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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Review: BCL Browlash EX Water Strong Liner

Hello lovelies! I'm backkkk with a review. Yes, a review. Let's take about makeup. What's your MUST HAVE on your makeup routine? Mine? The answer would be eyeliner, of course! It enhances my eyes bigger and gives more sexy dolly look. I'm pretty sure you girls agree with me too! :P 

For today, I'm gonna be the "white rat" to experiment how good is this eyeliner is :D
 Here's me without eyeliner; just BB cream, concealer and filled eyebrows :D

Today's eyeliner will be BCL Browlash EX Water Strong Liner
Don't tell me why it named Brownlash :O

The description of the packaging is all in Japanese BUT no worries, there's English description behind everything in detail, no grammar mistakes. 
This eyeliner was said to be strong waterproof and smudge-proof and could last for 24 hours! 
We shall see if this eyeliner really works. 

Let's start!!
 Let's start of with the packaging of the eyeliner, this eyeliner is a felt-pen type which is totally for me because it would give an easy application for my eyes!
Plus,it's convenient by just pop into my bag and go! Just like a normal pen! :3
Well well...I must say this eyeliner is super black, even darker than my previous eyeliner! The precision of the liner is super fine that I can control with different strokes and lines, from fat, thin and thinner!! :D
However, that doesn't convince me yet. 

The ultimate question that everyone is concern about, IS THIS EYELINER WATERPROOF OR SMUDGE-PROOF?

Let's try it on my hand, the "X" is for smudge-proof and the heart shape is for waterproof. Here's the results.  
For the smudge-proof, it does smudge a lil when I rub super harsh on my hands with just one swipe which I think is still okay for me because the detail of the "X" is still black and detail. But, it went to the point that I have oily eyelids which could have a 
high possibility of smudging. However, I tried for one day and it doesn't really smudge much, just like how I tried on my hands! That's pretty good! :O

As for waterproof, it sure works what it promised; I just opened the tap water and let the water flows directly on the liner and surprisingly  it does not smudge or melt at all, even there's a lil drops of water on my hands! Thumbs up! :D

Here's me with eyeliner appiled; with my usual cat eye liner 
See? The eyeliner is sooooo black that it accentuates my eyes by making it bigger!  
 My cat eye liner ends is not that sharp because of my shaky hands but it sure does the trick!
 Being silly and cheesy on camera lol - my usual pout face since Form 2

The precision of the eyeliner is super fine that I can draw or write anything! Just like a pen! :D Here's a heart on my face lol
Super fine and detail drawn heart shape! I'm impressed! 

Here's rating and my feedback of BCL Browlash EX Water Strong Liner! 

As for price; I think this price is a lil tad pricey especially for me because of always using cheap eyeliner but this eyeliner is made in Japan and it promises quality, so why not? I think it's pretty fair deal. 

Overall, I think this is my current favorite eyeliner, I love it! :D bye bye cheap eyeliner :P

BCL Browlash EX Water Strong Liner is currently available at all SASA stores nationwide.

For more information; visit BCL Malaysia Facebook Page for more updates! 

Comment down below, if you like my new format of review or not! 


Disclaimer: This products is provided by BCL Malaysia for review consideration. Everything was given a honest feedback.  


  1. You're so adorable and pretty! I love hearing about new products.



  2. Replies
    1. hahaha xD those are my silly faces lol

  3. I'm actually distracted by your cute tshirt! Haha.

    1. It's from Uniqlo! :D I loveeeeeeeeeeee Snoopy! <3



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