reading and see you in next post! 


Disclaimer: This products is provided by theSkintopic for review consideration. Everything was given a honest feedback. 


  1. Wah, seriously kiwi madness! One time my mom used to be crazy about kiwis and bought a lot for us to eat lololol

    1. yeah, I guess it's fruit season is here :D

  2. LOL! I thought you'll be reviewing kiwis! It's the first time I saw products made of kiwis :D



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